Good God, There’s a Lot of Trump-Putin Erotica Out There

Good God, There’s a Lot of Trump-Putin Erotica Out There

Some links that shall remain forever blue.

"Oh, hello," Putin growls as he sees Trump walk into his office.

Trump smirks and looks to the ground, slightly nervous and slightly shy. "You know, that thing we did last night was the greatest..." His foot is twisting in girlish glee. "It made all other nights of passion look SAD and LOW-ENERGY."

Putin stands from his desk and walks over to Trump, using a finger to stroke against his cheek, then down to his chest."The KGB has taught me many ways to hurt a man" he leans into Trump's ear "and even more ways to please one." Trump's knees get weak as he is caressed by his idol. "Shall we?" Putin seductively whispers into his ear. Trump nods and begins unbuckling his pants. Putin firmly smacks Trump's ass before ordering him to go lean over the desk.

Trump saunters over, leaning over the desk and presenting himself—"Trump me, daddy," he coos at his long term lover. Putin smirks as he confidently strolls over, pulling his yule log from his pants, which he does not remove. "It must be quick, though," he grabs Trump by the hair "as it always it with you." They both laugh as Putin slowly strokes his wood and slides into Trump's Trumphole. Trump grunts in pleasure as he is penetrated.

Putin begins to rhythmically thrust, slowly first, then faster and faster as Trump's tiny hands reach for his own member. Putin stops him—"Let me!" he exclaims as he gropes Trump's calamari. Even though he's as erect he can be, Trump has barely more than a button protruding from his waist. "Thank you daddy..." Trump moans out as Putin begins the reach around of his life."Trump me harder daddy!" Trump screams as he reaches climax within 45 seconds. Satisfied, Putin zips up his pants and spanks Trump's ass. "Good slut," he growls, "stay like that until I return."

Who is the audience for this????

Later /sub/politics. Goodnight I'm done.

Visit and pick a random story. You'll quickly learn that there's an audience for mostly anything.

People with political fetishes? Gay Republicans? MAGA hats?

Oh wait....Ted Cruz. That’s who it’s for.

I didn't notice any milf incest.

I want to die.

Between imagining Trump in his tighty whities with a porn star and Trump x Putin OTP I truly want to be released from this fresh hell.

He has some of the greatest titles I've ever seen. Dude is a master.