Girl trying so hard hanging on to what was left of her smile that I shed a tear.

Generally I come on to reddit for laughs, but in this instance although this is very sad its a constant reminder of how in other parts of the world people are living with real troubles. I hope someone stepped up to take care of this girl. No one deserves to go through what she is going through.

I agree, and furthermore I think it was rather distasteful the way whoever filmed this deliberately solicited these emotions from her.

Wanting to capture the emotions of people to put human faces on global conflicts can be a noble pursuit.

There's nothing noble about making a little girl cry on purpose, no matter what country you're in.

Edit: Seems like every time I refresh there are more responses arguing with me. Look, you don't have to agree with me. It's a simple perspective. I think this journalist could have done just as much, if not more, to help this girl without asking about her father in a way that made her cry.

If you think playing on people's emotions is justified or necessary in a situation like this, all I can say is I disagree.

I disagree with you. The need to help these people is most important. You can't mobilize support unless they see something like this. It's sad but until people's heartstrings are pulled they don't react. I think Stalin is the one who said a million deaths is a statistic and 1 death is a tragedy, something like that.

I honestly thought I was having a shitty week/month. Lost my girlfriend, my job is currently on the rocks, and I have to find a new housing situation next month while my bank account is at an all time low. All of this at once has caused a lot of negative stress and left me wondering "how much worse can it get?"

This video almost brought me to tears. It re enforces how good I have it, even when times are tough. None of my problems come even remotely close to what this girl is dealing with, and she's holding herself together like a champ. It really puts things into perspective and shows you how resilient people can be. Now I just feel like a selfish westerner..

Edit: thanks for the gold!

Also, my crack addiction is related to rock climbing, not drugs, thankfully.


She needs a hug. And a hot meal and hot bath. And some love and security. Little kids shouldn't ever have to deal with this kind of horrific shit perpetrated by adults.

Well here we go.

It is 6:17 am.

And I'm sad.

Thanks OP. Thanks.

Why the fuck is the guy insisting? This is stupid or cruel. Video is heart breaking.

I sadly have to agree with you.

I want to carry her and buy her food and clothes and toys and take her to an amusement park and win stuff for her and help her remember her name then give her back to her real family and have her not let go of my hand when I go to drop her off and choose to live with me instead.

Youre Not selfish. Everyone is fighting with Problems. It may Sound rude, but just because some People in the World suffer an unimaginable amount, it doesnt mean Youre Not allowed to be sad/frustrated or feel like the World is against you.

It seems like Youre going through a Lot, and only time and effort will help you beeing happy again. You May have to be the one fixing your Problems, but i hope you have family or friends Who help you when things get unbearable.

Nope, don't do that. My wife worked there for a while. They are not a sustainable organization who also have a sub-agenda of spreading Christianity and require an allegiance of faith to be hired long term. I would suggest other organizations like "Partners in Health".

I wonder why she is still smiling, trying to stay strong I guess but that seems like a very mature thing, not something you expect a child to ever have to do.

4,500 total deaths in Iraq. I hear that number all of the time.

It's extremely rare that the 110-120k documented noncombatant covilian deaths are mentioned, let alone the undocumented, estimated 500k.

Our selective, geopolitical shit-giving is a problem.

I believe this video was made by the charity organization Preemptive Love Coalition. I'm not sure if they directly helped her, but it did inspire many people (myself included) to donate money to charities that help those affected by this and other conflicts in the area.

As an Arab, I confirm this translation .. and fuck the guy who made this video 💔

Its amazing how strong kids can be. When they have nothing or loose everything they mature so fast and stay stronger than any adult.

What's with all the words that are randomly capitalized?

sometimes it better to push out the emotions of human being whether it is a child or an adult and secondly if he/she doesn't do it how we can able to see her situation in which she was surviving

EDIT :sorry for bad english

Subtitles are not made up. Here's the source -

I'm a Syrian refugee aid worker, currently in camps with my ngo

I just paused for a minute and realized I have nothing to say. There's no amount of commenting and opinion pieces that can fix this. If you have a little empathy and resources, then your first instinct should be to make the most of it, in the places that need it the most

I have this gut instinct that drives me, "I don't move forward until everyone moves forward."

