Going to break some records when...

Going to break some records when...

Gotta farm those mud golems and satyrs man

To the tune of five Scepter buffs and 1 consumed moonshard

Position 1 support.

dont forget kobolds!

Didst thou buy sceptres for thy team?

What? An alch that didn't farm only aghs?

EDIT: You also have higher gpm than the entire opposing team xD

Man, when Undying zombies gave gold when killed and you fought against its team and teamwiped them i learned to type "EVERYONE STOP, I NEED TO KILL THEM ALL" very fast.

It also was pretty insane with the old Phantom lancer.

and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again

oh apparently if you key the matchid into recent games you can still download the replay


A carry who gets stunned will get turn't the fuck up.

Really shit that Alchemist, a good hero who was not only directly buffed but also indirectly buffed by the Nerf of comeback mechanics. He was turned into the aghanims equivalent of a "ward bitch."

But you can't farm them like crazy with acid spray anymore.

yeap we got so ahead that we were messing around, they could hold out pretty long with tinker so my team went around stacking both jungles

Not necessary best to keep it. You might have someone with a good aghs buffed ult, and giving the first one could be the factor in winning the next fight and such. However if it's only about, it is always better to keep the first one for yourself, to farm the next faster

Zenoth post, not TB related, you traitor.

I know. Im asking if he plays AM.

You still get gold through goblin greed

Sometimes valve aint feeling it

the first aghs i donated was around 20+ minutes after i got six slotted, so i didnt really need the stats myself


How many other people do you think have a TB flair and can achieve 1.7k GPM on Alch?

But yeah, that's the real Zenoth, our lord and savior (I'm one of you despite my flair).

did you keep the first aghs or donate it? I suspect keeping the first one is probably the most cost-effective strategy.

Poor network conditions makes the mmr change part in ranked not show up anyways though

How did u get so many lasthits? Was your team stacking like crazy or what?

He probably just took the item build without considering Slahser's playstyle: as a heavily aggressive carry who gets a few quick core items (Treads + Urn), and fights his way to other big items (S&Y, Manta).

Slahser's builds are unorthodox, but for most of them, the reasoning is sound, but if not executed properly, they're less effective than the usual 'cookie cutter' build (which is the cookie cutter build for a reason).

Back in the day replays lasted for weeks.

Not as of 6.84. Only direct attacks count now.

Those mud golem changes were a freakin huge buff to Alchemist, he can gain an extra 144 gold from a single mud golem camp due to it.

in this case he had 3 beast aghs carrier in his team, Lina, Treant and Cent

well the extra fireball costs a percentage of his mana pool so he can always cast it

I think we need a new slahser copypasta

An ogre magi with an early gifted aghs is also no joke.

I never ever saw the point of Aghs Sky. Two ults and you're out of mana?

Are you the legendary Terrorblade player Zenoth?

I would say enemy seeing timer on unstable concoction is a direct nerf.

stout/qb/boots/battlefury/travels/armlet/blink/moonshard/abyssal/agha/agha/agha/agha/agha/moonshard/sny for this particular game, in more or less that order

IAmA dirty skywrath mage picker who builds aghs, AMA.

Seriously though aghs skywrath can kill any carry (including antimage) if they get stunned and don't have a bkb in less than 2 seconds. Extra fun if you have a supportling on your team for dat 4.25s stun. And before people mention the 3 obvious counters (SD/OD, LC/Abba, Force Staff), I apparently don't play in a skill bracket where those are used. Also 2 seconds is not a lot of time to react to your carry's health bar evaporating.

0/0/0 15k Tower Damage Terrorblade game

should be number 1 post /sub/justzenoththings

Scrolling through the comments...

Mmh, this dude looks pretty good at farming, props to him.

Looks at his username

Welp, it's zenotha, what else do you expect

I know it's bad. I realized halfway through but decided to post it anyways.

The Aghs shows up as a permanent buff, not as an actual item! This also means it doesn't take up an item slot. So if the enemy has an Alchemist, be sure to check the status of your opponents as well!

Shard Golems are actually a legit buff to alchemist. I honestly think that a good Aghs hero and and Alch makes for a very high win chance. Tiny or Meepo with an Alchemist shouldn't lose often at all. Will be nice to see some Alch strats at TI5 hopefully

Tinker has no hex, so whats he going to do burst you down with ult up? No he was underfarmed.

Lion was level 12, that means he didn't likely have max hex and max stun.

Invoker was seriously underfarmed, he was level 15, to put that in perspective, 1 level above the hard support of the winning team.

Just because the other team may have things that make BKB appealing, it obviously wasn't necessary to win the game, nor did he die once. So please let the person play the game without judging LOL NO BKB N00B.

Right the skill makes it cost more, not actually triggering multicasts though.

That makes more sense although doesn't explain why you wouldn't want an aghs.

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I'd probably go octarine so you could permanently stun lock someone.

If killing that carry meant the other team loses, who fucking cares? Aghs Sky against a 4p1 lineup would be sick.

i think i can play him somewhat decently? used to spam him quite a bit, haven't touched him for awhile though