Girl With A Cannon

Based on how many parking spots, and average parking spot being from 7.5ft (compact) to 9ft in width, than that's roughly 51 yards, damn

Last time this was posted someone commented that she plays professional women's football

Edit: digifork just corrected me by saying she played for University of Maine softball

How much you wanna bet I can throw a football over them mountains?

Back in ‘82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile.

The Browns need to offer her a contract asap

It's actually 13 parking spaces at 8.5'/space, making it 37 yards.

where does the ball go?

I calculated at 8.5 ft each, included the paved breaks as parking spots, also looked at the Twitter video so I could pause it and count better, looks like there are some hidden spots that blend in, I counted 18 total, but I could be wrong.

Average of 44 yards?

I’d have gone pro. Living in a mansion. soaking it up in the hot tub with my soul mate

Sounds fair.

Man I wish I could go back in time...Id take state.

And who said internet disagreements have to end with people being called Hitler?

You know who did that? Hitler.

UMAINE represent.

She was/is a softball player from RI.

Bro Cleveland is where quarterbacks go to die.

If coach just put me in for the last quarter I swear we would have had it

Then there's Kelsey Plum

Was anybody else expecting a literal cannon? I'm not even disappointed!

She throws a football better than a majority of the people I know. Even if you're a decent athlete, throwing a football with that tight of a spiral and that distance is not only tough, but very impressive too. (I played baseball for 15 years, yet I rarely can throw an accurate spiral with a football)

Edit: When I clicked I was hoping to see an actual cannon. Left impressed, but disappointed no cannon in GIF. Glad they aren't shooting a cannon in a parking lot though

She'll get signed before Kaepernick.


me and a buddy actually made a bet for how many times either of us would have to throw a mini football (one of those collage rubber mini footballs) to cover a quarter mile. The rules were you could take a normal step into throw and it was measured to where the ball landed (to not account for crazy bounces) I said I could do it in 13 throws.

I figured I can for sure throw one of those little piece of shit balls 40 yards (120 ft) do that 11 times and thats 440 yards, which is a quarter mile, plus a few extra just to make sure. He said no way, so we took it to the parking lot. We walked off 40 yards, he stood there, I bombed it over his head, maybe a 50 yard toss. We agreed it could be done. It was cold and we went back into our office.

Wow that's a Volvo S70 behind her to the left

I reckon you know a lot about cyberspace... You- you ever come across anything like... time travel?

Are you implying that Hitler would get in to internet arguments and call other people Hitler?

Easy. I've already looked into it for myself...

Well that was anti-climatic.

My god

Deflection, man. It hits the Hitlers hardest.

Kaeps stats last year are better than half the starters this year.

Pow right in the hitlers.

Didn’t they make a movie about you? I think it was something like radio?

I was expecting, and I am disappointed.


This got her on ESPN. Definitely a good post.

Right on

Took me awhile to spot it, but I think the guy just in front of the moving car caught it.

And that looks like a college ball no less. Damnnnn

She is 6'3" too! Prototypical size and I would imagine good mobility. Depending on her pocket awareness I would say she is a mid to late pick in round 5 of the NFL draft.

Nah, it wasn't picked off.

I heard the Eagles are hiring


“Just fuckin rip it” - Brett Favre probably

I live in the apartment complex this was filmed in! I saw this video last year, it’s weird I never thought I’d see people I know or places I live on Reddit

Hold it farther back. Helps with the spiral along with the wrist flick.

7,5 feet = 2,28 meter

9 feet = 2,74 meter

51 yards = 46,63 meter

theres literally nothing else to do than see how far you can throw a football

might need an underscore.

could be interpreted as "brown shurting juice"

Her brother is Jeff Bandy, whos a catcher for the Brewers. The dudes like 6'5" so their parents must be giants

But did you notice the Nissan Sentra?!

/sub/volvo is leaking

True, you could also sit outside Stephen King's house to maybe catch a glimpse of him getting his newspaper.

Based on how many parking spots, How much you wanna make a bet she can throw a football over them mountains? Coach would have put her in 4th quarter, they'd have been state champions. No doubt, no doubt in my mind...

If coach put me in, i KNOW we would have won state!

Different sport, but we got a cannon.

Doing that thing women do where they wrap their hair in a towel within ten seconds.


It's hard to see, but I think it's caught by a guy in a blue shirt. He's in front of the silver car in the middle of the frame before the camera pans back.

I counted the cars across the bottom row in slow motion. There are 10 parked cars from the point that the ball leaves her hand. There is also a large gap between the cars that could fit two parking spaces.

To me, it looks like the catcher is between the white Chevy Impala (#11) and the station wagon (#12) for 11 spaces. If he is pass the station wagon or behind it, then that is 12 spaces. 11-12 spaces is 31.2-34 yards.

Here are the cars and spots numbered:

It's bigger than balls that are smaller than it.

Well, I could've told you that.

What the diff?

But can it launch a 90kg object over 300 meters? I thought not.

You know, I just found out yesterday that that same actor played Lazlo in Real Genius


My first thought after watching this... “I wonder if someone has estimated how far she threw it by the parking space width”.

Redditors always come through.

Real talk, I'm sure there are more Adolfs that suffered than Hitlers.

Release point way too low, doesn't even try to step through with her back foot and kicks it way wide, lacks upper body strength forcing her to push up in the pocket too much. Fixable issues, but accuracy will suffer tremendously until she does.

Scheme fit: Vertical.

Projected round: 6-UDFA.

Heil Mary

Oh for fucks sake.

How does she feel about making a playoff run with the number 1 seed in the NFC?

Release point is important too. Higher release means further throw, her release was right by her ear though which made it even more impressive.

Psch, you and your coworkers have no conviction.

You gotta actually do it for science.

We need to be realistic. A female softball player might not take the Browns to the Superbowl but she could at least bring up the QB average.

So, still not worthy of 20$M per year.

He couldn’t possibly be asking for 20$M per, or is he? I haven’t seen any news about what he’s asking for, but at that price he definitely isn’t worth the headache that accompanies him.

Which with a youth football is pretty decent, but not mind blowing. Most high school QBs can sling a high school ball 45-55 yards. That said, she has to be the Bret Favre of powderpuff football.

That's Eli Manning in a blonde wig

fixed. thanks.

12k people subbed to /sub/volvo... I guess what they say is true, no matter what's on the internet, some weirdo is into it.

Girl With Is A Cannon


During the semester, I live where this video was taken so I can confirm that it's pretty damn far

College balls are bigger than hs or youth balls

Uneven bars in gymnastics would be quite difficult for a man, actually.

Very false.

Rico is that you?

Username does not check out.

Oh shit I didn’t mean to imply her throw wasn’t impressive. Even Cutler would have given his slight nod of approval.

Perfect makeup application?

Walking/running in heels?

Some sort of crafting?

Serious question: Is there an equivalent stereotypically-female skill a guy could perform that would be equally jaw-dropping?

you're mixing Maine up with the midwest or something. Maine's really cool.

Can we draft her to the Broncos? We need her!

Now someone needs to post the video of that chick killing it in flag football.

That's why cannons will never outshine a great trebuchet!

Yea, I can't (and never could) throw as well as that and I was an athlete. I tried tossing a football around recently and got instant elbow pain. Sucks being an old bastard.

Very tight spiral too

Lol, I thought this looked like the Orchard Trails parking lot....

Haha gotta love the Ave