Pleasure and comfort can wait. People need us

I can't imagine the feeling of helplessness she must feel having lost her father, being a refugee and quite possibly alone. The only thing she has going for her is being a child, a naive child who probably can't comprehend the full extent of her situation....hopefully.....

This is tough to watch. Good time to throw out a couple of websites if you want to sponsor a child. . Another one is

This is terrible...I just hope someone made up the subtitles...

I'm unemployed tho

maybe that happened afterwards

The camera person should've done something good for that girl for getting something from her. It should be an exchange. This is almost like thievery.

This is stupid or cruel.

I don't think most people are really aware at a conscious level that there are kids who have emotions about their situation. Documenting those emotions so that other may have empathy is a powerful thing.

It's probably easier if we don't connect with them on a human level... because once we see they're human, we might care.

I didn't see "insisting". He's asking them what their lives are like, and giving them a chance to talk to people who otherwise would never hear their voices (us).

Dude this puts into perspective all the bullshit people complain about, I wish that we could trade this girl for ANY one of the kardashians who Bitch and wine about their dress sizes and too much mayo in their tuna.

For those of us who don't speak that language going from gif to video doesn't magically make the subtitles legit.

Have you considered fostering children? :)

This is nonsense to some degree. Sure, when you pull heartstrings, people tend to be more apt to react.

Does that by default mean the person who tugged on this reaction from her was doing it to meet some grand strategy of tugging on heartstrings across the world through the internet? Absolutely not.

Furthermore, do we need someone to goad a little girl into admitting her fathers death and crying for us to acknowledge or understand the pain that happens over there? aren't there enough pictures of kids being carried out of collapsed building covered in dust and blood in order to do that same thing without individually spurring out emotional distress?

Well, shit... ok, just signed up for monthly donations to UNICEF.

and fuck the guy who made this video

Most people in the world are disconnected empathically from the people in distress.

Allowing the children an opportunity to talk about their situation doesn't make their situation any better or worse, immediately, but it does afford them a rare opportunity to talk to an audience outside of their camp, and connect with them as humans, that they don't typically have.

You might say "fuck this guy" for making you feel bad, and exposing the uncomfortable lives of these children to us, but I assure you most people on Reddit have more positive feelings about these kids for having watched it, than if they didn't.

I joined the Marine Corps in 2000 to hopefully be a positive change in my world, it kills me everyday that I ended up being apart of the machine that hurt this beautiful young life this much.

This ripped my fucking heart out. You can visibly see the pain fill her and the sadness overflow in her expression as the memory overtook her.

Been all over the world while in the Army. Considered myself a hard core conservative in my younger days.... Rugged pull yourself out of the dirt by your bootstraps kind of guy.... The older I get and see how barbaric we are to ourselves I wonder how I could ever have been so heartless.

Will be donating as soon as I get home. Fucking war. Fucking religion. That little girl deserves better. Mankind needs to step up its game.... Hopefully that's something the Internet and all the technology we have in this age can be applied to.

I disagree with you. Not the person you're agreeing with but sadly you.

My eyes move the same way when I'm trying to fight back tears with a smile on my face.

Not exactly related but I have a cousin who is the most optimistic person I've ever met. He just smiles all day long, laughs off everything. He was deported on Christmas Eve as part of an error for not having his papers on hand and when that got resolved and he came back he just asked if we all liked his presents and said prison was fun, there were plenty of people to talk to. We asked once why he was so seemingly happy all the time and he said after being in 3 different wars (I can't remember which) and seeing all his friends die, he feels lucky to be alive and doesn't want to waste time being angry or sad.

This video just prompted me to donate $25 to Doctors Without Borders in your name. So there's that.

Doctors Without Borders is good.

If I could turn Kim's ass into a Trojan Horse and ride that mofo to ISIS with a posse of ninja-assassins, I would.

I'm sure we can guess why. They are probably made into sex slaves and sold. The world is much darker than most would like to admit.

