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Ok short question besides the main point: How do you unhinge your shoulder of the arm you're NOT throwing the punch with? Obviously absolute-bro levels achieved here but does that happen?

Edit: I appreciate your eagerness to answer my question but i think we can assume now that the consensus seems to be: Probably dislocated that shoulder a few times before and now it pops out again way easier than before in general. My inbox needs some rest.

Making contact with other fighter during time out.


In this case he most likely has had this happen before weakening the ligaments. Once people dislocate they can have it more often. The way his fell out is not a common mechanism for anterior dislocations

I don't know if you have ever had a shoulder dislocated before... the pain is to the point that once your shoulder pops back into place, the absence of that pain is literally better than any orgasm.

I haven't played with opiates but I presume it would be comparable.

I'd say it's this. My cousin dislocated the shit out of his arm in wrestling last year. Since then he's done it 5 more times doing various things. Once while playing ping pong

"Hey, hold up, I'll fix that. Ya, no worries mate, Now fight me...."

Referee: "Hey doc, I think he needs medical treatment."

Opponent: "Nah, I got this."

no good deed goes unpunished

i've done it stretching and rolling over in bed, shit sucks

Haven't dislocated anything, but your description reminds me of giving birth! When I finally pushed her out, I started crying hysterically - not from baby joy, but because I was finally done! No more contractions!

"Rolling over in bed" - you dawg!

All I can think about is if it didn't work out when he went to pop it back in.. it would have made him look like such an asshole. Guys shoulder pops out of the socket and while talking to a medical professional his opponent comes over unexpectedly and yanks on his arm causing further damage.

hey - gimme little tug - wud ja

Honestly, popping a dislocated shoulder back in place if you're not a professional can be super dangerous. I always see these videos of people doing it like it's a piece of cake but they dont realise the medical complications you can get if you dont do it properly.

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Rolling over in bed laughing my arm off.

Complete guess, but I think he's 'throwing' his arm down to get more swing with his right hand. The weight was too much for his weakened shoulder and pop.

My friend had it happen while trying to throw a pillow at his cousin for no reason. He was kind of a dick. Karma worked fast that day.

Then the afterbirth...

"Oh thanks, now let's pound one another."

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The way he goes to bump fists at the end... that's sportsmanship.

Taking first aid courses the thing they tell you is definitely 100% do not attempt to relocate the dislocated ligament by yourself.

I had a friend that dislocated his shoulder while sleeping lol, sometimes it just happens .

It's not really that they're weak usually. Usually its that they were torn partially in reaction to the extreme stress placed on them at the initial injury, usually an extreme range of motion (ROM) incident, and have healed back together in a longer form, kind of like they've been stretched out. A surgeon can go in and cut them down shorter, put your arm in a cast and let them reheal in that shorter position, then you do months of PT to recover function in the joint, but it's a very time consuming and expensive process.

Typically what's done instead is training of the musculature and tendons to compensate. Essentially you develop perfect posture for your shoulder which reduces the peak tension transmitted to the ligaments by balancing the joint near the center of its range of motion instead of pulled forward like most people's shoulders are from always reaching ahead to interact with computers, steering wheels, punching, grappling, etc. The chance of your shoulder popping out is greatly reduced when it's not already pulled toward the end of the ROM in one direction. Theoretically the ligaments will eventually shorten over time if you maintain them in that shortened central position, but it's an extremely long process. All ligament and tendon alterations and healing take a long time due to the relatively low bloodflow they receive.

I dislocated my shoulder two days ago. Don't tense your shoulder muscles, I popped mine back in place (by tensing my neck/shoulders) and trapped a nerve in the process..

Eh, maybe she was the exception but my wife said her afterbirth was an absolute joke after the baby. But I'm a man so I don't know shit

I can sort of answer this. I dislocated both shoulders in two separate snowboarding accidents. Since then my shoulders pop out VERY easily. I can't sleep with my arms over my head because the muscles holding my shoulder in relax to much and I wake up with a dislocated shoulder. I can't fully abduct my arm and then hold weight up because my shoulder would dislocate. I can't throw a ball for too long before my shoulder dislocates. I can't go all the way down when doing a pull-up as it might dislocate.

It's due to a weakened labrum from the accidents (piece of fibrocartilage holding shoulder in the socket.) Basically any time my shoulder relaxes in an extended position or is fully extended outward I risk dislocating my shoulder.

If I had to guess that fighter dislocated his shoulder at one point and now it's permanently weakened. When he throws that swing it looks like he is either pulling back his left arm which activates the dorsal (back side) shoulder muscles and relaxes the front or just totally relaxing that shoulder while he focuses on his right swing. The former is basically pushing his shoulder forward out of the socket, the latter is it just slipping out of place without any muscles activating to keep it in place.

That's all just a guesstimate based off my own situation. I could totally see my shoulders doing the same thing there.

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Yeah my buddy had his dislocated for about two hours in Mexico while we were on a cruise. As soon as he got it put back in, he told the doctor he loved him and asked if he could hug him.

Can ligaments be restrengthened after injury?

Mine has come out in my sleep multiple times. Can confirm, it is a bitch.


I'm not a medical professional but you can easily trap something like a nerve or possibly a blood vessel and cause permanent damage to your shoulder

two natural birth babies here. the afterbirth doesn't hurt, it just feels really fucking weird. you do get one or two small contractions but modern birthing teams kind of gently pull it out so it's over quick and as your wife said, it is laughable after having a baby.

it kind of feels like that feeling you get in your stomach when you go down a rollercoaster but less pleasant. and the sac itself is really hot so when it pops out it feels really hot and wet against your sensitive vag.

you're welcome.

Torn labrums suck

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