Going out with a blast

Going out with a blast

Gotta see if that 747 can do a barrel roll.

Bob is my queen and my president

"That's not the Captain."

"Wait, what?"

"This ain't even a plane!"






"Pop Tarts."

I doubt he'd want to Sully his reputation.

I'll leave now.


I was on a pilot's final flight once. Except as we were about to land, a deep fog was present over the airport and we could not safely touch down, and had to take an hour long detour to the next city. I felt bad for the pilot, he was supposed to immediately take a flight back home when we landed in the original city, probably had a party waiting for him or something.

That is one suspiciously large woman

She's Bob the drag queen....

They also sometimes do a water salute for the pilot. Kind of a bummer.

aileron roll


How you know he didnt mean an actual barrel roll though