Google bans Android developers from adding lock screen ads

Google bans Android developers from adding lock screen ads

Just took me 3 hours of fucking around to discover that the Flashlight app had fucked me. Fuck you Flashlight! Fuck you very much indeed!

Almost all flashlight apps are malicious now. I assume that's why there's finally a built in flashlight option in Android

Stock android has had a flashlight button for many years.

Same here. I left a scathing review on Google Play, and they responded trying to convince me that the "smart charging" bullshit they installed was actually beneficial. Eat a fat one. I paid $1 for a flashlight app with no permissions except LED/Camera.

Lock screen ads are annoying. nice decision by Google.

Good guy Google.

Most phones have a flashlight built in. Shouldnt need to DL a flashlight app. Honestly 95% of apps are useless and just memory and data eatting crap.

I'm glad it's there but goddamn that took them long enough

Who are these morons responding to mobile phone ads? They are the reason the ads exist.

What do you even need a flashlight app for? Just use the quick tile that's been in android for years

But for some reason, "Hold power while screen locked to toggle torch" is still only on custom ROMs. One of the best shortcuts ever.

I always manage to press it in my pocket... End up with a dead battery and a warm pocket.

The screen shown when you wake the phone from idle. On Android, apps can render their own screens on top before you unlock. Even Microsoft have an Android app for that, which I believe can show outlook calendar data, etc. Some apps have abused that to show ads.

What is a lock screen ad? Like a notification?

Unless the exclusive purpose of the app is that of a lockscreen

Thank God. I would be crushed if all the /sub/beermoney apps I use were wiped out over night. :(

"That's our job!"

Thank you google!

I mean... If I want to look at lock screen ads (and get paid for it) I should be able to