Gee, that audit takes over three years? Must be some bigly, strongly audit

Gee, that audit takes over three years? Must be some bigly, strongly audit

In Kenya

He left them at his lawyers office.

Depends. Are conservatives finally admitting he lost the popular vote not due to voter fraud but simply because the majority of Americans found him unsuitable for office? Or that despite having control of both houses he is so bad at diplomacy and business he has not been able to pass any major legislation, save for the tax bill, which is seen as a major disaster for fiscal conservatives?

My understanding is that the tax system is relatively immune to hacking... because it's so outdated that it is fundamentally based on paper still.

It's wierd how no hackers (which usually enjoy finding hidden information ie. Dnc hack) don't wanna find his tax returns.

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I want to troll the whole country and vote for Trump.


Are liberals finally admitting he won?