Germany's Angela Merkel and Japan's Shinzo Abe endorse free trade with jabs at Trump's rhetoric

Germany's Angela Merkel and Japan's Shinzo Abe endorse free trade with jabs at Trump's rhetoric
Germany's Angela Merkel and Japan's Shinzo Abe endorse free trade with jabs at Trump's rhetoric

Trump is the laughing stock of the world and a disgusting human being to boot.

Trump has managed to turn the former Axis powers into the leaders of the free and democratic world.

In before axis vs allies jokes

Western nations are openly mocking the American president.

"The world does not respect us, and we're being run incompetently," the real estate and entertainment mogul said on Monday. "The world is sort of ganging up on the United States, and it's not a pretty picture. And, we have incompetent leadership that doesn't know what they're doing."


In about the same place I'd imagine. Continental drift is fairly predictable.

In other news, two countries who's economies are export driven endorse 'free' trade.

One could argue he's making his own rhetoric true.

Who knows Germany, you might just win ww3.

I dunno... last time Germany and Japan got together it wasn't so good for the rest of us.


"This time without Italy."

Which economies are not export driven?

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 77%. (I'm a bot)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke up for free trade at a major technology fair on Sunday with jabs clearly pointed at an increasingly protectionist United States.

Speaking at the same event, Abe said: "Japan, having gone through reaping in abundance the benefits of free trade and investment, wants to be the champion upholding open systems alongside Germany."

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told Bild am Sonntag newspaper he was pleased that he would be meeting Abe on Tuesday and said the bloc wanted to conclude a free trade deal with Japan this year.

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It's what the GOP has been doing for a long time. They say that the government doesn't work, and then they go into the government and don't do their jobs to prove it.

With Japan as their ally, how could they possibly lose?!

Fam, wtf are you taking? I hate President Orange Baby Hands but this is just absolutely stupid.

Just need trump to visit italy.

"We also want back in..." -Italy

Is there an economy in the world that only consumes and doesn't export? No. The Germans came close under Hitler to gear up for a war time based economy. But that was not sustainable without conquering other countries.

A woman accused him of having raped her when she was 13, had a court date in December but withdrew after receiving death threats. That was a civil suit however and I don't think you need evidence to get a court date for that.

It was teen pageant and he said on a radio show that since he was the owner of the pageant he outdoor walk in on half naked teens to "inspect". I think some former contestants confirmed he had done exactly that.

Or, ultimately, for them.

Germany is developing peculiar bonds with Japan. The US is making secret plans with Russia.

Is our love for "reboots" going in the direction I think it's going?

I haven't heard anything about it for a while (so long that I actually had to stop and think for a second) but at some point Trump had been accused of having sex with minor(s) and apparently there was enough evidence that he actually had a court date set or something.

Also there's the whole "I'mma just barge into the changing room of a beauty pageant for teenagers while they're changing," thing... Wait was it for teenagers or young adults? Either way it's fucking atrocious just one is more atrocious than the other. I honestly lost count of all the allegations thrown at him during this time and the fact I never saw anything confirming he actually did those things or confirming they were made up bullshit is rather disconcerting.

Swiss here, I think you guys need a safe place to store all your wealth. We took excellent care of peoples wealth the last time but strangely a lot of them never returned to claim their gold/money back. Very weird

Is there a single country in the world with a prosperous economy and citizens that doesn't rely on global trade?

Do you have a source for that? I would be surprised if something as complex as economics had such a simple relationship.

I think Trump will unite the world as a common enemy.


The US killed TTIP by trying to dismantle EU laws protecting cultural heritage, access to natural, healthy food, etc... Merkel has actually nothing to do with negotiating free trade other than having the right to express her opinions on the issue.

In 1945 no. In 2017? One can argue...

There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

Man, anyone else tired of all this winning?

True. They are very happy with him in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc. now that he is dropped anything on human rights. Front page of the NY Times. Russia is becoming delusioned though. China might be with Tillerson until they find out that Bannon/Trump might not agree to his sell out. Every place else? Laughing stock.

Gundam and Jaëgers

TIL breakfast is bad for me

Except that this time, they're the allies.

You'd think the argument against mercantilism became apparent after the seven years war and yet here we are in 2017 on a reddit thread with people still advocating protectionism.

His next step?

Teleport a biologically-engineered, telepathic giant cephalopod to New York City, which will immediately explode in a psychic shock wave, killing millions and convincing the world we're under extraterrestrial attack. 

