Girl does what with that weight?

I just grunted while getting out of my car.

I believe that is at most 65 pounds, though the bar could be lighter than standard as well. I believe the plates are 10 pounds a piece, look at how they flop about when she drops it.

Still an impressive routine, I just don't think you could easily pop 135 up like that off the shoulders.

Those are definitely 10 pound weights. The bar could be a 35 pounder. I still can’t backflip.

Given her athleticism, that pushup was brutal. And yes, I am aware I am a fat guy commenting from my couch.

that hits too close to home

notice that nothing in the video involves her standing up from a seated position

the tough stuff is best left to the pros

Gotta be crossfit, looks impressive but didn't achieve much in the end

Regardless of how much you can lift it’s always stupid to put yourself in the position where you have to catch a barbell directly above your head

She definitely landed a 20 on her dex roll

I'm 35. I am in decent shape. I notice myself doing that more and more these days and I've made an effort to stop it. It's not easy.

A snatch involves lifting above your head in a controlled manner, not literally trying to snatch it out of the air

Burpee thing, chest to floor hands off. Not really a push up as such

So you’re saying more weight is harder to lift than less weight?

I'd rather see her do it again...

Big if true

That's actually a cross fit pushup. And I'm not just making the easy dig at cross fit (cross fit makes fun of itself).

It is all about their time/score. Since it would take only half a brain to judge form on a push up (NCOs in the army have to be able to), they require cross fitters to go all the way down and stop before coming up. It's weird and stupid, which is the cross fit way.

Edit: I have been corrected. It is a down-up. She doesn't have "bad form," by the way, that is the standard for a down-up, and she is simply meeting the requirement.

It's a cross fit push up. If you lived through the 90's we just call it "the worm".

Come on, a dope video and 30 years of tendinitis and post-injury pain is totally worth it


Crossfit anything is basically just doing the exercise wrong, lol.

It's like the ski ballet of the fitness world. Take an awesome sport, and use the equipment in the most useless possible way.

We're getting old man..

That push up hurts. Smh

I was just thinking this whole routine looks like an excellent way to permanently screw up your back.

I don't think a crossfit pushup exists, that's just a burpee with crossfit standards. They're supposed to have their chest and hips touch the ground (I think).

Dude I’m 27 and I grunt every time I sit down.

except she wasn't doing a push-up. It's a cross between a burpee and mountain climber. The goal was just to get up quicker to get to the next movement. and, yes, we already knew you were a couch commando.

Time is a flat circle.

And again...

do you even cross-fit bro? lifting with your hands is strictly forbidden.

and bald

You don't know why his collar bone hurt.

Pffft, look at this go-getter making it all the way to the couch.



but didn't achieve much in the end

Sometimes people are just screwin' around for...gasp!

It’s a burpee.

Aye. The gif is impressive, but it isn't what she does with the weight that's impressive about it.

Surely, as physicians and certified personal trainers, these redditors know exactly just how awful all of this is for her..................

It was a burpee, not a push up. She did it fine.


In football we call them up downs...

Is this some lost art? Or did no one on Reddit ever play little league football?

The bar is 35, the weights are 10s. I hate it when people drop the bar with just 10s on it. They fold and break. I whine about it.

My collar bone hurt watching this

Heh, but what did that achieve? Checkmate feminists.

resumes four hour video gaming session

Exactly what i thought too

Surely as a crossfitter her Vegan diet means that she has superhuman healing powers, she'll be right

She wasn't doing a push up, it was an down-up. Totally different things. Also there is no such thing as a "Cross fit push up", it's just strict push ups.

Pizzas bro. I'm training to make better pizzas.

Ok, but why tho?

I hurt my neck getting out of bed

+7 modifier. Not natural 20.

I bet that's 25-50% of her max tops. I still wouldn't lift without hands on the bar though. Good way to get a bar size dent in your head

Yeah, maybe he has boneitis.

That was a burpee though.

Do 20 of these and you'll be spent. Then you can go and get trendy coffee which has no coffee in it and feel accomplished.

except she wasn't doing a push-up. It's a cross between a burpee and mountain climber.

Ok, and the beginning of a burpee is essentially a pushup. Doesn't change my opinion.

The goal was just to get up quicker to get to the next movement.

