Giving a homeless man a coat

Human zoomies when he tried it on, so blissful


i don't actually know what's happening, but the dude is happy so the message here is, make people happy

Anyone else see a pedestrian almost eat it halfway through the video?

Kingston station, if I'm not mistaken.

I hate when people record themselves doing things like this it feels disingenuous. Things like this are better when an unknown bystander is recording the interaction.

That's what I thought too, but if you watch it again it's a guy doing a jig of sorts for the camera.

This is fake.

He gave a homeless dude a coat, he's happy.

Copying /u/OshiSeven's comment from further down because more people need to see, the homeless guy is a fraud unfortunately.

It isn't fake from the video creators point of view, however, he is, unfortunately, a fraud who pretends to be homeless around Kingston and Surbiton. Always used to see him around and then one day he disappeared, saw this soon after.

Hey Vsauce, Michael here

Title: Giving a homeless man a coat.

Gif: Lady gives something to a living pile of newspapers. Turns out, it's a man. He inspects and tries on a new coat. Tippy taps ensue.

I think she gave the homeless man a coat. I think he liked it.

1) he already has a coat 2) his reaction is over the top for getting just a coat 3) it’s being filmed

The whole thing just seems to want to try too hard to tell a story. A homeless person has a LOT of problems. He’s not going to be that happy over a second coat. Getting a home? Yes. A large box of food? Yes. A second coat? Come on.

It’s also pretty convenient that there was a mirror nearby and that the guy celebrated so soon. Perfect for the camera man!

I agree, at the same time it's a good deed even if the intent is selfish.

Damn, beat me to it

The main guy in the video. Implying he did this for the video.

He obviously made this guys winter a whole lot better but I guess I prefer to do my charity in private and not for the recognition of doing charity.

I was playing siege and saw your username being banned by battleeye.

Nah this isnt fake man. I was flying a sign while homeless near a freeway onramp / exit. Someone gave me a sleeping bag and I started crying because it was such a selfless thing to do. I was beyond happy. I know exactly how the guy in this gif feels and it made me tear up again knowing that feeling and how great it is.

Wait... if humans are banned, how do they post?

Right? I came here to ask if this is kingston.

I'm homeless. I live in my car. During the week I shower and do laundry at a day shelter. Then I hangout at the library.

People drop stuff off at the shelters all the time. Homeless people have access to clothes and coats and shoes. Some of it nice stuff too. What I see a lot are scammer homeless that just want everything for free. Or people that have coats and shoes and will take more and more, because it's free right? They won't work to change their situation.

But what some homeless people could benefit most from is a decent paying job. Not just a slave wage pt to buy food and still be homeless. What we need is for people to understand not every homeless person has drug and alcohol problems.

Services may vary by area I realize.

While I agree that people shouldn't brag about their good deeds I think it's an overall positive thing (in this scenario). If they had just showed the guy handing the man the coat and the giver doing that weird jump then yes it would be annoying. But since they showed the man's reaction and how a simple act made this guy's day it might motivate more people to help out the less fortunate.

I left a restaurant last night and a homeless man came up and tried to start a conversation. 'hi my name is John' he said. As we walked away he mentioned he was hungry.

We just happened to have a bag of some leftovers. So I turned around and said 'hey man. If you're hungry, you can have this if you want?'. He was so happy and took the bag. We walked away but had to turn back around. I saw him hiding behind a pillar eating the food right away....

I feel really bad that there are some scammers who make it difficult to figure out who the real needy people are.

Who said humans were posting.

Yeah, just down the road from me. I'm pretty sure he's this guy who was arrested for Fraud because he isn't homeless.

That's weird. He really went all out to look like he was eternally grateful

But if no one ever recorded good deeds.. we'd have way less wholesome gifs :(

unless someone else films it..

Maybe. But it's not like we all know his name and he's trying to make himself internet famous (as far as any of us know). But sometimes seeing the joy that bringing good things to others can motivate other people to do the same.

His reasons for his generosity might not be right, but at the end of the day he was generous and that’s all the homeless man is going to know.

I would much rather see self-serving charity on social media than no charity at all.

But first, they set up the camera.

You can never have too many coats when you live on the street. Also, I don't think it was a mirror, just a pane of glass is enough to get a reflection.

Or "I'm going to do something kind, record it so everyone can see how happy it makes this stranger and maybe they will want to do something kind".

It isn't fake from the video creators point of view, however, he is, unfortunately, a fraud who pretends to be homeless around Kingston and Surbiton. Always used to see him around and then one day he disappeared, saw this soon after.

Why would you link a sub where Humans are explicitly banned when he said he likes Human zoomies....


I won't link it, but it took me about 20 seconds to find the source YouTube video with 865,000 views.

I'm really not trying to bash his generosity, I just see so much self-serving charity for social media every Christmas.

I'd rather 10 motherfuckers set up a camera and do something helpful for another then stroke themselves off about how grand they are, than 1 person do something "altruistic".

What is actually going on here lol

No one hurt me. I’m a social worker. I’ve worked with the homeless. This just doesn’t jive at all with my experience.

They’re not usually hurting for clothes. There are always lots of coats available. What they’re hurting for is cash, hot food, a bed to open up at a shelter, etc.

It’s just my opinion. I think this was faked.

