Glee star Naya Rivera charged with domestic violence against her husband

Glee star Naya Rivera charged with domestic violence against her husband
Glee star Naya Rivera charged with domestic violence against her husband

This is such a disappointment.

In other news, the way this article is written is also highly disappointing...why is it mentioning what she was wearing when she was arrested and the fact that she had an abortion? Neither of them are of any pertinence.

The Glee cast are all shady as heck.

Best to get everything out in the open and have lawful repercussions. The domestic abuse issue is pervasive and can't be tolerated irrespective of gender.

My ex-wife would get physical with me sometimes. It sucked because I couldn't do anything and didn't want to involve the police because I feared they'd make it worse for me. So I was just stuck there. It's awful. And as mad as I got, I never ever hit her. I wanted to. I wanted to deck her so bad sometimes, but I controlled myself. I would always try and walk away, but she would follow me until I'd lock myself in the bathroom to create some distance.

I'm glad this woman got arrested. She deserves it if she hit that guy. She's not a child. She needs to keep her damn hands to herself.

Not sure about the creator but I know the guy that played Puck (Mark Salling) is a notorious pedophile. He's in prison now for seven years after they found literally thousands of child pornography pictures and movies on his laptop (We're talking 25,000+ pictures and 600+ videos). 25,000 pictures of naked kids...dude is fucked up beyond belief. Very weird bunch of people.

You know what? Good. Stop beating up your spouse - if you love them, you dont assault them, that's abuse no matter who you are.

You made me curious so I actually read the article. This is the BBC reporting style, talking about how the situation looked (including what the main subject of the article was wearing when the incident being reported on occurred - they do this for men and women and you're right, it is a bit beside the point). Mentioning the abortion is part of the "you may remember this person from this recent news article" template which they always use. Read any other celebrity articles on that site and you'll find the same template. Point taken, though, that both items are probably in poor taste/ triggering.

Still a piece of shit, and theres plenty of people that have been abused that dont have thousands of gigs of child porn on their computer.

I can empathize with why he's twisted. But at the end of the day he's an adult and he hurt children, and needs to face those consequences (and hopefully gets the rehabilitation he needs in the process).

Isn’t the creator of that show a twisted perv?

This article has a few more details. The surprising thing to me is that she hit him while they were on a walk with their 2 year old. My heart hurts knowing that this was done in front of their child and that she felt comfortable enough to hit him in public. It makes what she did so much worse in my mind.

It is his fault for possesing those pictures. No body forced him.

It smentioning what the woman was dressed in when she was arrested for domestic abuse.... Why does it matter? And it even mentioned that the woman had an abortion. Neither of them matter, what does matter is she assaulted her partner.

The last time it happened? It's so prevalent that many men won't call the police no matter how violent a woman is.

"Dr Jessica McCarrick, a Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology at Teesside University, who carried out a study with male abuse victims, said they were often treated with suspicion by the criminal justice system.

She said their experiences were not only dismissed by some police officers, but they could even find themselves under arrest when their partners turned the tables on them."

That sounds awful. I know about the retreat to the bathroom technique, though. I used to use it with my ex husband. We didn’t have locks of any consequence, so I’d have a shower. Sometimes he’s come in and keep yelling, but mostly he’s just yell ‘You only walk away when you know I’m right’ at my back. It’s good we both got that stuff behind us! Internet Hugs for you!

Thank you! I felt like I was the only one bothered by these.

Omg that’s awful. I don’t remember hearing about that at all.

Disgusting behavior, poor kid. Didn't Big Sean called out the engagement/wedding for the same reason? I remember reading somewhere she was crazy jealous and aggressive towards him.

Wtf did Glee just decide oh let’s hire a bunch of shit bag actors. Every few years one of them is doing something ridiculously stupid.

Piggybacking off another person's response it appears like this is just the BBC style and they will mention what is being worn regardless of gender.

If she was comfortable doing that in public, I’d expect she’d be worse in private.

I hope she gets the same treatment as a man would if he was in this situation.

Just so people are aware, those articles are all written at the same time using the same study as background. It's not 4 independent studies which the formatting might suggest. Not saying that that makes the claim less true, just providing clarification because it's somewhat doubtful that people will actually click and read them all.

Is this Big Sean’s ex?

You know that's all one source, right? It's 3 articles written about 1 study from University of Bristol.

More men than women were arrested, but it was the arrest per incident rate that you're referencing. If you read the study, by the way, the difference in arrest numbers is in part because women are twice as likely to use a weapon and are arrested for doing just that. Men were more likely to be arrested for drunk and disorderly, women for grievous bodily harm. It also shows what kind of incidents people are likely to call the police for.

Interestingly enough, even though women were much more likely to be arrested (per incident) in that study, they were significantly less likely to be charged with and convicted of a crime.


I respectfully disagree, I don't think that her clothes or her birth control choices are relevant to her decision to be violent.

Also I really like your username

Reminds me of, I think, NCIS? They were investigating the brutal beating death of an army wife, and automatically assumed she was being domestically abused. Then they find her husband and learn she was a horrible person who was constantly screaming at him and hitting him on a regular basis.

