Giedo gets a call

Giedo gets a call

Maybe this answers your question.

Reminds me of that time Taki Inoue applied for the vacant Mercedes seat. Ah, Taki and Giedo, the two Masters of F1-Related Banter

Not sure if banter or not :thonking:

They need to do the podium interview at a race one day.

should've known better lmao

Just give it to Palmer, a GP2 geezer or Rossi (for the home crowd). Anyone else would be a waste of a seat.

Maldonado confirmed for 2018 Toro Rosso. It's habbening!

Part of me feels Giedo banter Garde would drive a McHonda if they approached him

He wishes...

He’s just trying to get the hedge clippers back that Giedo borrowed three summers ago.