Girl uses her body for drawing

Technically, we all use our bodies for drawing.

I've been using a similar process to make turkey drawings for years.

If I used my body for drawing, the picture would look like an odd shaped avocado.

I don't draw. Checkmate.

I only saw one shot of her using the shape of her body to draw. All the others were simply drawing while sitting down.

You draw breath.

King me.

I swear hot girls can do ANYTHING on camera and make it a career.

I fold.


Avocados are delicious ;)

If I was drawing that, all you'd notice is plumber's crack.

I’d be the one that’s all brown and gross inside.

Right? They cut out the impressive part.

I doubt she's making enough money for this to be a career...

Then you're still good enough to mash up and grind into a fine mush for human guacamole.

And like an avocado, you still have lots of fat, but it's the good kind of fat! So you're still healthy!

TIL that tracing is impressive.

I know we have ultra low standards here at Reddit to make everyone feel warm and nice but this is terrible

Step 1. Be attractive

Step 2. Be talented

Step 3. Art

Ha profit in art Lol

I wish I were human shaped.

EDIT: I guess I should clarify that I don’t wish to lose weight, I just wrote this as a random comment. I’m sorry if that’s what you thought, but thanks for the motivation anyway guys!

She probably makes enough to pay her bills and enjoy her hobby.

Yeah, and sells her underwear for the more expensive stuff.

Zarah Abraham. She's on Instagram and Facebook though she hasn't posted in a while...

Ima Stillnotgonnafucku.

She did like 4 lines with her body, how is that impressive?

I think it's awesome people are out there doing this kind of stuff.

Man, wholesomememes really changed Reddit. Few years ago this thread would be insulting the fat guy, sometimes thinly veiled as life advice.

Nice cuz when I was watching I was waiting and hoping for that to happen.

looks at comment

looks at edit

brain explodes

The dominos have fallen like a house of cards.

hot girls


People like looking at people who are attractive, so yeah... pretty much.

Whats your problem man? Why do you want so desperately for her to be poor?

But I touched you with the babysitter flag!

Oh you haven't been to that part of Reddit yet.

I think it's a theme, she seems to be drawing based on the natural range of motion of her body. Of course these body shapes wouldn't come out realistic if she just traced her body on the floor, but I think she used her body as a "ruler" or a guideline for them too.

You didn't sing the star-spangled banner while on one leg, though.

She was also using her sitting position to get the correct size and shape of the circles, making them look more naturally drawn by the person in the image.

Step 1: Be attractive.

Girls sell used underwear on reddit. It's expensive. You can also make requests. Sometimes the requests are weird.

Tracing your entire own body? Yeah, that would be impressive.

Girl who plans on writhing around in charcoal decides that socks and half her shirt aren't necessary.

Ima Stillnotgonnafucku

almost googled it

I was in the boomerang sector though! I didn’t have to do that!

So she's cheating by tracing!

Edit: seems I need to point out that I'm making a joke. Settle down people.

Step 2: Be girl.

Yeah this just seems like tracing but with more steps.

Yeah. Starving artists and all that.

Especially irrelevant because no one buys art just because the artist is good looking. There’s not a strong connection there.

That's how it was in uploaded to youtube:

(She removed the originals from her YouTube channel)

Just looks like a big mess to me too.

No, but if an artist is good looking and can get a large enough social media following there's money to be made there. Nobody is buying their art, but they are making money producing art, so does it really matter?

This would have been way cooler if the artist was a huge sweaty fat guy.



TIL some people are incredibly easy to impress.

Twitch irl

Easier to take a washcloth to your bod than it is to do laundry.

Step 4. file for bankruptcy

tackles while growling

The bits she does where they stay as sketches look quite good like this one. This scribbly one looks a bit better, i think the one in the vid is just a stinker.

The bits she does where they stay as sketches look quite good like one. This scribbly one looks a bit better, i think the one in the vid is just a stinker.

Step 1. Be attractive

Step 2. Be talented

Step 3. Art

For science


Where is profit?

Is this a Calvin and Hobbes reference?

She used her shoulder as a pivot for the arcs, that was the other interesting thing I saw.

I would have to shower for about 6 hours to get clean if i tried this. I don't even do well with spaghetti.

Its not about the art, the title specifically says her body and how she used it to draw, she literally made 2 outlines and that's it.

Yeah it's just like hotties on youtube. They get a few hundred thousand subs and then suddenly release a music album, even if their channel had nothing to do with music in the first place, because their followers will buy it on faith alone.

She's just doing this until her gofundme page gets enough money for her to start her REAL job as a globe-trotting blogger who blogs about how to make money blogging.


Never thought I'd say this, but her spine is great.

Hey man, be grateful you at least have fingers

That doesn't sound right...

“you wanna listen to some Animal Collective?”