Good fight little man! 💪

Good fight little man! 💪

I lost a child to cancer. I’ve known way too many little ones who have had to fight this fight. Some have won, but many didn’t. It warms my heart to hear these stories of victory. Thanks for sharing this, and all my internet love to you and your brother!

That's a good boy! Grats and all the good in life to him.

I'm so sorry. I'll probably never know what that's like but I can only imagine. Stay strong, I'm sure you're killing it.

I had childhood cancer and the most important thing is to remind your kid to love themselves. I would get bullied for wearing a wig, people would touch it/take it off, ask insensitive questions like "are you going to die" to a 12 year old - which is a bit young to be introduced to a horrible death from sickness. I'm so glad your kid loves himself. Please don't forget that health anxiety and the fear of cancer is something that sticks with a person for a life time. I thought "oh cancer didn't really affect me" until i went in for my 5 year check up. ever since my fears of getting sick again only intensify after seeing how much blessing I have in my life. Please PLEASE take the steps early and necessary to foster positive emotional responses to anxiety and fear in your sweet child as it will help him cope and understand his identity later in life without the embarrassment that comes with being part of a "super secret cancer club" that no one wants to talk about because it's triggering.

Bless your kid for winning the battle - time to help him win the war.

edit: I used to work in a cancer research laboratory. Emphasis on used to. Primary cells were fun but the first time I was told to handle Leukemia I snapped and ran into the bathroom and cried. This stuff will come up even when you think you've controlled the fear. I really liked that job too, but I wasn't emotionally ready for it yet. I hope to return when I'm ready.




I'm sorry for your loss.

I lost my first friend Rosie when I was six to cancer. I was a sickly kid (asthma) and was in/out the children's hospital. We became fast friends and then she died. I didn't understand why she couldn't get better. When her mom told my mom that Rosie died and told me about it, I got so upset I had an asthma attack.

To pieces you say?

I’d like to shamelessly plug that today is Ohio State’s day of miracles, where we try to raise 250K to end pediatric cancer.

Here’s a non-affiliate link to learn about it:

PM me if you’d like to donate under my name.

He knows he's a badass

Look at this lil fighter!

I am a 2 time survivor, stage 4 recently I am 31 now, and have 3 little ones. All I know is going what I went through, I was broken knowing that I might now live For my babies. I could never imagine my child or any child going through what I went through. So I will say I admire how strong and courageous you are !! God bless you.

bro idk why but i get so fucking hype whenever i see a post about someone beating cancer,,, like let's go my man COP THAT DUB FUCK CANCER UNDEFEATED SEASON BABY WE OUT HERE

So happy for all of you!

are you that annoying "takes things too literally" kid in class that everyone hates?

May god bless him