GOP rep. tells town hall crowd: ‘You don’t know how to listen’

GOP rep. tells town hall crowd: ‘You don’t know how to listen’
GOP rep. tells town hall crowd: ‘You don’t know how to listen’

He says at a town hall meeting taking place because he wasn't listening to his constituents.

I was protesting at that town hall. There are some furious people here. His whole job is to listen to us. We're going to bring him to heel or put him out on his ass.

Telling his constituents that they "don't know how to listen" exemplifies the very worst in our legislative branch and why the current super-majority* is so terrifying. This asshole really believes it's his role to impart the Glorious Leader's received wisdom to the masses, not to represent his constituency.

*Not a super-majority, but rather a majority in both houses of Congress as well as the White House. Thanks for setting me straight.

We're not stopping. My tiny group nearly doubled in size in two weeks, and I'm aware of a half dozen groups larger than mine in the area. The left is rising in Texas, no one here is doubting that.

Keep the pressure on! Thanks for being active and taking time out of your day to make your voice heard.

The left is rising in Texas, no one here is doubting that.

Please be right. Please for fuck's sake be right. I like Texas, my family has been in Texas for something like 150 years, I really kinda like to think I could continue that tradition.

But there is no way in hell am I staying in this state if I continue to have corrupt, racist, ignorant, jackass republicans represent me. I can't stand Cruz, Cornyn, or Lamar Smith, and it astounds me that there has been absolutely no push back against the wave of social conservationism that has swept across the Republicans. My REPUBLICAN family is shocked at how the GOP is behaving right now.

In the last election, besides local elections which do no have parties, I voted straight ticket democrat. The only democrat that I voted for who won, as far as I know, is the County Sheriff. Fuck. My. Life.

That "Vote Him Out!" chant was a breath of fresh air. Anyone backing Republicare obviously doesn't give a shit about their constituents. However, they do care about their votes.

Let them know you will vote for anyone against them, whenever they're up for reelection, if they vote for this bill.

They may not know how to listen, but let's hope they remember how to vote.

Houston here, too many people I've met treat their side like it's a fucking sport team, and it gives me the jibblies.

Ah the reasonable Republican. Its been so long since one has been seen in these lands some say it's just a myth.

No! You don't know how to listen.

GOP: "Don't talk back to us. We are your bosses and you will obey us! Sit down, shut up, and listen to me tell you how it is. I will obey my lord trump and my party, you will sit there and take it because I have power and you are nothing."

And, not surprisingly, conservatives will kneel before them "You won an election, you may do as you please, will obey without question and remove our morals and values to serve you my lords."

That, basically, is what it all comes down to for cons. You win, you become master and you get to define morals/principles for cons who will change them to please you.

Never trust people like that. Ever.

fyi, they don't hold a super majority.

He's in an R+25 district, he's not going anywhere. Unless we see some crazy rebalancing to counteract the racial gerrymandering Texas just got hit with.

Sessions, in response to the angry crowd, said the vitriol from town halls will push lawmakers to end the open meetings.

Hopefully every "representative" that doesn't meet would be voted out of office.

I'll recount my attendance at the town hall if anyone cares. I got there bright and early, one of the first 10 people on the high school's steps. I'm lucky I was able to walk there. From what I could tell there were very few "supporters" of Sessions. So they either all stayed home or they are just as pissed as the Dems. Practically no one was satisfied with Sessions' answers to our questions, and he was basically heckled non-stop by all types, not just young, angry millennials with smart ass signs.

Sessions dodged and side-stepped and avoided giving even simple yes and no answers. In fact the only one he gave was that he would indeed vote Yes on the ACA repeal. And he also implied his health insurance coverage as a congressman isn't really all that great. As if his $170k per year salary really makes him struggle for affordable healthcare insurance. Woe is Pete with his government healthcare and all!

