Gonna need to start having more daughters...

Gonna need to start having more daughters...

What does being a Bastard have anything to do with appearance? Just because the parents weren’t married the child is somehow going to be less attractive?

Well he's the son of the most beautiful man that's ever graced the seven kingdoms (until now) and a hot(cold?) piece of northern ass so yeah, he's bound to be hot.

To be fair he hasn’t seen JonJon in action

I’d like to add that she was the hottest piece he could pull as well. She was so damn hot he left his wife and kids for her. Jon is the equivalent of a David Beckham brad Pitt love child. No one can tell me that wouldn’t be the sexiest man alive other than Jon snow.

He has a point. It isn't explicitly mentioned if he is attractive or not, but bastards are depicted quite negatively in the books and are often believed to be treacherous and just evil in their hearts for the fact that they were born outside a blessed union.

I was a little nervous for Jon there for a minute, tbh. Thought Craster was getting all Weinsteiny on him.

No, you are not and you know it.

it was never mentioned. but the women he interacts with, are most interested in him. ygritte, val, melisandre, zei and other freefolk clan leader, cant remember her name.

I’m a straight male but they’re both up there. I just feel like Jon has a hand up on the competition.

Yeah JonJon are prettier than everyone's daughters.

Unless Jon is your daughter