Getting a call from my older cousin amidst lots of New Year's texts let's me know she's streets behind...

Getting a call from my older cousin amidst lots of New Year's texts let's me know she's streets behind...
Upvote for surprise Batman.

Wait, wasn't the entire cast of community born in the 80s or older? Am I actually watching a cast of actors in a major series who are younger than me?

I was born in the 70's I use pigeons as phones and painted bricks as email.

Ali Brie -1982 (31)

Danny Pudi - 1979 (34)

Donald Glover - 1983 (30)

Joel McHale - 1972 (42)

Yvette Nicole Brown - 1971 - (The answer to life, the universe and everything.)

Chevy Chase - 1943 (70)

Jim Rash - 1970 (43)

Ken Jeong - 1969 (44)

Edit: I Britta'd it, Damn!

Thank You /user/sugreff

Gillian Jacobs - 1982 (31)

I prefer calling when making plans. It is much quicker. If just chatting, then text

Annie Edison - 1990 (23) Jeff Winger - 1978 (35) Abed Nadir - UNKNOWN Britta Perry - 1980 (33) Troy Barnes - 1989 (24) Pierce Hawthorne - 1945 (68) Shirley Bennett - 1976 (37)
Basically, it's when your mannerisms aren't the same as younger generations. Calling instead of texting, for instance.

Basically, it's when your mannerisms aren't the same as younger generations. Calling instead of texting, for instance.

Nah man, we had these.

Calling is so much more time-efficient. The whole point of texting is that it's asynchronous... i.e., people can take fucking forever between messages.

Streets behind

My daughter once asked me about the 1970s: What did u do if you were going to be late? How did you let the person know?? My reply: You basically were on time. If you were late a lot you became known as either an idiot or a jerk.

Batman is made up of the bottom of the first frame and the top of the second frame.

Ali Brie -1982 31)

Danny Pudi - 1979 (34

Donald Glover - 1983 30)

Joel McHale - 1972 (42

Yvette Nicole Brown - 1971 - 42)

Chevy Chase - 1943 70)

Jim Rash - 1970 (43

Ken Jeong - 1969 44)

Introducing the revolutionary iCall app!

Poor Gillian, she's the same age as Alison, yet she plays a character 10 years older...

Eventually calling will be the thing again, when Apple invents a hipster way to do it. She's just ahead.

I'm old. What does this mean?

Son, let me teach you about these things called months.

I used to use a raven. They are assholes and cause trouble. Never more.

"He’s always been a special boy. I remember the day he was born. He looked up at me and said, ‘Momma, I am not a person. My body’s just a flesh vessel for an immortal being whose name if you heard it would make you lose your mind'"

Man I miss 30 Rock

Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, fix that! You know what I mean.

I bet Abed is like Kenneth in 30 Rock, immortal.

I use crows. Dark wings, dark words.

She's like the AT&T of people

Don't feel too bad. This is "tv" aging. It's like those high school shows that have people in their mid thirties playing 16 year olds. The actor from Glee that died was 31, I think, and he was playing a high schooler.

If you watch Alison in Mad Men you get used to thinking about her as a married woman. It's weird if you think about Annie Edison being a married woman. Danny Pudi is 35, and when I watch Community I always think of him as being Troy's age ( or close to). It just shows professionals are able to get that across the screen.

Plus, make up. On and off the screen.

They already have this, it's called facetime audio.

If I want an immediate response or have something that needs a lot of back and forth I will call the person. If I don't need an immediate response I will text.

Easy there neckbeard

Your cousin cared enough to personally call you to wish you Happy New Year?

Yeah she must be behind and doesn't know that she should have sent you an impersonal text. What a dumbass right? God forbid she use her phone as a phone

Costs extra, and can only call people who also use the iCall app. Best seller.

What is this witchcraft?

Gillian Jacobs - 1982 (31)

I don't get it, whats wrong with being personal?

His stage name actually came from the WuTang rapper name generator


like Let's Potato Chips?

Britta's the worst

I've never heard that that expression in my life. I thought they were saying their cousin was a few streets away from OP.

*Never mind. I whooshed, but I'm leaving this as a symbol of my shame.

Born Dec 4, 1989. Grew up in the 90's I guess. Also, Annie and Troy are the two youngest. I doubt the writers thought people would overanalyze the joke.


Born in the 80s, here. I also use a phone as a phone, because it's a fucking phone.

Edit: Fucking 90s noobs still texting when they have a voice option.



Not a damn thing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!


It is in the UK, and it might be in other places like Australia and New Zealand too. The joke came about because Dan Harmon, Community's show runner, saw someone using it on twitter and assumed that they'd tried to coin some new phrase. He then wrote it in as a joke, not realising that it's a legitimate phrase.

I didn't get the joke when watching Community because of this.

The interface is just a rotary dial.

I tried but I just don't see it, someone help me out?

Allison Brie and Donald Glover play kids who just went to college just after highschool.

I still think the late guy is an idiot or a jerk

-born in the 90s

Kids these days will never understand that it's more meaningful and personal to receive a call over a text.

Not the caller's fault you're trying to operate your phone with a hammer.

And you just took time out of your day to try to bring "an insignificant" down.

Everybody knows being born in the last two years of a decade means you were really born in the next decade.

However, Troy was born in '89 and Annie was born in '90.

Here you go!

Alison Brie is 31 years old? Can't fucking tell. At all.

Abed is Batman now.

Don't ever enlist in the Navy. We really did use those.

As a kid my parents felt the same way about making sure that I wrote thank you letters to relatives for gifts instead of just calling and saying thanks...

You will never top /u/gradual_nigger

My dog gets the jokes on that show.

Did not realize Glover was that age. I would have guessed ~23.

Streets ahead isn't actual slang? Shit.

early 20-something here, never heard either of those phrases used.

Now you're on the trolley!

Dont forget the no makeup part.

Yea, a better to do handsfree while driving. Texting will get you killed.

If I have a lot to say, I use the phone, if I just need to give someone a small bit of information, text it is.

You and your lack of respect for patterns make me sick. You established a pattern and then you break away from it with no regard for anyone's sanity! It's Name - year (age). And don't you dare spell out the year and age, you monster.

And the opposite of Batman

He said "poor life choices" already.

Try" I gotta go" or " I must shit" not that hard.

Thank you. I didn't understand a bit of this post without that.