Overall, it was a total trainwreck for him. He got more and more snarky, smug and impatient as the meeting continued. He made it pretty clear he didn't a shit about what any of us thought because he probably thinks he's safe. But his district went blue as the sky for Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, and I just hope enough of us turn out in 2018 to make a difference.

For me, the biggest issue was that he didn't seem to care at all that a crowd of nearly 2000 people turned out in concern. He did nothing to offer compromise or solution. Just a smug face and irrelevant responses. Don't worry Pete. We see you now.

I connected with several groups in my area, and it's time to get to work. Please, if you're in the 32nd, we need you!

Well for that to happen someone needs to run against him. There wasn't even a dem challenger for him in 2016, only libertarians and greens

Or he's primaried by a more reasonable republican... if any remain, that is.

Republicare is how you have to weaponize it, because the objective is to make all Republicans realize that this bill will define their party. It's not tied to one person, it's tied to every single person who votes yes for it. Every single Republican that falls in line.

This is your fucking cross, Republican Politicians. I eagerly await your death upon it.

The reason the GOP gets pissy at these meetings is because the GOP looks at voters as nothing more than "low level employees".

You need to trek to this magical land in the Northeast. A fairytale land full of Romneycare and legal pot and the most elusive of them all: protection against discrimination for the entire LGBTQ community. Yes, even the transgender community is protected here. And there, in the midst of the City of Champions, sits Charlie Baker, an actual moderate republican.

Please be aware you may end up in a blizzard if you venture here now. Or 70 degree weather. Did I mention he also believes in Climate Change?

(disclaimer: given the option of a liberal candidate next year, Charlie can take a hike)

Republicare. I can't believe I haven't heard this yet that's great. Can we all agree to use this? It's much catchier than "ryancare" or "trumpcare." I haven't seen any consistency yet in branding this shit-pile of a bill that is even remotely close to the way republicans so effectively weaponized the term Obamacare

Once upon a time, it was thought that withholding your tax returns, being best friends with Russia, and bragging about grabbing unwilling women by the pussy would destroy your chances of being president. The American electorate will suffer any outrage and any harm and still vote for those who hate and despise them.

Last dem challenger lost by a fairly big margin. We didn't expect it to be feasible this time, but I do admit it was a horrible failure. It won't happen again.

I feel like this is the problem across much of the country too.

Do it up, my friend! Those fuckers work for you, and you've got the right to call them to task if they fuck up.

Yeah, here in Missouri that happens a lot too. The issue this year was that since we didn't run anyone in those districts the GOP funneled all the money into progressive districts and took those too. It's just shitty all around.

Not as catchy, but I was thoroughly amused by the Republican Insurance Plan, or RIP for short.

They can and likely will. Voter suppression, gerrymandering and the electoral college are powerful tools. Let's be realistic here, only over the last two decades they have been weaponized to their full extent and it was seemingly enough to carry them over the line in all three branches of government.

Between gerrymandering and the higher mobility of college-educated liberals it's going to create a bit of a representation problem.

He also says he only believes in people being disabled if they have a disability you can "see" ... link

I'm loving this newfound civic duty!

It's beautiful to watch. People have railed about Congress' 90% re-election rate for decades. It's time to change that. This is how it changes.

The left can't rise in Texas until gerrymandering and voter suppression is stopped

And/or he doesn't consider the people who come to town halls his constituency. The GOPers prefer to believe George Soros is paying people to boo.

Pretending to be Christian, pretending to be anti-government, and framing abortion as "baby killing" can get you far in the South.

The theory, in my eyes, is simple enough. The Republican party represents a shrinking demographic in this country - white, older and more uneducated voters. An interesting breakdown of party affiliation demographics was done by the famed Pew Research center. When the opposing party has more members and is set to grow even larger throughout the years for a variety of reasons, you have to ensure your party operates in lockstep to still be viable. That means you are ultimately less flexible regarding the true needs and views of your entire constituency. You must cater towards overly active "values" voters and regressive voters who vote more reliably from the 55 and over age range. Gerrymandering and voter supression tactics are required all over the country, even in what used to be strongholds for the party, just to stay in the game.