Japan has very few mineral or energy resources. They only get to export what they have already had to import in raw materials and run a trade deficit in both the tonnage and value of goods.

Germany was the third largest exporter last year, after China and the USA, but the second largest if we are considering net exports.

In terms of net exports, the US runs the largest deficit, as while it is the second largest exporter it is also by far the largest importer, reflecting the fact that it has the highest GDP and therefore the most purchasing power.

Did he shake your hands?

Yes he did... It was hilarious, tiny little fingers, like a cat.

Man, i wish i got to shake them too.

"Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they shall never sit in."

Can you imagine how interesting it would be to be in the room listening to these two talking (via translators) and laughing as they compare all the stupid shit Trump obviously did while they were visiting?

I think you are confused. Liberals have always been vastly more in support of open trade policies over conservatives. False song of globalism blah blah blah was one of the soundbites that got agent orange elected. And it sure ain't because he won over many liberals.

Ask yourself why would there be a picture of Trump eating Pizza on the internet? The link to pizza gate is obvious! /s

The EU/Japan trade deal got a shot in the arm due to to Brexit, as the UK will no longer be able to serve the role it has done so far as Japan's main route into EU markets, which has brought people back to the negotiating table.

Are you a time Traveller from the 18th century? Because that's how far you have to go back to believe idiot statements like this.

Gundams and shit!

I think you're missing the big picture here. Trump is such an awesome leader, the Axis Powers are getting all buddy buddy again! They're getting the band back together! Italy will be on the drums, just like old times!

BRICS has existed for years


so close

Ah yes, the classic "billionaires breathe so I shouldn't" argument.

They are not ganging up on us! Trump is shutting them out.

China benefits inmensely from Trump becoming president. It decreases the legitimacy of US hegemony in the Pacific by antagonising Japan, and his repeal of the TPP only benefits China and will allow them to expand their sphere of influence. It's already working in the Philippines and other SEA nations. Korea is being forced to play ball with China because of the retardedly counterproductive fear mongering of the US that has shifted the South Korean public opinion against the THAAD deployment and conflict with NK.

Everything the US has done since Trump's inauguration has been a boon for the Chinese. They know the Republicans won't ever let Trump enact protectionist policies or go into a trade war with China, so China only has everything to gain from his administration.

There is an overwhelming consensus among economists that the benefits of free trade outweigh the negative effects. This fact is as established as climate change. At this point, you're just anti-science.

North Korea is autark! All the pictures and educational films they release seem her nice too, I think it's the way to go.

If you decide to take that view there is no reason to support most of what government does.

I'm not sick now right now, why should government help with health care? I'm not in school right now why should government pay for education. I'm not a scientist or researcher, why should government give science grants? My house isn't burning down right now, why should my tax funds pay for fire departments? I'm not lost in the back country right now, why should government pay for search and rescue? My drinking water isn't contaminated right now, why should I pay to clean up other peoples? I don't eat [insert food type here], why should government regulate that? I've never been hurt driving my car, why should government set rules for that industry? I've never had cancer from asbestos, why should government outlaw that? My bank accounts have never been hacked and emptied, why should government regulate banks?

Short term thinking is for children and adolescents.

Lmao this is some sound logic right here /s

The US killed TTIP by trying to dismantle EU laws protecting cultural heritage, access to natural, healthy food, etc...

Merkel has actually nothing to do with negotiating free trade other than having the right to express her opinions on the issue.

It's psychological projection.

Why would be care? It's silly enough trump cares, but he's a idiot. Abe wouldn't if Merkel invited Eskimos or penguins to germany, at most he'll roll his eyes about it, in private, not public. You know, cause he's a actual statesmen.

Considering May, le pen, trump, and Putin, that joke is getting too real.

I somehow doubt Germany is going to invade Poland anytime soon...

Russia might though.

I honestly didn't think that the missing handshake was THAT bad. His general attitude, how bored he looked and how he behaved like a 10 year old at an adult table was way worse

The jobs that are lost locally to free trade today are the same that are going to be replaced by automation in a decade. The solution is not trying to freeze time.

If fridges are invented, subsidizing ice sellers is a bad idea, a good leader teaches the former ice sellers to sell and repair fridges.

The working class cuts down metaphorical trees by electing morons who cut EPA funding to allow corporations to fuck the earth.

