Good old fashioned C for me

Good old fashioned C for me

Python should have a pool noodle, not a lightsaber.

we collectively hate every language - the only superior language is brain expanding memes reposted into oblivion

It’s not a lightsaber actually, it’s a stick of highly radioactive plutonium, fashioned so that you’ll die of cancer before you can swing it at anyone

Personally I was thinking that C++ could be the lightsaber. Powerful, and most people are likely to decapitate themself with it within 5 minutes after recieving one.

Switch C++ and Java, please.

Never have I once heard Java described as elegant.

Does that sub hate Python now? Tired of Javascript?

we don't know what type of sword C# is, but we do know it's not dull.

Your fathers language. An elegant language for a more civilized age..

I see why java is a Katana, it require allot of maintenance for it not to spoil...

Quick to develop with, but you'll spend allot more time in maintance.

While you were out playing with HTML and javascript, we studied the blade.

Haskell would be a Pen or quill.

Oh, man. So the lightsaber is Lisp?!

And Brainfuck

With a blade for a handle?

The counter-circlejerk has become almost as bad as the original pro-Katana circlejerk tbh.

At it's core the Katana is a functional sword, nothing more and nothing less. It's a bit heavy for its limited reach, but got a good cut and is great for the quick draw. It's versatile and comfortable enough to carry. It worked great for its intended role as ´personal protection and a secondary battlefield weapon.

It's not designed to be effective against heavy plate armour and never had to be. Plate armour was a rather short chapter of history to begin with. Against other targets its thrust was just fine, although the Japanese (like many other styles of swordmanship) valued the cut more.

Later European swords often have a reach advantage and better handguards. These are nice features but the reach also comes at a price. While skilled swordmasters could use it to keep a duel at their pace, many other fencers just got rushed down.

C++ isn't elegant either...

C should have been a blacksmith's hammer

Java's not fast

Honestly, it's quite fast nowadays. That it is horribly slow was true years ago. And it has the best gc out there, in my experience it solves more problems than it brings on the table. Not talking about embedded systems or alike, but in most use cases it is perfectly valid.

This guy katanas ^

How is this thread full of programmers, yet nobody is complaining that the picture is a phone taking a picture of a screen? Come on OP!

You forgot JavaScript: a butter knife

Assembly: <====>

Get it: no handle

Not C++98 semantics (which is unfortunately probably the version you were taught), by any means. But every version after 11 has added more and more language-level and stdlib features that make it incredibly expressive.

Edit: How many of you are using

initializer lists std::array instead of foo[] std::optional instead of nullable pointers std::unique_ptr instead of new/delete

50% broad sword, 50% rapier. Blade changes half way down it's length.

C# is good for \\slashing\\ opponents while riding a Microsoft Horse, without getting stuck stabbing at memory allocations like straight languages do. It's a scimitar.

Is it mightier?

Lightsaber is 'an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age'. Surely that screams Lisp - python is far too new.

made me think that HTML would be a spoon

Katanas are very shitty swords to be honest.

C looks like Lucille


Java's not elegant or fast, it's quick to develop with. It's a heavy (memory usage) weapon that's quick to unsheath and holster and change-up with, but also creates problems for itself with GC and the like.

Java is nunchaku.