Give me an R rated Boba Fett movie with some real dark underworld action, and I’ll never ask for anything ever again.

Give me an R rated Boba Fett movie with some real dark underworld action, and I’ll never ask for anything ever again.

Then this sub would bitch and complain that the length of his helmet antenna was off by 2cm.

Naah, they should stay consistent and make Fett the galaxy's most clumsy bounty hunter. Tripping over his own feet and accidentally disintegrating his targets.

He's basically the Inspector Clueso or Mr Bean of the Star Wars underworld.

It should be like a mix between John Wick and Django...Edit: except with high tech gadgets and gizmos, set in Mos Eisley cantina or the underbelly of Coruscant.

Boba Fett acts like a confident badass while constantly making mistakes. Like the Johnny Bravo of bounty hunters.

Man the reaction to that would make TLJ backlash look like a sad group of hecklers.

Gotta love this sub haha

Why does everyone need it to be R-rated? Is that really necessary for the movie to be great?

But they are a sad group of hecklers.

Good idea.. but after Solo's box office start, its just wishful thinking I'm afraid.

Even if R-Rated movies like Deadpool and Logan are doing well, a Star Wars movie would likely make more money if its PG-13 or less. They're going to go where more money is.

Except it was a long time ago

Wouldn't be interested. SW can do dark and still have it be for its intended audience. If it were to intentionally go for an R rated movie, it'd just end up being gratuitously edgy for the sake of it

100% agree. This seems so unbelievably unnecessary. It's like something a 17 year old came up with.

Indeed - many people forget that his canonical (leaving aside his comical screen) final words are 'what the!'

He's pure comedy on screen.

No more movies made about Kenner action figures.

I don't understand this idea of an R-rated Star Wars movie. Star Wars is aimed at kids and young at heart. Sure it'd be cool to see graphic violence, swearing, sex scenes, but you might as well make an entirely new universe outside of Star Wars. Instead of making Lord of the Rings rated R, go make A song of Ice and Fire.

Having Solo become a trilogy focusing on Han, then Boba, then Kenobi with SPOILERS storyline in the background would be awesome

Hear, hear! That, or an R Rated KTOR movie...

I don't really know how you spin boba fett into a movie. He's a bounty hunter. His father was a bounty hunter. He's a clone. I know how you could spin that into a 2 and a half hour movie. There's really no mystique to fett.

if anything I would think the disappointing Solo numbers would encourage the people in charge of Star Wars movies to take more risks - I think one of the lessons from Solo is that you can’t expect to make a billion at the box office just because it’s got “Star Wars” in the name (though the biggest mistake was a marketing one IMO).

Still, I agree that there’s no chance of an R-rated Boba Fett movie, but that’s because of Disney. They know that the family-friendly demographic is their bread and butter, so they’d never risk damaging their most valuable IP by making a movie that might alienate that crowd.

"And falls in love with IG-88 along the way" - Disney probably

If Deadpool can be R rated and kill the box office, Fett deserves the chance too! Only way it would be one of the greatest movies ever.