Perpetuating close-minded isolationism also doesn't do any good for progress.

Countries with consumer economies?



I didn't make up the term consumer economy morons. Go argue with wikipedia my dudes.

It's fun being right though.

consumer economy describes an economy driven by consumer spending as a percent of its gross domestic product, as opposed to the other major components of GDP (gross private domestic investment, government spending, and imports netted against exports).[1]

Okay so I'm not misremembering. Jesus Christ... I can't say anything else just.... Jesus H. Christ...

"New phone who dis?"

Small islands, ore tourism driven economies.

More RAM and an SSD will fix that.

And Japan and the EU don't have a free trade deal. Uncomfortable facts.

The 17th round of negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Japan took place in Brussels in September 2016.

The EU was afraid of a free trade agreement.

What was TTIP if it wasn't an attempt at a free trade agreement?

Well I guess Detroit should start making better cars. Anyway, balance of trade doesn't accurately describe how the current system greatly benefits America. Intel for instance has factories in Ireland and Israel to produce silicon for the international market. Since that business is done overseas it is not counted as part of US GDP directly and nor does it effect the trade balance (even though it is essentially an American product being manufactured and sold outside the United States). What benefit is it to America? The profits from those business are American profits. The revenue generated flows back into the United States and into the pockets of shareholders (rich dudes, but more than that, people's 401(k) accounts and pension funds). Protectionism is a really dumb idea that economists are pretty much in agreement about and up to Trump, so was the Republican Party and to a slightly lesser degree the Democratic Party.

If Trump really wants to pour gasoline on the economy/resurrect supply side Jesus he could push for a tax holiday allowing some $2.1 trillion in overseas profits to be transferred to the US without getting hit by the 35% corporate income tax. If and when it happens the collective orgasm of every Goldman Sachs banker would be heard the world over. This cash is currently being held abroad in the hopes of a Republican (or neoliberal Democrat i.e. Hillary Clinton) administration would come in and allow the cash to flow back to America, tax free.

Hopefully Trump gets educated by the GOP and comes to realize that the US benefits overwhelmingly by the current International System and deconstructing it as Bannon would like to do would be really fucking dumb. He needs to ditch the Nationalist BS and learn to be nice to Angela Merkel and others and realize that the world isn't a zero-sum game and there is plenty of water in the well for all to drink. That's my non-partisan analysis.

Dude don't argue with them, can't you see that's a Trump topic? Who the hell brings something as complex as international free trade down to "horrible for the working class" - or even uses the word 'horrible' with 'free trade' in the same sentence. SAD!

image where Germany would have been today if it wasn't for WWI & WWII

I said this before the clown took office: we have lost the mantle of international leadership. The president is no longer the leader of the free world. I'm guessing it will be up to China eventually, but I guess Germany/Japan is a little more Western friendly for now.

Taxes are not tariffs. Yes, there is VAT, but everyone is paying that, regardless of the product. Should we make a tax exception for US goods just to give them an unfair advantage?

You seem nice:

Number of countries destroyed by Trump: 0 Obama and Crooked: 2

The mainstream media, if the name is anything to go by.

I kid, I kid... sort of. No but seriously I love our Jews. We have the best Jews.

Guess who has been destroying the middle east and north africa and going on an unhinged bloodthirsty campaign of murdering poor brown muslims with his drone bombings relentlessly for the past 8 years? So tolerant.

"Nothing to worry about then. Let's keep inviting more of them in and paying for their welfare until they have enough to win the fight.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?

You're a deranged nutter though. Let me guess, the russians are also hiding under your bed, and there's a big mob with white hoods burning crosses outside your window?

Thats what ttip is for presumably? Sidenote, VAT is not tariff

[The comment above likely has (one or more) prank links]:

"Peyton Manning Mask face"


Reminds me of some bizarre angry discussion this sub once had a while back because some guy wrote his parents only drive Japanese and German cars

Both Germany and Japan are part of the West...

Maybe Germany and Russia should sign some sort of non-aggression pact.

Germany was the largest exporter last year

Jäëøgɇrs. You were pretty close.

(Google trumps links to Epstein)

This is a misconception. Free trade is tge very base of the EU. Not afraid of free trade, but afraid of private tribunals and switching of environmental policies. Therefor we are happy now... Kind of, since Trump is not only the worst, which could happen to the US but also to the world.

no, trump isn't just the retarded kid in class. He's the retarded kid in class blurting out insults and bullying other kids because they're smaller and he doesn't understand that's only because he got held back 2 years.

