Good Internet Find

Good Internet Find

That's way better than Graphic Interchange Format, I like it!

In that case, this tweet was a GIF :)

TIL what the fuck GIF means.

(Totally not OP's sister)

Hahahahahaha this is really cute and funny!

Me too. I was laughing at the OP, and then I realised I was actually laughing at myself.

Agreed. Was totally not expecting to find another Schwartzzz. This makes me happy.

How could she be so ignorant everyone knows it stands for "great internet find".

Jood Internet Find?

She probably says it like gif. You know like any sane person would do.

No, how you pronounce an acronym isn't decided by the words it's made of. If that were true you would have to say jay-feg for jpeg. Since it stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. Both Jif and Gif are correct

Both Jif and Gif are correct

But one of those will get you into an argument with half the internet. And so will the other.


The fact that it's Graphic means it's GIF, not JIF, right? Can I tell my friends they were wrong all along?

Here you go, friend!

TIL what the fuck TIL means.

(Totally not her sister either. I'm just old and out of touch)

At least she knew that it had a hard g

It's a great internet find!

It is then you realize the truth: It is not the spoon that bends; it is only yourself.

If you like saying it wrong then yeah

Thia subreddit is my GIF

I was 100% convinced for my entire life that it was graphic image file and now I question everything I have ever known.

A "graphic image" file sounds like a warning before an adult TV show

Giraffic Park.

The creator of the format said it's jif. Like in giraffe.

SCUBA's U is underwater

Yea but, what the hell does he know?

The nice thing is: you don't have to talk you just have to type so gif is alwyas correct

You pronounce it like the 'g' in the word gigantic. :)


fuck it. this battle will last centuries.

Thank you. Please report thing like that as spam &/or a spam ring; it helps us see to it faster :)

So /sub/trees?

There was a long period of time where I thought SMH stood for So Much Hate

The real question, is how she pronounces "gif"

Developers make mistakes all the time

JPG is even better: Joint Photographic Experts Group.

Interesting that this reply that provides another example is upvoted

You say "wow", but what's really going to bake your noodle later is this: Would you have still been surprised if I hadn't said anything?

"Choosy developers choose GIF" -Compuserve

Giraffe, Giant, Gist, Gin

Also Gertrude, Gecko, Get

He's a programmer not a linguist.

Which g?

oh. i get it


Oh boy they're using multiple accounts now!

From a great internet friend to another.

This Information is Lovely

Gentlemen... welcome to Giraffic Park.

/sub/wholememes isn't memes anymore, only twitter posts that belong in /sub/mademesmile or something similar :(

You got it buddy

He also advised against using the format for animations. It's right there in the standard.

Edit: Appendix D

Acronyms don't really work that way.

Other examples include SCUBA (u=ooh even though it means underwater), NAFTA (first A=aah even though it means American), etc.

Du du duuu doo dooo

Jolly Internet Find

Jraphics Jinterchange Jormat

You are my greatest internet friend.

Well, she's not wrong (sometimes)

If you pronounce it with a hard G, yes. For me, Gin would be a close word to it, just change out the n for an F


Can't win every battle in this tragic war, but we can try and hold whatever territory we possibly can.

She's a pretty prominent Internet person

I am not saying it was a smart assumption. I was young and didn't speak English.

That's why I pronounce it 'zheif'. ;)

/sub/wholesometwitter strikes again

It's pronounced "jood"

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