Get this kid a...history book?

Get this kid a...history book?

How young is this kid, 12? You'd have to be born in like 2006 to not remember VHS...

It's sad people are mocking him. Not that far fetched to assume it's just another standard especially when you're that young. People on Reddit really get off on feeling superior than others, even kids.

Yeah 13 according to one of his replies to people mocking him.

I agree, but at the same time, he's technologically inclined enough to post his question on Reddit. He could have simply googled it, and gotten quick and helpful responses.

So, I am old after all.

The future is now, I can't wait for Blu-Ray VHS tapes

This right here. Google has existed his entire life. How is that not his first step in trying to figure this out? That alone makes him a prime candidate for mockery.

I mean, I get it, it’s shocking that he doesn’t know how a VHS works, but I feel like a better response than mocking would be to just tell the damn kid and help him out. He’s asking a question because he’d like an answer and he’d like to learn, y’know? At least he’s not being arrogantly ignorant or something like that.


ITT: "I feel old!" ... "I'M YOUNG AND KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!!"

...Oh my god, who the hell cares.

Is it really that shocking that a kid who was born after the invention of downloading and streaming movies and dvd players that he might not have seen a vhs player?

The very first reply tells him he needs a VCR.

When did this happen :(

Well, yeah, I know what a phonograph player is and those haven’t been in use since....the 1920s? I knew what an 8-track player was when I was 13 and still don’t think I’ve ever seen one.

Also, this kid PURCHASED a VHS and then asked Reddit for how to play it. He could have saved himself some grief if her just Googled it.

It was also extremely condescending and just generally rude. Listen, it’s not the end of the world, I just feel bad for this kid who probably feels like shit after he just wanted to ask a question.

If we can't be rude and condescending to youngsters who don't understand our old people stuff, then what the fuck good is growing old?

Mass majority of reddit is kids

(checks watch)

Nnnn........ ow

I mean, the mass majority of Reddit hates kids, so it isn't shocking that they would revel in their "stupidity". It's quite disappointing.

Well my thing is I grew up knowing what tech was used the decade or two before I was born.... Also... google. Why did he post to reddit when there’s google?

Super Hi Def VHS.

Next he'll be asking if Betamax is HD-DVD...

That honestly really weirds me out. My 9-year-old brother knows what VHS is...

Reddit: a community of kids pretending to be adults

The issue for me is this kid, and I’m sure there are others, that just posted an easily Google-able question to Reddit and made damn fool of himself. I posted this out of dismay rather than a sense to mock the poor kid. Though he deserves to be mocked.

Edit: couple words.

Just out of curiosity why do you love VHS? I'm only asking because when I was your age it was the only format we had and I was glad to switch to DVDs as soon as I could.

No one deserves to be mocked but he's trying really hard to change that

I feel old at 17, I used VHS for a couple of years

people born in 2005 are on reddit... i feel old and ive only been an adult for like 6 months

Wasn't VHS technically a standard? It's just an older format... just like floppy disks...

Yeah... I can get loving older video game systems and stuff, but loving VHS? It's like saying you love watching YouTube in 360p when there's 4k available.

"im 4 years old and are kids really this stoopid nowaday? i am so smarter than them becuz i know whats a vhs. let me feel superior for a moment even though im as average as it gets"

Who hate on younger kids.

Yeah I was born in the early 80s. I had seen and was aware of 8mm movies. Roughly the same time period/usage to this kid and VCRs.

Record players were popular right up until 1989 dude

That’s basically Quora.

I have never understood how such bad questions exist on Quora. The site is in a Bromance with Navy Seal questions. "How many Seals would it take to beat up a Marine Battalion?" for example.

The future was in 1997 when they introduced the HDCAM!

I think he's talking an old-school hand-cranked phonograph with a brass horn, rather than a more modern turntable with transistor amplification.

Congratulations to everyone here that knows what a VHS is and how it works, as well as other pieces of outdated technology. This kid obviously had no idea, and there’s honestly no shame in that. Why should he? The real shame is all the adults here mocking a 13 year old for not knowing how an outdated piece of technology works.

I used to supervise student workers. Two of them were 19 and 20. They found a bunch of floppy disks in a storage room and didn’t know what they were. I was 28 and had to tell them and then go find someone in their 40s to explain how they actually worked. It was awkward for everyone.

honestly I just don't believe it. vhs isn't that old or unknown. kids aren't morons that are totally unaware of older technologies.

Reminds me of one of my father's workmate's daughter. She called VHS "Thick-DVDs"

Thus completing the circle of life.

He obviously has internet access, he should have just Googled the damn thing.

I used to supervise student workers. Two of them were 19 and 20. They found a bunch of floppy disks save icons in a storage room and didn’t know what they were. I was 28 and had to tell them and then go find someone in their 40s to explain how they actually worked. It was awkward for everyone.

It’s weird being a young adult, man. I’m almost 20, just found out they’re calling people born after ‘96 centennials now, so I’m not even a millennial. Which means I’ve got this “young generation” that’s all older than me, and yet these kids are all starting to become teenagers and they don’t know shit. This must be the awkward teenage->adult phase I’ve heard about.

guys look. I 3d printed a save button.