You might be misunderstanding me. I'm not saying hide the truth. I'm saying don't deliberately manipulate a child in a clearly vulnerable state in order to create an emotional response.

My argument is that the truth can be told more clearly and effectively without exploiting this girls emotions the way it was done.

What's important is to consider facts, and to do so with compassion as well as objectivity. Watching this girl cry does not help people come up with real solutions to her strife. It can only make people emotional. And while feeling sympathy for her or anyone in a similar situation is a justifiable motivation for pressing for a solution, I don't believe it justifies manipulating one girls emotions to achieve that. Nor do I think it's remotely necessary if a journalist is willing to invest real time and work into their stories.

Fucking War... People are suffering out there

It's beautiful.

No. No there aren't. Those images are being segregated from the mainstream because they're hard to digest. People fucking live like this, and we won't even acknowledge it because it's "hard for us". Show us.

Autocorrect will do that for you, especially if you have a non-english keyboard.

Don't blame a child for childish behavior. His brain is not developed enough to understand anything like this, and it shouldn't. From an adult point of view it might seem ridiculous he complains about toys, but that's just how limited his reality is at this point. One day he will surely grow up to be a decent human being and it's unfair to him to project your feelings of unfairness onto him at this age.

The Good-Will-Hunting therapy

Someone else's suffering doesn't invalidate your suffering mate. It's not a race to the bottom. There is undoubtedly another poor kid who has eaten more shit than this little girl, but that doesn't mean she should just knuckle up and neglect her pain because someone else had it worse. Perspective is great, it's necessary, but give yourself some slack, we're all just human.

I have to agree with you. Not for disagreeing with the person you're disagreeing with, but rather, with you. Sadly.

She knows more than we may believe. She doesn't know her name, but knows where her father died.

I wonder why she is still smiling

There are a few things to smile about, despite her words. Someone's taking the time to talk to her. Someone is taking the time to listen, and give her voice reach beyond her miserable situation.

But of course we see the sadness behind that smile. It's feels like a real moment.

"Inappropriate smiling" is a thing. We smile and laugh when we need to relieve stress.

You'll often find people smiling or laughing at a funeral. It's not because they're happy, it's because they're trying to process too many strong and unusual emotions and it comes out strangely. "Putting on a brave face," people may think, but really it's because the emotions they would feel otherwise are too powerful.

People tend to react to this kind of stress differently.

It happened to me. I knew I was sad, but I found myself smiling at my uncle's funeral. I didn't want to, but I couldn't help it. I didn't process the feelings right away... and then cried, hard, alone, about 5 years later.

She's in a situation where she has no home, no father, and surrounded by others who are in the same situation. She's probably unarmed with the emotional tools to deal with everything that's going on. I mean, who is armed for such emotions? I wasn't.

If the camera hadn't been there then she still would have been in the same situation. You just want this story to have a happy ending so you don't have to feel guilty about not doing anything to help the situation. Not trying to sound accusatory, just kind of makes me angry when everyone is concerned about this one girl, like if we save her then we are good, when really we should be talking about how to fix the massive turmoil and social upheaval that has wrecked her life.

No, don't do that.


Germany (for example) took 1 million. A much smaller country than the USA. And we didn't even cause this. The USA caused this (USA invades the middle east, Al-Qaeda is born to fight against the USA, ISIS splits from Al-Qaeda, now known as IS).

Now I see you guys vote Trump. Someone who is against refugees. Right now your country is a huge bunch of egoistic assholes.

Sadly I will face many patriots with this post. They'll hate me for everything I say that's against the USA. Fix your education system as well then. Patriotism is a lack of political education.

Fix your shit, USA! Seriously!

If I had the financial ability and right to do so, I'd have a full house of children like this. I'd rather save a child's life then have one of my own. :)

People that live in countries where tragedy is commonplace tend to have a better outlook on life than we do.

Considering this region of Iraq, the kids in this video were all born post US invasion of Fallujah, so they only thing they even know is terrorist groups power struggles and the constant fighting amonst sunni and shia.

