Good Boy is house broken

Good Boy is house broken

But what kind of house has urinals?

Fraternity house.

Maybe he can teach my co-workers how to flush.


Makes me wonder how much time that dog spends near urinals.


Cheese it!

To be honest, if I could train my dog to do that, I would install a urinal

It could be a service dog. I assume that he was likely trained to do this to make shopping trips and other outings easier.

"I had to use a public bathroom today. Ugh, I hate public bathrooms. Why is everything fucking wet? I walk in and its like, did someone wash a fucking dog in here??"

That is Jumpy the Dog. He's going to be in John Wick 2

Collies are a few IQ points away from stealing your credit cards and absconding to Belgium.

It's a stunt dog, but the trainer did serve as a dog trainer in some military, they have a YouTube channel and the dogs name is jumpy

I do. It worked. Just took a few weeks and patience. It's great to not have to deal with litter boxes and to just flush the poo down. I did come in to use the toilet a couple of times and the cat was there first, which was a little weird.

They do miss sometimes because the toilet seat size isn't ideal for cats.

Human help! i tried to do like you asked and well shit. I dropped some logs before i fell in too

New y33r Rsolution = learn to pee like mister over achiever up there so human no mad no more when he finds my presents

Human help! i tried to do like you asked . I dropped some logs before i fell in too

New y33r Rsolution = learn to pee like mister over achiever up there so human no mad no more when he finds my presents

But how do you keep your toilet clean without men peeing as hard as they can on the poop smears? It's a critical part of the system!

me: "bastard dog didn't even fl-- HOLY SHIT"

One of my cats took up pissing in the shower, need to figure out how to get her to hose it down now.

This is very common in other countries. The main reason is that plumbing systems aren't always designed for paper waste, and so if you were to flush toilet paper you'd clog the system.

That look around like "HTF did i end up here? Umm, little help Jannet?"

Jumpy is a good name, and he is a good boy.

Bark bark bark

This translation was provided to you by Bing Translate

his dad must be the same as mine, ive been left in the same situation buddy.

More like "why'd you put me here for karma u fuck"

"Huh, he appears to be using a Dane Cook quote on a default sub. It’s a bold strategy Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for him."

"Damnit whiskers hurry up in there I need to piss!"

Relevant Username.

Idk, why do anything.

I loved John Wick so this is super interesting

My friend's dad insisted on having a urinal in his house. So in a nook between the wall and a laundry machine was a urinal. I now want a urinal in my house.

Theres no piss in there before he flushes...

mud room

a small room or entryway where footwear and outerwear can be removed before entering a house.

Usually in farmhouses but have become popular in other types of housing, its literally a room for taking off muddy clothes. Most of the time there's a sink and washer/dryer in them, sometimes a urinal as well.

his parents bought him a house as a sophomore in college

TIL most men are cats.

You see that often?

His aim is better than most in any case!

I don't know why, but it weirds me out when I see animals use people toilets.

Ever seen a women's public bathroom? Jesus Christ

Closing the toilet is the perfect solution imo. It also just looks better too, and if you just walk by the bathroom or use the sink you don't have to look into a toilet that isn't cleaned every single day.

Source: am female and always shut the toilet lid after use while at home.

Waffle House.

You want a wall and laundry full of piss?

I hope he doesnt die

In the Marines, we left the seats up intentionally because the toilet is supposed to always be clean.

When my wife was giving me a hard time about it, I started putting the seat down and closing the lid since its the same effort. She griped about me closing the toilet. I have concluded that women just want things their way.

That's often Mexican people, too. You have to put a sign in Spanish in there to let them know that it goes down the toilet.

In many other countries, the plumbing or septic is not capable of handling toilet paper.

When I lived in South America, I just couldn't bring myself to put used tp in the trash can. I always flushed it anyway. But I always felt anxiety about what would happen if I plugged a toilet. Because nobody would understand why I was flushing toilet paper. It would be like if you walked in and some foreigner had been flushing the empty cardboard roll or something.

Wouldn't it be... HOOOOUUUUUUSE? Why extend the e?

I don't think the dog even peed.

It's increasingly popular.

Keeps the toilet and toilet area cleaner...

Surely some piss went on the floor there.


If you're a man with good aim and dedication then all toilets are self cleaning.

my parents used have one in the mud room... it kept the garage monkeys from dirtying up the guest bathroom.