Congressmen who actually represent the diversity of this nation are told to get with the program if they wish to receive any funding from the party or support for any of their legislative endeavors (such as funding imporant projects and infratructure back home). Then your party is almost taken over by a corporate-funded movement gone off the rails (the Tea Party) capitalizing on fears about wealth inequality and a loss of cultural supremacy. Fast forward a few years, throw in the looming threat automation poses to unskilled labor and the unavoidable effects of globalization in a hyper-connected economy. Easy to see how this formula has resulted in a cartoonishly distorted view of conservatism after a few decades.

“It is obvious to me that if we continue this, no member of Congress will want to meet with people,” he added, inspiring a louder rise in the crowd’s booing.

Says the man elected to represent the people.

Sure they do. They're called Democrats.

I'm in district and was at the town hall. I'm in for a fight! Hit me up pm, i want to help.

It ain't their job to listen, bitch, it's yours.

Don't just do it in '18. Start now, build momentum, make connections.

Yeah, people noticed that, and district 32 is now one of the house seats the House DNC campaign arm is focused on winning.

The House Democratic campaign arm recently announced it was eyeing three GOP-held congressional districts: U.S. Rep. John Culberson's 7th District, U.S. Rep. Will Hurd's 23rd District and U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions' 32nd District. Only the appearance of Hurd's district on the list was unexpected.

And there's talk of the popular mayor of Dallas running against him. (I imagine how the police pensions thing shakes out will determine whether or not he decides to.)

Exactly, but hopefully he'll learn he didn't know how in 2018.

Well for that to happen someone needs to run against him.

Nope. You can primary these bitches. I honestly don't care what party people decide to call themselves, and I understand if we won't get bleeding heart liberals in office right away. I'm just sick and tired of the social conservatism that has swept the GOP. My mom calls Ted Cruz and his ilk theocrats (that is, they desire to establish a theocracy), I don't disagree. They need to go.

Yep. I checked the morning paper and the headline wasn't

"Congress rewrites constitution, passes on voice vote without being read"

Why the fuck is it OUR problem to fix? I got spat on and called a traitor for calling out Bush's illegal war - I'm done with these assholes. - the GOP can yank their ACA and Medicaid and they can choke to death on their own opioid addictions. Enjoy deadstate fun times like Kansas.

They can't win forever. Just keep on turning up to the polls* and encouraging all your friends to do likewise, no matter how demoralizing the results, and the tide will slowly shift. Especially the small local elections, those ones are the MOST important, your vote really matters in those!

*whoops, spelling

Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!! We're doing that to our cantankerous representatives here too. If they didn't want to deal with the pesky constituents they coulda done another job. Which they will do come '18 when I do everything in my power to bring about their career change.

One could have said that Trump had the capability of being a moderate NE Republican since he came from NY-- but that possibility has long since flown out the window. I think any R candidate from the NE will ultimately wind up licking the boots of the far-right to get anywhere in the primaries.

Do remember that if all the people like you leave then the state is screwed forever. Liberals need to fight the instinct to move into preexisting liberal havens on the coasts and start fighting for change where they're from, because that's part of how we got a 3 million vote victory by Hillary Clinton even though she lost the EC

Gerrymandering is taking a big hit in the courts lately, but that news has flown under the radar because of all this Russia shit dominating the headlines. Also Obama is coming back from vacation to get involved in a redistricting project with Eric Holder.

My REPUBLICAN family is shocked at how the GOP is behaving right now.

How about for the past 8 years?

Certain demographics in the GOP will live and die to lick the boot that stomps their faces.

Yeah! Shut up and let your public servants tell you what to think!


I also live in the 32nd and attended the town hall. I am looking for more ways to get involved too!

Haha that's great. I've also heard "Wealthcare" which I think is still my favorite

Might as well just straight up refer to the audience as plebs at that point.