Sorry to hear you went through this. Stories of this I've heard in the past have involved the women then claiming the victim was abusing her or raping her and thus destroying that persons life.

It's because of the (wrong) perception that because you are a "man" you aren't able to be abused by a "woman" and are not believed especially when she makes the false allegations.

Glad you are out of that situation and hope you are happy now.

I suspect it's pretty rare for men to report abuse from their wives. This is actually a really laudable for him to press charges.

Or that her father in law drove her, or that she played a cold-hearted character on the show, or the name of the victim, blah blah blah.

If you called the police, they would have put you in handcuffs.

She’s been weird. I remember she came on some talkshow and said that since getting with the current white husband, she’s apparently noticed white people bathe more than people of colour. Okay, Naya....

Ryan Murphy? I havn't heard anything, what do you base that on?

Even if you don’t love them you don’t assault them.

You asked why I the op said it was disappointing. I just said possible reasons as to why the op said it was disappointing.

'He's the type to have a bullet-proof condom. And still gotta pull out.'

What's wrong with that shows cast?

He ain't fuckin wit her?

The claim made by me was "women are three times more likely to be arrested for domestic violence", nothing you says disproves that and I'll invite anyone reading this comment chain to go and read the study for themselves.

So your original claim was completely irrelevant to the discussion.

Umm, no.

Um, those are all referencing the same study. That's not how citing sources works. Also, the study was conducted in the U.K.(so it's only applicable to the U.K.) and the sample size is extremely small. They only looked at 96 examples. You can't get good data from that.

To be fair, all four of those sources all quote the same research publication. Which also says that men are more likely to be charged (25% of men vs 8% of women). Also, it is a British report which has a different criminal system than the one most of American users will be talking about. Unlike the U.S., they don't have mandatory arrest laws for domestic violence. This will change the data so much I doubt they could be compared.

Not that I'm discrediting your claim. I just think the way you stated your claim has misleading implications, and that's why you are getting downvoted.

When’s the last time that happened? I don’t recall recent stories where it was reported against the wife first and then turned to the husband.

It is

"2: Its pretty common practice to say what a person was wearing at the time of arresy, it gives you a picture of what it may of looked like (I.E. If they are in work clothes or pajamas)"

And to the above comments point, what does that matter? It doesn't add anything to this story. It's one thing to let you in on what they were doing when authorities were alerted to the crime, and what they were doing at the time of the arrest, but what they were wearing? Maybe it's where I live, but news reports never mention what the suspect was wearing unless authorities are actively searching for the suspect. Otherwise that information is irrelevant.

But yes, you weren't asking about either of those points anyways, but likely rather why it was a disappointment that she was arrested for spousal abuse

I worked on Glee for 3 years. It was solely what they call background work, but I was aware of the strange behaviors that went on between the cast and crew. Those kids were worked to the bone. It’s not surprising to me that any of those young adults have issues. So sad that Corey (Finn) was on drugs and over dosed, too. Lots of struggles for those talented peeps.

Yup there are a lot of domestic abusers in Hollywood. Sean Penn, Emma Roberts, Solange Knowles, Chris Brown, etc. :/

It really isn't.. .

Escalation of force generally means she won't unless he's the same size as her.

I dunno, by contrast it's pretty twisted to know you have to hide your abusive behavior to get away with it.

My ex used to slap me about, gave me a black and everything. I still have the scars on my arm to this day and I'm not afraid to admit it, she got a hell of a slap back. I had enough and as soon as I did retaliate, the violence kind of stopped. Even when she was physical she turned it round and acted like the victim. I don't agree with domestic abuse but you can only take getting hit for so long.

Why is it disappointing?

Yes, source please.

Uhhh, yeah. Have you seen American Horror Story?

I think because neither things would be mentioned if it were a man being arrested for assault; clothes/appearance wouldn't be reported on unless it were something odd like rainbow scuba gear. And what he does with his private parts would also not be reported on. It's a part of the double standard for men and women.

I could be wrong about this, but I'm going on my memory and will look for sources when I'm on my pc.

It's also newsbeat, which has never been known for high quality reporting.

I was in a similar situation. She called the cops after she had tried to stab me with a kitchen knife. I told her if she ever tried that again I wouldn't be responsible for my actions defending myself. She took it as a threat on my part.

The cops told me to leave or spend the night in jail.

I saw Fist Fight a couple of days ago and while the movie wasn't anything memorable, I lost it when a scene with this song came on. Best part of it!

My worldview is that violent assholes should be punished. I grew up watching random shit bags beat my mother, so if you're looking for someone to defend pieces of shit that beat women then keep looking. That doesn't change anything I said above though.

I dare you to find any article where a man was arrested for domestic violence and the article describes what he was wearing. Bonus points if it mentions how many abortions his family has had.

This is a claim based on really faulty data. It's just not true.

One died of a drug overdose, one is a domestic abuser and one is a paedophile.. Jesus were there any others I've missed?

This is newsbeat, for kids, so it's deliberately dumbed down.

Why do you think so?

Oh man, that narcissistic self affirmation is the worst. That’s the biggest red flag that says he’ll never think “maybe i went too far.” There’s just no reasoning with that.

Being twisted wasn't his fault. However, acting on it was 100% his fault