What they're doing now is leaving him to himself because they understand, and they have to be nice to him because his parents bring snacks to class for all the other kids.

But sure, /sub/t_d, this is the uprise of a new Nazi regime.. Even though the US political leader is the one screaming "lugenpresse" (straight to the face of the female German chancellor to make it worse). Along with scapegoating Mexicans.

I love my Japanese car. Made in America, more American than comparable models from "American" manufacturers, and they have managed to avoid that shithole union that is UAW by treating their employees with respect.

"Hey guys, remember me?" -Hungary

Eh. I think their main advantage is in their culture. They are driven and have attention to detail as a workforce and society.

And quite slow to boot

EU specifically fear u.s. agriculture and technology industries.

We fear your cheap ass movies, your meat full of GMOs, antibiotics and steroids, we fear your fucked up intellectual property bullshit, that just protects money, we fear your multinational corporations shitting on our environment and being able to sue our governments, if they 'lose' profit. We Europeans are so horrible, cuz we do not want to become corn starch fed oranges...

The word youre looking for is autarky

I was referring to them as the allies anyway :^)

And unfortunately some blue guy with super tight underwear will kill our favourite fedora wearing vigilante

Who elected the kaiser?

Because that's easier to think about than the entire world.

Fairly certain the British Empire would still be around.

Greed - i dont think so, there are multiple stories of him paying off mortgages, and other acts of good will. bought one employee 5 suits so he could work, regularly hands out 100 dollar bills in the kitchens at his resteraunts. but you dont get to be a billionaire without being conservative.

I've read all of those stories and none of them turned out to be true. They all amounted to old school email chain lies.

All he talks about is how much money he has.

envy - he has everything, leader of free world, he does want jobs for this country though.

He has everything and still wants more. He wanted to be president, he wanted to win the popular vote, he wanted to win the electoral college in a landslide, he wanted the largest inauguration crowd in history.

He didn't keep chasing lies about Obama for no reason. He hated the guy. To his very soul. Could be because he was envious (charismatic, powerful, essentially a "nobody", didn't lose a step over the birthed controversy and even made fun of it).

sloth - you are stretching if you are trying to say he is lazy or not a hard worker, you know how hard he worked to build his buisness? how hard he worked on his campaign getting his message out? how hard he worked since day one in office keeping jobs and bringing jobs to the usa?

10 golfing trips in 8 weeks.

ore tourism

Is he.. is he eating pizza backwards?

I legitimately think there's something fucky in his head that stops him from doing so.

The DSM-IV calls this Narcissistic Personality Disorder and it is a mental illness. I don't think he will change without incredible pressure. If they spank him good over his lies about Obama wiretapping him this may be the first step in bringing him to heel. Narcissists will never change willingly but do respond to psychological violence against their ego. If the Republicans in Congress humiliate him publicly he will possibly correct his behavior so as to prevent another blow to his fragile sense of self-worth. Even if they are successful though and he stops pushing completely obvious bullcrap it doesn't make him any less dangerous. /armchairpsychologist

Not true. The US economy grew considerably after WWII with the introduction of GATT, which eventually became the WTO. The reduction of Tariffs was a great benefit to the US economy during that time which was really the golden age of the US GDP.

Japanese and German leaders taking jabs at the American president?

Who's ready for a 3AM twitter explosion about the second coming of the Axis powers

(((regressive globalist organizations)))

It's certainly more complicated than that, but no one is to be completely absolved of responsibility just because "corporations" did it. You do see the double standard you have, right?

More like pitch for Blair or farage to come back to power in U.K. And have an alliance.

The joke is that Trump always says he knows lots of smart Pele who agree with everything he says.

If Italy joins them it'll be the worst band reunion ever.

But what about second breakfast?

Forgive my ignorance, in what ways do you see Germany is usurping power in the eu? I hope it's not too personal to ask, which country do you live in?

What a buzz kill.

Amazing, isn't it? My profs use this guy as an example for a lot of psychological phenomena.

Worlds most important country?

That's a nice attempt at logic, but a miss sadly.

If germanies refugee policy was bad for germany he could use it as an example to show why it's a bad thing to do. If it wasn't he could still argue that it's because of the kind of refugees, or just say it's not comparable.

You know like Americans do with their healthcare system thats more expensive than a universal one for worse results.

London speaker