Gear shifter display on these public bikes in Ireland

Whoah, that's pretty impressive that the bike can control the ground elevation like that.

This bike has a CVT, or a continuously variable transmission. It allows you to shift at a standstill and have "infinite" gears, but the gear ratio of these kind of transmissions are normally smaller than traditional derailleurs. This one happens to have a fun gear shift indicator.

It has a warp drive.

"People are commenting that this is useless, but it's actually really neat! I have an electric cargobike (or 'bakfiets' in Dutch) to move my 3 kids around town, and it has a gearshift like this. It runs way smoother than a normal gearshift. You can change it while standing still, and you're never stuck between gears when 3 is too light and 4 too heavy. You can just adjust slightly when needed, no clicks and pre-set gears. I find myself never changing the gear on my normal bike, but changing constantly on my 'bakfiets' when at stoplights, small hills, bridges, rough terrain etc. because it's so easy and feels very naturally!" - u/boogielollipop

This is a shifter for a Nuvinci hub. They're continuously variable and internal. This display is almost out of necessity.

This is the 'manual' version of the N360 CVT. You can get one that uses an electronic controller and some sensors to determine the input speed of the chain, and the output speed of the wheel and automatically shift your ratio to keep cadence consistent. It's pretty goddamn slick - I had the N380 CVT on a Giant ebike I built before I got run down by a truck at 60km/h. The entire thing still worked afterwards, so I transplanted it to a Merida bike I picked up as a replacement.

Must have done over 5000km's over a year and it never skipped a beat, even doing 60-70km/h into North Sydney down the Pacific Highway.

Edit - Pictures of the second bike:

Doesn't shifting gears while you're not riding damage the gears/derailer?

I am 90% sure this is a product promotion post

As an engineering student I find that interesting as fuck !

Just tell me the gear. I don't have time to mentally process that while I'm riding a bike.