Game Thread: New Orleans Saints (9-3) at Atlanta Falcons (7-5)

Game Thread: New Orleans Saints (9-3) at Atlanta Falcons (7-5)

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta, Georgia First Second Third Fourth Final Falcons 3 7 0 10 20 Saints 3 7 7 0 17 General information Coverage Odds NBC Atlanta -2.5 O/U 52 Weather 45°F/Wind 4mph/Light rain/0.5 mm precipitation expected Game Stats Passing Cmp/Att Yds Tds Ints M.Ryan /sub/falcons 15/27 221 1 3 D.Brees /sub/saints 26/35 271 2 1 Rushing Car Yds Lng Tds D.Freeman /sub/falcons 24 91 19 1 M.Ingram /sub/saints 12 49 14 0 Receiving Rec Yds Lng Tds Ju.Jones /sub/falcons 5 98 38 0 M.Sanu /sub/falcons 6 83 22 1 M.Thomas /sub/saints 10 117 35 1 M.Ingram /sub/saints 4 43 21 0 Thread Notes Message The Moderators Discuss whatever you wish. You can trash talk, but keep it civil. Turning comment sort to 'new' will help you see the newest comments. Try Chrome Refresh or Firefox's ReloadEvery to auto-refresh this tab. Use to get an autorefreshing version of this page Check in on the /sub/nfl chat: #reddit-nfl on FreeNode (open in browser). Show your team affiliation - pick your team's logo in the sidebar.

Sean Payton goes for it on 4th (instead of getting the tie) and luckily gets it. Drew Brees throws a pick in the endzone.

Saints Fans "Refs blew this game for us."

To everyone saying the refs gave Atlanta the game, we turned the bowl over 3 fucking times in like 5 minutes. Were there bad calls? Sure. Absolutely. Like most games. If you can't capitalize on 3 turnovers to 1, then sorry, but you probably didn't play well enough to win. Not to mention our horrible clock management.

My first day on NFL reddit and the only thing I learned is fans from every single team on reddit suck.

Saints fan fucking salty tonight. WEW

Not salty - I didn't care who won this game. But the reffing is effing unbelievable. They clearly and definitively threw this game to the Falcons from start to finish. Just destroys the entertainment value of football.

What possible justification could you have for thinking Payton deserved a flag... the game depended on getting a timeout at that moment and the ref turned to him and watched him shout “timeout”... to which he ignored his request and threw a flag instead

More excuses than brain cells

Honestly both teams played like shit. Both QBs played like shit. The refs reffed like shit. The Saints lost on the scoreboard but the real loser was anybody who had to watch this.

Saints lose ugly and simultaneously fuck over the Packers....Merry Christmas!

I guess the Saints game plan was to build a lead, intercept 3 passes, lose the lead, and throw an INT in the redzone down 3. I think Payton coming onto the field threw a wrench in their plan.

Wtf did the refs really just give them a penalty for calling a timeout?

That was probably the worst last 2 mins ever.

Falcons decline a hold which would have put them at 3rd and 11, instead they stayed at 4th and 1. Lost that one to a 1st down. Then Brees throws a stupid INT in the end zone. Then the Falcons fumble it, luckily for them getting it back. Finally the refs ignore the Saints coach want for a timeout and by the time they would have called it had he stayed on the sideline it would have been too late and then flags him???? Wtf is even going on.

Worst final minute and a half for both teams ever in an NFL game. Well maybe not, but it is up there.

Drew throws terrible interception in the end zone with under two minutes



GG Falcons, fuck you but nice win. See y'all in the dome

I can't get over how fucking good these Saints unis look

Erybody wanna talk about all the advantages we were given, meanwhile we still got Sarkisian calling plays so who really had the advantage ?

Dude, a win is a win, but fuck.

We played sloppy af for a good stretch of that game. The refs were far from great tonight, though a few calls were actually legit here and there. Some were just pure incompetence. We'll have to play infinitely better in two weeks if we want to beat these guys in NO...

It was a fucking disgusting game all around.

Did we just watch the whole movie?

So many salty Saints fans here. I get the refs were awful but you guys had a chance to win it and Brees' pick lost you guys the game.

Say what you want but Sean Payton was completely unjustified in what he did, and you can't run it official like that. who does he think he is? He is like School in summertime, no class.

I like how Saints fans are claiming Brees would have won the game with 20 seconds after he just blew it on their last possession.

Man, Saints fans in this thread have been insufferable.

Wish I could say GG, but no. Both teams looked bad, too many injuries, bullshit officiating. There wasn't anything good about this game except that it's over.

Soft ass refs, man. Fuck the NFL officiating staff. God awful at their jobs.

That was Deion Mother Fucking Jones not the refs boys

Saints loss appreciation upvote post

Saints lined up illegally. That's their own ineptitude.

lots of touchy saints fans in here. taints, if you will.

There was a lot of "home team" calls from the refs tonight, no doubt, but the Saints were in position to win the game at the end and Brees threw an int. Is what it is.

How're you blaming Sean when he was trying to call a timeout immediately because a few seconds is the difference between getting the ball back?

If a ref throws a flag in personal retaliation he shouldn't be employed as a ref.

Great game all around. Both teams played to their best potential and the refs did a tremendous job officiating another fantastic Thursday night football game. I hope they keep the tradition for years to come!

I haven't watched the NFL much

Yup that about explains it.

gg saints i fucking hate you all but gg anyways

Why is everyone rooting so hard against the falcons lmao FTS

meh we had an opportunity to win and threw an INT. so...

"We'll see you next week."

You will not, we will be at Star Wars.

Wtf why did they show so much

Brees obviously isn't fast, but his mobility is pretty damn nice for a near 40-year old QB

Yeah, it's almost like putting bounties on players should be stopped.

Fucking NFC South. The whole division gonna have like 9 players left before the playoffs.


Fuck Thursday night football. What a shit show from the product all the way to the refs. This game shouldn’t have been played on a short week. Awful

We can only hope to have as bullshit a schedule as you. Are you playing Wake Forest or Troy State this weekend?

God bless u viking fans

Saints are going to be fucking super avengers in our next game. Even the Saints fans are more heated about this game than usual. They're going to want revenge.

I can't believe these Saints unis are for color rush. Just adopt these as a regular one. Please.

Fully believe the short week and losing Kamara in the first threw the offense for a loop. Hopefully it isn't long term.


be careful with the caps lock. that's an unsportsman-like penalty based on what I just witnessed.

This game actually has me so pissed off. Unreal.

Vic is being held hard on damn near every play. Not complaining, just saying

Lose 9 starters and still barely lose, fuck this game.


Flair up

Damn dude just show us the whole fucking movie while you're at it

Why doesn't the NFL give the teams that play on Thursday's a Bye the week before? You'd think it would be just common sense. Like, why?

I love the Saint color rush unis so much

If we are lucky the “what’s a computer” bitch will get a flag.

Right? I guess everyone in this thread just likes to pounce on any opportunity to say fuck the refs. I also like reading the comments about how brees would the game with 20 seconds left. Falcons D gave him 3 big plays and thats it. Not like he was lighting them up all game.