Get ready for a post-NAFTA recession

Get ready for a post-NAFTA recession
Get ready for a post-NAFTA recession

Hold on to your nazi/MAGA hats, we're in for a wild ride

Among the many self-inflicted crises, the latest is the growing possibility that the 24-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will collapse because of Trump’s intransigence and ultimately a withdrawal by the United States. At stake are a $1.5 trillion continental trading zone and at least 14 million American jobs directly tied to NAFTA. Washington state sold more than $7 billion in merchandise exports to Canada last year, $2 billion to Mexico.

One of the absolute worst pieces of bullshit in the entire hurricane of bullshit that was this past election was Bernie and Trump shitting all over free trade and convincing so many voters that it is a bad thing.

Failed to bow, scrape, and lick Trump's boots.

Seriously though, the word coming out of the current round of NAFTA negotiations is that all parties have agreed on a number of overall improvements to the framework, but negotiations are looking to break down because Trump is insisting that the US "wins" in the negotiations. Meaning that they need to get a deal that's better for the US than Canada or Mexico. It's not enough that it's fair, it has to be advantageous to the US.

Canada and Mexico are, wisely, not playing ball. For either of us, it's political suicide to cave to Trump's demands, given how universally unpopular he is in Canada and Mexico, and it's better to push through a couple of shitty years until the US administration changes rather than take another quarter-century of a bad deal.

Besides, if the US doesn't want Canada's trade, China does.

Well, it sure as fuck isn't going to come about by the U.S. stumbling around like a moron smashing extremely popular trade agreements.



     refusing to compromise or agree; inflexibility

i definitely knew what that meant, but my friend was like, yo what's that mean, so i looked it up for him and thought i'd share..

I feel like at this point Trump is just taking direct orders from Putin. NAFTA benefits all parties involved. I know Trump is a protectionist moron that can’t comprehend basic political strategy, but this deal is an absolute no brainer. So was the Paris agreement, and the Iran deal. Putin is successfully dismantling all ties we have with all of our allies, when they’ve done nothing wrong.

Canada is bracing for a U.S. withdrawal from NAFTA. Wtf, America? What did Canada ever do to you?

On the plus side, "wtf I love free trade now" is a real thing on the left. Could make dems a stronger party.

Don't ask us. We're getting shit on by this administration WAY more than you are.