I disagree, videos like this should encourage more people to do this. So do record yourself

That was even more wholesome than I was expecting.

Definitely Kingston.

Idk if he had money I doubt he’d be that excited over a jacket.

Me too! Was it today like 2-3 hours ago?

Make people happy, don’t call them retarded.

It seems to me that it's a guy who gave the coat.

He's a very pretty lady.

I agree, although it's nice for the rest of us to actually see that small things like that really can bring joy to someone else.

happy guy doing a happy dance.

What's your reasoning?

Not eating it he jumped to tap his heels.

If it inspires even one person to go out and do a good deed for someone then I don't care.

Now I´m curious if this is a legit Vsauce episode.

Regardless of the intention isn’t it good he gave the guy a coat anyway?

this video

It's a reference to by FilthyFrank called "Human Cake" (watch at your own risk, the video is not for the faint of heart), where Vsauce Michael is homeless for a part of a bit. Only watch if you want Spit Facts.

Homeless people ask for pennies, you don't think they'd be appreciative of a new coat to replace their old ratty one?

I think you're right in being skeptical, you should on the internet. But it's also clear you don't have much experience with the homeless population.

Well, just because he isn't homeless doesn't mean he has lots of money. Also, they look identical.

This is why I think it can be okay to film things like this. It's promoting the idea of doing nice things for other people, and about things that might seem small to us but really important for someone else. Someone might watch this and think "I can make someone that happy just from a coat? Nice!" Things like that can inspire change.

It's a completely different story when people are very obviously stroking their own ego by filming themselves doing "nice" things for homeless people and making them show their appreciation on camera.

How else are you going to let everyone know you did a good deed?!

i agree with both of you, and i agree with you slightly more. but still the thought that this guy had a friend videotape a homeless man (presumably) so he could walk out and get caught being generous and then walk towards the camera clicking his heals with homeless guy still behind him... leaves a weird taste in my mouth. like the homeless man is just a prop to be filmed being sad. but i'm also kind of an asshole and reddit frequently points that out to me so take that as you will.

He's come under a lot of fire lately, and deservedly so, but you can see how grateful Louis CK is for any support.

I agree as well, Im not totally against it because someone less fortunate gets something, but they're still bring exploited.

it's a name that's been used by many players in games that feature matchmaking and ladders in order not to be recognized or traced as easily.

There are way more empty homes than homeless people. Look up how many homes are foreclosed upon:

There's also the 1994 Base Closure Act, which converts closed bases into homeless housing (run by a local redevelopment authority).

It's a decent model for state and local governments, but converting privately owned homes is much, much more complicated. A large chunk of the current vacant housing stock is made up of homes that were foreclosed upon, meaning they're now owned by banks. Banks, of course, don't want to hang onto vacant properties any longer than necessary lest they get stuck with additional property tax bills, and it's tough to act as a landlord for thousands of homes across the county.

Some banks have solved this by bulldozing foreclosed homes and giving the property over to the city.

What a country!

Wow, yeah, fuck that guy for doing something good and dancing for a second. What an awful person.

I prefer to do my charity in private and not for the recognition of doing charity.

Oh, the irony.

For the ones saying "recording your good deeds feel disingenuous": I am a poor-ish 20-something year old. When I get enough money, with a bit left over, I give away the bit. Sandwiches, just change, whatever. The things I like about these videos is new ways to give, new ways to help someone. I didn't know homeless people were in need of socks, until one of these videos. They broaden horizons. I don't think the point of the video is "look how good I am", it's "look how much good this does for a person". Just another perspective for thought.

People celebrate successful heists, too.

You might be nasty if you lived on a sidewalk too. Have you ever slept on a cold sidewalk? Probably not, most haven't. Try it for a week and I bet your attitude changes about homeless people; and then go back to your warm bed and forget about those people as most of us do.

And yes I know their are shelters to help, but if you talk to homeless people, some say they feel safer on the street than in the shelter. Also some cities do not even have enough shelter space for everyone.

I am not going to disagree that some homeless people do not try hard enough to get out of homelessness but until you are actually without a roof over your head for a few months you probably shouldn't criticize these people much.

Presumably, the happiness is half for the coat, half for the fact that someone treated him like a human being and went out of their way for him. I'm not saying this is necessarily real, but if it were, part of the joy you're seeing is restored human dignity.

I mean, after reading the article it sounds like he has enough benefits to make rent at a cheap apartment, but he's still a jobless beggar. Yes, he lies about being homeless, but he probably genuinely DID appreciate the jacket.

Barcode names are pretty common in multiplayer games

if it wasn't faked (I agree that it probably is) it's kind of exploitative to film the whole thing

Many high level players in League of Legends, particularly Korean ones, used these names (called "barcodes") to prevent people from recognizing them and banning their champions, etc. It's generally considered a statement of skill (or ego) to use one, which led to some fun shenanigans when Faker (universally recognized League GOAT) started playing on American servers under the name BarcodeKiller and generally showed everyone up for a season.

Hey I saw a homeless person once I think I know more than you.

What homeless people really want is a nice white coat so they can hide from polar bears.

Well its a popular name i guess

This might inspire others to do good things.

I found the part. Wish this whole episode was about Michael being homeless. It would probably be really intresting. :D

Keep it wholesome friend:)


If it can inspire someone else to do the same I see no problem in it.

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