Pretty much. Funny how some things work though: someone is gay so you don't want them in the military or leadership positions, cause you know 'sin'. But a guy who cheats, lies, multiple marriages, lover of money, deceiver, etc? Well, suddenly those things are sins!

Never trust a religion where people use it only when it backs up their personal biases and ignore it when it doesn't.

In other words "You don't know how to agree with every word I say without thinking." That which is the mindset of your average Trump Supporter.

And if y'all let me pass this Republicare bill, this here bill will make sure you won't be able to get a doctor to help with your listenin' skills.

I think this is NOT about Left and Right but about Right and Wrong...

There's a challenger. Her name is Danielle Pellett. It's a very long shot but it's better than not trying at all.

Exactly what my Republican coworkers say about democrats: They don't listen and never try and work with them. It's their way or the highway."

And when I point out them doing the same thing "Well, that's different. We're right!"

Then why do the south vote for republicans it's like the south likes getting fucked

He wouldn't answer questions what do you expect applause? Smfh

An elected representative will say this when they know the voters don't matter.

I was so infuriated when he said that. How willfully ignorant and stupid do you have to be to believe that if a disability doesn't physically manifest itself, then it's just a pretend disability. I have a feeling he was thinking specifically about trans individuals and trying to imply that being trans is "just all in your head" and not a real thing. Not that that is any better...

And protesting is wayyy too close to unionizing.

"The Lord instructs us to OBEY our masters! You must therefor submit!"

We don't hold Town Halls to listen to you. We hold them to make you listen to us.

LMAO@ "sweet air of freedom". Sorry buddy but I think you need to have your smeller checked cause the Texas air seems pretty damn stale these days...

Don't mean any offense but this image runs through my head -

Don't mean any offense but this image runs through my head -

I packed up and left 6 years ago for California after spending the first 30 years of my life in Texas. Seriously I can't be more glad I don't live in that bum fuck state anymore.

A supermajority is a two-thirds majority. If they had a supermajority in all of congress, they could basically pass whatever the fuck they wanted.

That's the beauty of this. He has zero fucking clue how ironic his statement is.

More like Left and Wrong...

Release your TAXES TrumpleThinSkin. (Alec Baldwin)

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”—Adolf Hitler

Molly Ivins would be proud!

Yes ... Protests are organized....Did you think protests just randomly start?

I have very mixed feelings about Obama spearheading redistricting. I really hope he comes out in favor of a non-partisan plan instead of just spear-heading a blue map program like the red map program in 2010. I don't think partisan districts in either direction help anyone but the people in power.

Even if centrist or moderate republican it's ok.

Except those don't exist.

But don't go too far Northeast, or you'll end up with Paul LePage...

The mid terms had better be a tidal wave of blue.

Sad thing is that may very well be a reality if Dems don't pay fucking attention and vote in the coming years.

I'd love to see Texas go blue, but this guy just won 71.1% of the vote. A dem didn't even bother to run. In 2014 he got twice the votes as the dem. It's gonna take on hell of a grassroots movement to get this guy scared of his constituents.

He isn't going to heel. You need to put someone from the left in office. Good luck, and I say that as a native Texan.

Successful primary challenges almost never tack closer to the center.

The thing about a 50-state plan is that it leads to the election of Blue Dogs in states where perfect progressives will just not be competitive against Republicans. I hope the Democratic Party people are wishing for accommodates that. Manchin and Donnelly catch a lot of shit for representing their electorates, but they are absolutely better than the only feasible alternatives.

Everyday my friend. We just merged several groups to one around here, we're honing our efforts. We will be ready with funds, talking points, facts and figures.

Even if centrist or moderate republican it's ok. No matter what you just have to vote the current crop of quacks out of office.

put him out on his ass

Just do this, any GOPer who hasn't come around yet needs to lose their career. Put them out on their ass, don't feel bad about it.

It all makes sense, once you realize