Honestly I don't know how you make that video without getting everyone of those children out of that situation, especially that little one whose father died.

The other kids they interviewed seemed to have a grasp of the situation, accepted it, even had their mettle forged by it.

The little one, though....that's the kind of face, hell, even I get when I'm coping, but wish someone would just hug me and make all the bad things stop and go away.

I feel the anger you have for what you think is exposing and using someone's pain for career gain. Think of it from this angle. How many other countless people are going to go through what she does until something puts a stop to it. When I saw this I felt an immediate reaction, I wanted to help. My hope is that someone had the same reaction and actually did help. I just don't see people having that reaction if the video didn't convey the brutal and desperate situation shes in so well.

"What's your name?"

"I don't know."


I agree the reporter did play to her emotions to get a response from her. I doubt many people can understand the grief and fear she is dealing with all at once. Her father is gone and now she has no idea how she is going to survive. I'm a new father and I would give anything to save my daughter from such a fate.


Well if you look at a lot of the political sentiment currently, you could def make the argument that a lot of people don't understand the humanitarian and moral aspect of the refugee crisis. I agree that whoever filmed her was forcing a emotional reaction, but keep in mind that this is only a short clip without much context.

Thank You

You got it, assuming, you aren't living under constant hellfire where your family is getting blown away and the rest of the world does not care.

The countries they are coming from are not very safe for people in general but women and children especially. Women are treated like second class citizens. There are statistically more women than men in the world, but in this situation most of those women not showing up are either dead or part of human trafficking.

This is why Buddhists (and others) have the theory of universal suffering. For a child to drop an ice cream cone, it is literally the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to them. In the same vein, this is where humility and perspective become invaluable.

i'd just like to say thankyou for doing what you do. XXXXXXX

Yeah...yeah!, what?

Dat username...

well there goes it.... waterfalls here.

My gut tells me that's how kids react to cameras. It's almost Pavlovian, everytime I try and get a candid shot of my kid or my nephews and nieces, they adopt huge over-the-top smiles. I would guess, in a part of the world where cameras are pretty much a rarity, they're taught not to spoil the chance to present themselves well.

Well I hope not forever!

Well. I saw this and it hurt me enough to donate online. I wouldn't have donated any money today if I was heartbroken from watching this.

Eh. Might be

this is where we as the USA could shine by either setting up protected camps in neighboring countries so these refugees can hold out till the war is over or take them in.

As a photographer I can tell you this is a bit of a sticky issue. You don't want to "pay" for something like this as it just sets up a bad dynamic. Anyone trying to take photos is going to end up with a bunch of people hounding them for money, and they may start making up horrible stuff in hopes of getting more money. It is often seen as unethical.

And it is often seen more unethical if you actually do give them some money, as now you are paying a pittance for the image/footage that you may turn around and make money from.

I hope they at least got her lunch though. She looked a bit like the girl in the Pixel commercial with the song about getting water from someone's house...

No, this interviewer was a prick.

"Where is your father"

"he died"


"he died"

"where did he die?"

Like it's a little girl who's father fucking died. After the first time she said "he died" a normal human being changes the subject, because every normal human should know that having a parent die isn't something someone enjoys talking/thinking about. I don't know how you can defend this fucking prick for continuing to prod for answers.

WTF!? It isn't questions that hurt her. It's a dead father and no food!

We could also petition our governments to take refugees, and make room in our own homes. Donate money, and volunteer to help foreigners with administrative work...

ah fuck it, I'll just ignore it.

Yeah you sure seem to dislike complaining :)))))

She does have a name. Translator didn't hear because she just babbled it

Dont be hard on yourself. Maybe you´re right in the general regard but look at where she said her father died. Hadabah. Also from finding the YT vid and reading through some comments they say she´s right now in a refugee camp in Falludjah

But back to Hadabah. That place is on Sinai, the dark side of the world where Groups like Hamas operate and smuggle their shit. How do you think her father died? I bet through some terrorist blowing up themselves or Hamas/similar radicals enforcing their laws.


Rock climbing, fortunately

People Will call you a conspiracy theorist, but you are 100% right