Spoiler: The dog didn't actually pee. He learned to lift his leg as a gag trick.

Most. Most of the piss.

Don't hurry me man this is taco tuesdays fault not mine!

Just because you can helicopter while pissing doesn't mean you must.

Hmmm, the length of this dogs penis didn't cross my mind. Interesting how different minds pick out different aspects to focus on...

Why is there always pubes everywhere?!

'Owning' a Border Collie or a Blue Heeler is always difficult because you have to explain why your pet is smarter than you are.

Honestly someone would always yack in them and solid stuff would never go down. So much easier to clean out a gross toilet than a urinal.

Your freshman pledge self was lucky not to have them, buuuut i will say the morning pees were pretty nice like you said

Thank Christ they're horrible negotiators. Otherwise I'd have lost my house by now!

Was. Jumpy was a bomb sniffing dog.

Did not perform the "extra shake to make sure it's all out". Bad dog!

Or you need one of these

"Give him the steaks."

"What steaks?"

"The ones you are going out to buy for that damn dog."

The cat gave me a really dirty look, too...that's just no right.

Ah. And here I thought it was some frufru mudbathing room and was confused why the garage monkeys were allowed there but not in the bathroom. Then I thought it must be the "special" kind of mud.

I like your version better.

You bought a house as a sophomore in college?

Fraternity house.

No, we didn't. I wish we had had them it would have made days that end in "y" that much nice going to the bathroom in the morning.

Bark bark bark

Stupid Bing translate. According to Google, it's the following:

Bark Bark barK

My girlfriend says she had a toilet trained cat. Not always the best, they don't learn to flush and sometimes they miss.

We've been bamboozled by a dog!

More hygenic to flush with lid closed

On a semi-related note; did you know that many Cuban people don't know how to use toilets? Neither did I until I started at my current job. They put the used shit paper in the trash can. Why? Why would you do that?


Wtf is a mud room?

Ahhhhhh, fuck. Thanks mate. Now I don't want to watch the sequel.

me too thanks

Oo look at me I'm so much better than u cuz I don't think about dog dicks. Fuck you and your couch buddy.

One of my classmates in grade school had very wealthy parents. They had a gorgeous house on a mountain, and there was a bathroom just for the backyard/pool area that had a urinal in it.

That urinal, the only one in the house I was aware of, was the classiest damn thing I've seen in my entire life.

askin the real questions

Yes, with the litter kwitter linked above. He sometimes flushes, but usually waits for me, because I sorta taught him to flush for a treat. The best part is no more cat piss smell. ever. anywhere in the house. The rest of a litter box I never really minded; it was always that damned acrid piss smell that made me hate being responsible for a cat. totally worth it in my opinion. He can even travel with me to other people's houses and will pee in their toilets too.

Those paws are dirty now.

Stepping on urine covered floor cuz some guys can't aim an inch away from the urinals.

anyone actually have any experience training cats to use the toilet?

Now why'd you have to go and ruin my day like that?

But if I pee on a fire hydrant I'm a bad boy...

He can even travel with me to other people's houses and will pee in their toilets too.

"Hey man, where's the toilet?"

"Down the hall to the left" ... "Why are you taking your cat?"

"It's for him, not me"



I'm pretty sure it's actually a classic youtube video. I'll see if I can find it.

Ah yes. I remember the "how many old pouches of dip before it actually clogs" game quite fondly.

Often enough it seems

how does a man have a heavy flow? well, i guess if he has ass periods. whenever i get mine and it's heavy, i always have to shove a whole bunch of toilet paper and used rags up my ass because the sexist companies won't make manpons

The kind that doesn't want arguments about leaving the toilet seat up.

I shut my lid. I get peeved when people visit and leave it open

Because someone is work jerking

I guess that reminded people of the episode, but that video really stripped all the comedy out of it.

Bought my house as a sophomore in college. Urinal installed by day 15

The video with sound makes it fairly obvious the dog didn't actually pee and the sound effects were added later

Wow, he keeps wiggling his tail whilst peeing (and flushing). I'm guessing thats a fun dog to have.

Me vs the dog she tell me not to worry about

Fuck this made me laugh.

Because plumbing isn't always large enough to handle paper so it could get clogged is why.

Wait. Are we saying "htf" now? Is this new?