Going through my late-grandfathers slides when suddenly...

Going through my late-grandfathers slides when suddenly...

but did your grandpa shoot the bells with his glock

Your grandfather played inferno way before you! :D

Damn Source 2 looks good


Wow, they got married at Bombsite B?

i read that a little wrong and paused for a while

Here's a picture of my parents on their wedding day there.


Here's a picture of my parents on their wedding day there.

Hopefully he lived long enough to see Happys' ace.

"Knot has been tied"

the real reason its here is that the bells look like they are from inferno, a csgo map, which is based off this location


the real reason its here is that the bells look like they are from inferno, a csgo map, which is based off this location

and he was better for it!

Happys' ace is what did 'im in.

If his slides are meaningful to you, you shouldn't put them in a projector, as this fades the colors. Kodachrome, not as bad, but Ektachrome, pretty fast. If you want to preserve any of them, have them professionally scanned before running them in front of a projector lamp again.

RIP grandpa you shouldn't have pushed banana thru smoke

nah I think he meant to write balls but wrote bells instead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I take it your grandfather was saving his m4 right?

"Seed Planted"

if this is a genuine thing you stumbled across then this is gold!

You realize your parents love beer even more that they love you?

thank you

-people from /sub/all

Well it was after his passing my grandmother and her sons (including my dad) went through his belongings, and the family set up a viewing party for a bunch of old slides he had taken. When i saw that one pop up i had to do a double take

Back in my day, when a boy turned 16, he was given a job, a woman, a hat, and then he was a man

San Juan Deag Capistrano

Back in my day

Thanks Gaben!

A little town called de_inferno when his grandfather was in Europe

You whippersnappers...

and we was better for it!

bet they went to banana afterwards if you know what i mean

luckily for your grandpa it was ct sided

He's AFK in T spawn. God damn it people don't queue up for 90 minute competitive if you're about to die of old age.

"Knot has been defused"


Apparently that's what Australians call long doors.

San Juan Capistrano Mission.

Thats what inferno was based off of.

what else do you plan to show them /u/gaypornstar ?

Inferno is basically one giant diggity, for example

"UMP account". Possibly the best thing I have heard all day!

Definitely was an "accident"

lol kappa

It's all preference, sure there is some stuff about eye dominance and whatnot but plenty of people (and pros) don't follow that jazz and just do what they feel they like best.

Mom is in CT arch and dad is bombsite b

Negev, or go home.

the church is construction.

Plot twist: his grandfather was a terrorist

nah I think he meant to write cock but wrote glock instead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

but did your grandpa shoot the balls with his cock

where is bedroom?

He was just exiting B too fast

so he playd 0.1 cs?

Nah man it's about what side of your screen the gun covers up and which eye that distracts more. It has nothing to do with where the bullets come from in game... lol.

so long as you didnt suddenly shout out terrorist! I guess its all good

The map is in Europe, the real life inspiration is not.

May I ask why you use cl_righthand 0? I play with it set to 1 and wanted to hear why you like that better.

Find the picture

We fucking Juaned deaged the nazi's back in 44

I'm pretty sure the map was inspired by that location.

Thanks for this genuine advice!

the reference picture you're looking for

Have your parents seen you play inferno yet?

My buddy has pictures of himself there on his Facebook wall. There were 3 pictures that were CLEARLY spots on the map. T Spawn, Speedway/CT, and B Site.

Juan Deag mission now...

I always thought inferno was in Europe (GIGN ct's)


Nope but I plan to show them eventually

I don't know man, looks too bright/overexposed, why can't volvo make realistic games with normal lighting? /s

Yep, we have a lot of interesting callouts it seems.



good luck with that 10k

Up hill both ways

Thats what based means....

lol nice meme xD ya meme XD

They should stack banana

Outside tunnels on dust2 is backyard.

Love your name. I'm about to hit LE on my UMP account. Fucking love the UMP.

That's cool, where was it taken?

Same. Player models are the same as the ones in Italy, correct?

Since nobody's posted it.

I have a bind set so that I can play right handed for most of the game, unless I'm coming up to a left handed corner, so the viewmodel doesn't get in my way as much. Holding bedroom on dust2 for example.

There's a church near that's really nice that they got married in

Mission: San Juan Deag

Score 30 kills all headshots with the deagle on casual Inferno.

Bonus 3000xp if a ace is scored. 5000xp if it is on B site.

late :'(

What's your address? I need to send you poop.


If only...

Wait, only Australians call that area bedroom? so that's why I've never seen it mentioned anywhere else...

Probably was a "mistake"

Blimey mate, fuck me in the arse.

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