Gear-driven drawing machine

Wow. Frame rate can't keep up

The ink just draws itself

It's a timelapse, so frames are missing

Is that what's going on? I was scratching my head for a bit wondering how this was occurring.

That’s my friend’s harmongraph that he custom built. This is a time lapse of a drawing that takes about 20 minutes. Cool to see it on reddit. Here’s his website.

Thats a good pen right there

Weird how half the time I can’t get the ink on my pen to flow all the way through writing the date, much less work in your fancy Spirograph machine.

I'm an idiot

This would be revolutionary.

Then we both are because there's no way I would have known that.

Also, I misread the title as sewing machine and was extraordinarily confused.

Reminds me of that old Windows screensaver.

What are you a podcast

It’s probably a time lapse, I don’t think the arm is moving fast enough to for this effect in regular video considering it is remaining so stable.

Maybe it’s Maybelline.

But the mechanical arm doesn't seem to have lost frames which is so weird.

I see what you did there ;)

I'd love to see more of the machine itself. And working in realtime would be cool too.

So what here is moving super fast?

Maybe because the ink is been heated by constantly rubbing

I assume they intentionally timed the frame rate while in reality the arm does a full rotation and some, the camera only captures the start frame plus the 'and some' frame. So you get this smooth motion.

Kind of like how some videos the helicopter blades either don't move or move really slow, because the camera is either capturing the blades in the same position every frame, or slightly off time giving it that slow spin look.



That would be so impressive as a sewing machine though

And considering the paper hasn't set fire.

I’m not quite sure, there’s no ‘randomized’ motion which would happen in a time lapse. It moves fluidly which suggests that it’s cycling at a similar rate to the videos fps. Looks like 24-30fps, its feasible to say the device is drawing circles around 24-30/second - so every loop drawn is just off from 1 frame, creating a sense of smooth motion. Similar to the helicopter videos.

this is not how ocd works

Oh yeah, that would explain it.

@gandyworks on instagram as well. super cool dude

It’s the Uncanny Valley of GIF’s. Not following what is being drawn fast enough to be “real” but too smooth and not glitchy and wonky enough to be “fake” as a time-lapse.

Found Rogans alt.

I love those helicopter videos. It just looks so surreal and cartoonish to have a helicopter floating around like that without the blades spinning.


Is this the same thing at work as when a helicopters blades look stationary when viewed on video? Parallax?

The paper is also turning which I think contributes to the overall "smoothness" we're seeing.

You should use better pens! Spending a few bucks on a pen that always writes like butter can make writing even the most inane things more fun.

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It's not a sewing machine?!

Sooooo... Don't use Squarespace?

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Aliasing, not parallax.

I think everybody is missing the trick here. The time between frames is not constant. The machine itself is triggering the camera when the arm is in a certain spot. The time between shots may vary because it’s the placement of the arm that creates the illusion of a smooth video.

It might have been edited in to a time lapse. That way you can adjust the framerate and timing just right to get it to appear smooth.

I thought it was drawing an apple...