GIRD YOUR LOINS, PEDES -- IG Horowitz has submitted his Report for Principal Review!! It will be released by the end of the month!!

GIRD YOUR LOINS, PEDES -- IG Horowitz has submitted his Report for Principal Review!! It will be ...

FAILING New York Times story making a lot of sense. I think some FBI agents are shaking in their custom-made satanic ritual boots!

Still not holding my breath since March

Great news.

The most important part:

The IG cannot keep evidence of unlawful conduct hidden until the release of the report.

This means that the necessary parties already have all the information they need to prosecute, but are refusing to act on it.

As I've said for the past year, the release of the IG report will not change anything. We still have a corrupt DOJ, a corrupt FBI, and a corrupt judiciary. Nothing will change until almost everyone in the DOJ and FBI are fired, with Sessions and Rosenstein both being replaced.

Yeah that story is obviously—-like allllll those before it—-a means of putting an “alternate” explanation out there in advance of report findings. Yes okay okay we spied on trump but who wouldn’t??? Our intel required it!

Then when NEXT report comes out that says oh you fuckers the intel was faked, they’ll be like yesssss sonit was poor quality intel but so and so who was fired two years ago made me do it. Things are different now tra la la

Spoiler Alert: She's a lying corrupt side of beef

Just remember this is regarding Clinton email investigation. The FISA intel etc is not till later. So I anticipate this one to say something like “they broke every rule in the book and allowed people to skate and allowed evidence to be destroyed and did it for political not judicial reasons”. It’ll be damning but I doubt it’ll burp up Weiner laptop contents or anything

and IG can’t recommend prosecution. IG just calls Prosecutor to report criminal findings as soon as they’re found and prosecutor(Huber) would run with it.

McCabe’s going to prison.

It was supposed to be released the middle of May. Came and went.