Goodbye, Mr. Thunder

Goodbye, Mr. Thunder

Hoping he gets some kind of role with the team😞

Legend. Can't wait to see his number hanging in the rafters.

Will miss him. Never forget that one Spurs game this season where he outscored Melo.

Get him on the staff.

Put him in the rafters. Do the right thing Presti.

I’m crying in the club right now.

Rafters. Now.

I is sad

Pretty sure he’s heading home to Seattle for what appears to be quite awhile.

I wore 4 in high school because of him. The perfect example of a pro player. Never put himself before the team, and always had others best interests in mind. He was a great mentor for our guys, and his number should be the first one in the rafters. I hope he gets a role with the team, thank you Mr. Thunder

Thanks for everything Nick. Hope he can keep some type of role with the team going forward.