Google employee walkout vs. Immigration law - Who would win?

Google employee walkout vs. Immigration law - Who would win?

I imagine the conservatives there had the best workday of their lives. They could finally get shit done without all the liberals crying about their 57 genders

I'm surprised google didn't change their logo to some pro illegal immigration crap on memorial day.

Pretty sure that anybody who stayed at their desk to work during this "walk-out" was probably fired that same day for respecting the rule of law more than Google's desires for open borders.

My CA jr high and high school were mostly immigrants, either anchor babies or illegals. They used to have a Mexican ditch day once a year where all the illegals and children of illegals would ditch school and they never got in trouble. When I was young I was jealous. Now I'm thinking I hope they still do that, as it makes them easier to spot.

They do that with doodles and special videos.

The one day decent American kids could learn something

But who who would win in the victimhood Olympics? A paraplegic Muslim or trans SJW liberal professor?

Google hates diversity (of thought and ideas)

75% of Silicon Valley's tech workers are foreign born. No wonder the anti-American Establishment and tech industry oppose President Trump. We have to take back our country.

"Mi Abuella" shows a black silhouette's journey over rugged red/brown terrain..the rape she suffers at the hands of her smuggler and the life she receives being paid under table. Under-Paid and over-worked, she knows the path for the future of this country. #ImWithHer

Mi Abuella.

Leftist insanity

They want to pretend this is actually a "walkout" instead of a day on the job where their boss orders them to attend a fake political demonstration.

You have to come legally.

Let them duel each other to the death.

That's the one that gave me the privilege of being called puta, gringa, among other things, taught me the joy of hiding in the library from violent methed out gang bangers, and getting searched for drugs every other day when "anonymous complaints" said the white girl was dealing drugs. (You'd think the routine would have gotten old after a few months.)

They saw it on the ketchup bottle.

Honestly: how the fuck did they come up with 57!? Even if you count gay/lesbian and transsexual, that only makes 4. Wtf???

It seriously scares me that a group of people who are so afraid of opposing opinions are in control of what people get to access and see. Especially since this large corporation is capable of basically re-writing history, and shaping the narrative whichever way they choose. If you can't see how Hollywood and Leftist politicans use the Legacy media and Universities to police thought, please spend more time here. Masculinity is now somehow "toxic", femininity is some sort of oppression, and all Western countries must destroy their culture and country in a battle for moral superiority tokens. More people are starting to become more aware the Authoritarian nature that has engulfed the Democratic party, and how they manipulate minorities and lie to our faces on national TV. We the people have now elected President Donald J. Trump to fight along side us, to push the "reset" button on this experimental country and mold its continued legacy to suit the citizens. Shadilay. Meme magic is real.

She has to go back.

If they want open borders so much why don't they move their entire company to a country that has them?

I'm pretty sure it's up to 72 genders at this point. But the conservatives were probably fired for some BS reason that way they couldn't sue the company.

You must be a redneck if you think a person can't be a paraplegic Muslim trans SJW liberal professor. What a shit world you live in.

Nope. I was told if I tried to ditch, as one of the under-a-dozen non-hispanics at the school, that my ass would be kicked. It was specifically Mexican kids only. This was the mid to late 90's.

Why is the architecture at google so ugly? They have hundreds of billions in liquid cash. Never go culture marxist. Google and Hollywood are both full retard.

Obama came up with it

And there's good reason for that. It's an insane idea and ridiculously dangerous if you give a damn about your citizensm

Bill Gates wanted Congress to allow for an infinite number of H1-B visas.

And you will be deported legally.

Probably because they'd have a hard time finding a country with open borders

I would not. My conscience wouldn’t allow it. A job isn’t worth hating myself for my own actions and choices.

Did you try flashing your white privilege card?

Did you just assume that there are only 72 genders?!?!

If masculinity is toxic then why do feminists look and act like butch dudes lmao

The SJW's MO is antagonize, escalate, play the victim.

99% of people claiming to be one of the randomball mystery genders are all acting the same. They're basically straight but they're trying to invent their own games with their own rules because they're getting tired of losing at everything they ever try.

Excuse me, shitlord. It's a SPECTRUM. That means there are infinitely many.

Nope. I would walk out.

Why get targeted by the thought police?

i wanna see the data center guys walk out.

I wouldn't even work there as a conservative. Hardware is less cucked than software by far

Because postmodernism has stripped aesthetic beauty

Free will and stuff

We had Senior ditch day in high school, and alot of underclassmen came with us. It might just be that the overrepresentation made it look cultural. In spring, right?

Let's see if they charge them leave for not working 😂😂😂



To be fair, most of the non-US citizens at Google have come here legally... because the H1B visa program is completely broken and being rampantly abused by companies like Google and Facebook.

I'm calling the coast guard to report /u/monydebobowats for hate crimes.

Hahahahahahaha! Nice.

Good things come to those who wait!

Is it a walkout if management supports you?

You'd imagine that a company that is famous for looking at future trends would be more friendly to conservatives.

At least now we know every Goolag employee had to participate in that walkout or would lose their job.