And there is my issue with CrossFit. Exercise shouldn't be about quickness and speed (unless sports specific). That's a recipe for injury.

and, yes, we already knew you were a couch commando.

Your confirmation will now let me begin my day. Thanks!

Its not on her collar bone, its on the muscular part of the shoulder between the collar bone and upper arm.

She accomplished a helluva lot more than I ever could.


But so graceful...

Def a 35 pounder.

Seems kind of pointless since her abdomen seemed to be touching the ground.


I lost a leg playing chess.

half of

Even at my peak fitness I couldn't do this, even with lighter weight. Because I have never did cleans and I've never tried to do a back flip.

A burpee and an up down are similar exercises, I don't think it's necessarily a lost art just not as popular. The gif is closer to an up down as with a burpee you jump when you come back up.

This has been a trend for a few years; it's called olynastics (olympic lifting and gymnastics). Another very impressive example here.

Every lift is stupid outside a lifting perspective bro.

I feel ya there bud. Getting back up is even rougher.

They were just having fun. This isn't an actual workout.

Anytime I need a good laugh I just look at videos of people doing CrossFit pull-ups. Swinging their feet all over the place, it just looks ridiculous.

The diameter of the plates are the same, but the thickness is different. Those are almost certainly 10lb plates.

This is either 55 or 65 lbs.

I recently saw a world record attempt for burpees live and the judges allowed a similar technique. Chest up first then the rest of the body follows. Similar technique is allowed and common practice in Spartan Races which use burpees as a penalty for failing an obstacle. Chest and hips to ground but you can flop back up like in the gif.

Burpees from What I’ve seen are way more controlled.

Updowns end up being standing and falling, :/ brings back nightmares

Nah that looked like a 15 tbh

With that attitude, yeah.

ITT: Sexually frustrated, lazy men who criticize to feel superior.

That's actually a form for front squat. Some people use it if they don't have the mobility for the curled grip.

I only Vegan Xfit, strictly, with my teeth.

Reading through the comments are realizing how bitter some people are. She did something impressive and half the comments are negative. Why is that necessary?

Possibly 15LB plates. At 15 the shape changes. Really though, 10LBs isn't much of a difference. I can't back handspring or backflip.

Many non-weightlifters front squat with either their arms out or with them crossed over the bar because their form sucks and/or their wrist flexibility is crap. Most of the drive you get is from pushing your body upwards through the bar, not from your arms. The "did what" movement isn't impressive. The backflips are...and those abs.

Those are the old crossfit 10 pound plates. They didn't have 15's in that set and you always know them by how they bounce.

That gym looks like a torture chamber

To be fair, snatches are pretty stupid from outside of a lifting perspective. Catch a bunch of weight that you just hurled above your head before it crashes down on top of you using what are possibly the weakest muscles in your body.

Hella fun to do, though.

I tried to jump past a tree and got stabbed by a branch yesterday.

It is a football up-down(not actually sure how that is spelled out)

Hate on cross fit all y’all want, but that part is fine. Hell even most her form in the lifting looks fine.

Seeing as it was a burpee that's to be understood.

I do a lot of HiiT (high intensity interval training) stuff, and I've been doing it for a while. It 1) makes me sweat like crazy every time, I never get used to it. And 2) if you're not careful with form it could really hurt. I make sure to stretch very well before and after because an injury would put me out for a month.

She is also using low weights. This is very do-able with low risk as long as she listens to her body

It also seems to apply a ton of torque to their hands, so they end up getting blisters.

And chrome?

they require cross fitters to go all the way down and stop before coming up.

Don't think that is inherently a bad technique, but you can see she pushes her upper body first, instead of moving as a full unit.

But yeah, I am not a fan of CrossFit.

Not really. Lots of lifts can actually help in your everyday life. When is being good at snatches going to help you in life? Are you regularly tossing things up in the air to catch them before they come crashing down on you?

I'm 18 and I do the same. Arthritis is a curse.

My only regret is that I have boneitis

Men's bars are 45. Women's bars are shorter and 33 pounds.

Yeah, I wasn't sure what to call it, but that's the best I could come up with.

Now, back to eating bacon.

I don't think veganism and crossfit go together very often.

The back flip was the only impressive part