GEN 3 for Halloween

GEN 3 for Halloween


The hat on the trainer is 100% Mimikyu

If you're looking for a source. It's a certain Hub website for Pokemon Go.

Silph has also verified it:

I can’t wait to catch more zubat

please don't be the ghosts only.. I want everything... and more pokemon storage

Upvoted for the trumpet.

From the recent data mine. Everything required for Gen 3, along with the halloween music and the new loading screen have been coded into the game.

m8 this is Gen 3, the obnoxious hard-to-catch pokemon is-

oh yeah, still Zubat

This is the only thing that's going to get me playing the game again, I completely stopped once summer ended. Well, Gens 4, 5, 6, and 7 would get me playing again too but that's besides the point. Sceptile, here I come!

Hell yes Sableeye. One of my faves

I believe it's a reddit wide ban because they were very spammy early on.

Or it's just the Pokemon Go subreddits. I'm unsure.

♪♪♫♩This is Halloween, this is Halloween.♪♪♫♩

more pokemon storage

a man can dream

Wait am I stupid or is this real? Out of the loop I guess

Are we really not allowed to post links to that site here? Why

Holy CAP!

Holy crap, that looks sick

Strictly speaking, new moves aren't required, as they could assign all Gen III Pokemon moves that already exist in-game. And that's certainly possible. The idea that new moves would be added is speculation based on what they did with Gen II.

Is this just Gen 3 Ghost types or all Gen 3?


Probably just the Ghost types, kind of like how Gen II initially rolled out with only the baby Pokémon.

Did it for the real die-hards



Doot doot

Kind of interesting to see a Gen 7 Pokémon (kinda) so early in the game.

Zubat is really rare now. 90% of the spawns I see are Psyduck, Magikarp, Rattata, Pidgey, Sentret, and Spinarak

Somewhere, a Mimikyu is smiling knowing that someone made this mixup

Its like the moment they released Crobat they made zubat a rare

Flash cannon(gen4), dark puls(gen4), snarl, dazzling gleam(gen6 cause fairys ya know), zen headbutt(gen4), infestation(gen6), ice shard(gen4), avalanche(gen4), moonblast(a fucking fairy move again), dragon puls(gen4), seed bomb(gen4) etc. etc. etc. And those are only the ones my favourited mons know

There i gave you a bunch of moves from the other gens and i bet if i keep looking ill find more from other gens as well

Ninja edit: i just found mudshot and bullet seed which are from gen3

Second edit: i found flame burst on my magby which is a gen 5 move, now im only missing an example from gen 7

3rd and last edit: i just checked the movelist from gen 7, most of the new attacks are either z-moves or signature attacks of new mons/alola forms new signature moves

Thats an odd way to spell Murkrow...

cough TENTACOOL cough

Not everything. Apparently new moves/abilities are still missing.

Oh my god, Caterpie looking at the moon just like the show! He will soon be a butterfree!

Gen 7 confirmed?

Pumpkaboo scream in the dead of night! 🎵


Does the loading screen not speak for itself? I doubt that (even) Niantic would use a loading screen with Gen III Pokemon without having the Gen III Pokemon in the game.

It was datamined from the newest APK lol

Hub site seems very desperate for clicks a LOT and yes, very annoying and spammy. I rather stick with reddit for news for now.

How confirmed is "confirmed"?

Mystic7, being predictably insufferable, recently posted a video entitled:


Or something very similar...memory's a little hazy.

He then cites the interview with Hanke. Who continued to use phrases like "very soon", "maybe", and "possibly by month's end". That's not confirmed. That's not remotely confirmed at all. That's a CEO arousing interest in his company like a good figurehead.

Is the datamine up?

All I want is double candies...


Me too. I haven't bothered with the beasts but having something I can go out and do on my own or with a mate is a win for me.

Imagine this blaring with trumpets.

I thought the ban was lifted after someone else overhauled the site and reached out to the subreddits to explain what happened.

Fantastic. Now where is that APK?