GOP Rep. Mia Love: Farenthold should resign

GOP Rep. Mia Love: Farenthold should resign
GOP Rep. Mia Love: Farenthold should resign

Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah) called on fellow House Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold (Texas) to resign on Thursday following reports that the Texas lawmaker used taxpayer money to settle a 2014 lawsuit with his former communications director, who claims Farenthold sexually harassed her.

Love was asked on CNN if Farenthold should resign after the House Ethics Committee announced Thursday it would impanel a subcommittee to investigate allegations of sexual harassment against him.

"Well, look, this is a culture of behavior, and I don't think that he thinks he's done anything wrong," Love said. "But the fact is, somebody was paid off. And what's frustrating to me is, the money that was used, it's taxpayer dollars."

"So should Farenthold resign?" CNN's Kate Bolduan asked.

"I think that he should voluntarily resign," Love responded.

Well shit, that's honestly surprising.

Rest of GOP reps: told you this would happen when we let her in.

“We thought she was that Arab pornstar!”

She’s occasionally decent!

Broken clocks and all that.

Yeah, no shit Farenthold should resign. I can't believe his name isn't in headlines along with Franken and Conyers

Hell yeah, Mia! Hopefully more GOP women come out and get this creep out.

Farentold Should. But he won't.

Moore also shouldn't be elected to the Senate. But he probably will.

Franken will resign and go away forever.

Guess which of these 3 politicians DOESN'T vote for things that actually fucking hurt women economically and restrict their rights?

But don't worry. Progressives get to claim "the moral high ground" while republicans take a massive shit into their mouths and enjoy victory after victory.