Girl does impressive trike drift

I’ve ridden those. The back wheels are hard plastic with no traction. Just a slight flick of the hip and you’re drifting. So much fun.

Déjà Vu! I've just been in the this place before!

If it were me, the bike would flip and my skin would get shredded to shit

Where can I get one of these and do I need to sell my Other kidney to buy it?


Say it with me now: meat crayon! :)

And I know it's my time to goooo!

Search for "Drift Trike" and you're looking at $200-ish starting.

CALLING YOU! And the search is a mystery!

This needs a banana peel

Meat marker

Carnage crayon

Pain pencil

Not bad if it can hold an adult.

Get a big trike and put PVC on the wheels, I met some kids who did that and it was crazy

That is not the Big Wheel or Green Machine that I grew up with in the seventies.

It's called a drift trike by Local Motors in Chandler,AZ. My friend was a fabricator there and got one for free. There are probably others who make it but so far they're the only one I've heard of.

u/Ibleedcarrots when a gif gets copied from one gif site like and then reuploaded to another gif site like imgur instead of making a new gif directly from the video....this is the shit quality result.

Hey /sub/all come join us at /sub/drifttrikes if you liked this and want to see more!

That backwards entry tho

Look again, she spins into a drift.

I like your options better. I pick B) Carnage Crayon please.

To shred you say?