Game developers need to understand this!

Game developers need to understand this!

What about the developer attack on the fps?



Just give people the option. I'll choose a high stable frame rate every time, but for others it's not as important. Developers seem to be doing a decent job of this on the PS4 Pro and One X.



I am the GPU.

Or how about options? Arguably one of the best things about PC gaming is that you can change so many settings to your liking. Why can't console games at least have a list of options that the system can run and even a mode that's less framerate friendly for screenshots and such?

Edit: A lot of people are saying this is starting to become a thing more games are doing these days. Which is an uplifting contrast to the microtransaction side of things.



Also depends on the game. Some wandering games would be awesome in 4k and fps wouldn't matter much at all.

Ah, you also play Star Citizen?

Not yet.

I prefer 240p and 340fps

It’s treason then.

PC has those options because they need then. Not every PC is the same, so they give you options to match your hardware.

The best part of console is that they're closed systems: Devs know exactly what they're working with, and can design games specifically around the hardware. It's that specific design that let's games look and play a lot better than you'd think the console capable of (Last of Us comes to mind).

Now, that's not to say separate modes aren't possible, but that's potentially a lot more work that could end up with inferior results for any/all options.

I'd like separate modes too, but I can understand not everyone offering them.

still looks much better at 60

I prefer 0p and ∞fps.

See: Breath of the Wild's 15-30fps. Still GOTY

I thought this was PUBG discussion

as much as i love tons of pixels, nothing beats buttery smooth 144fps


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I'll try frame drops! That's a good trick!

I'll take 800x600, just make a good fucking game.

It's critical we send an attack group there immediately

Don't worry! In 6 years when Nintendo refreshes their system to whatever comes after the Switch they will sell you a remastered 60fps BotW I'm sure.

2018, AAA Devs still opting for the “Cinematic experience”

"I hate it when he does that."

real life?

It's a system we can't afford to lose

I would totally play this game again just for 60fps.

I get what you're saying but some people have certain preferences. A perfect example of this is Destiny 2. On Ps4 it runs 4k but only 30FPS. I'd love to drop it down to 1080 or even 720 to get the FPS up to 60FPS. They say that a big reason why it can't run higher at 30FPS is because of particle effects and a lot of visuals. Well, give us the option to disable them. I want that smooth af FPS.

But you are bilind

Nearly, but 144 fps please.



You mean Attack on Nvidia Titan?

Do not lecture me Obi-Wan, I see through the lies of AMD

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I love how you refer to the people who prefer 60 fps as gamers, and those who like 30 fps as consumers. You realize they are gamers just as much as you right?

Or you know, give people a good game first and foremost.

/sub/prequelmemes is leaking again.

That's because it's a great game, it doesn't mean 60+fps wouldn't make a huge difference.

Go i will, good relationship with the fps i have

This is where the fun begins.

Us gamers also need to remember that we aren't the only audience. As much as it sucks for us, there are plenty of consumers who prefer the top option. Plenty enough that the publishers have no reason to challenge the status quo.

Better to try and educate the consumer, showing them where and how those FPS matter.

A Shingeki no Kyojin reference in reply to a Prequel Meme? A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

I won't settle for anything less than an 8k 288hz Hologram Monitor.

That's a thing on the ps4 pro.

No shit

Never have to clean a dish again

Ill settle for my 1080p 144hz. After building a nearly 2k rig, I didnt have the dough to spend on a $600 monitor.

We gamers

Consider yourself educated, consumer

I remember reading that the cpu is the bottleneck for 60 fps.

spend on a $600 monitor

The Dell 24DG / 27DG 1440p 24" / 27" 144hz can be had for $300-$400 and is about as good as you can get for a TN panel.

Gimmie 720p,30 fps but a good game

It isn't a story EA would tell

A Prequel Meme being the top comment? A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

In all fairness, most people with a Switch didn't buy a Wii U and missed out on most of the legit good games the U had.

1p 1fps

Me neither, that's why my credit card bought it a few years ago.

I get the sentiment.

I also definitely believe 1440p at 100+ FPS is the current technical sweet spot for gaming.

The Wii U was a toaster, so probably not as powerful as you might think.

or bottlenecked by gpu or cpu. there's a lot of factors that go into hardware and engines.

Then you are lost

/sub/prequelmemes has leaked all over Reddit by now. It's more like a burst pipe at this point spraying water everywhere at high pressure

There are no frames in /sub/outside, the engine uses a persistent immersion framework to bind your perception to the games code.

One thing people don’t realize is if developers target a framerate of 30 your experience is usually going to be better at 30 than someone, for example, who just happens to get 40 or 50FPS because their PC is chugging.

Usually there’ll be much better frame timing, much less stutter, and vsync at the lower framerate because it was intended to run at that framerate.

this is for a snes emulator but it can be applied to any emulator

in the quest for accuracy you'd be surprised at the requirements for some emulators. whether the console was a toaster or not is irrelevant since emulating hardware is different than just playing on the regular hardware itself

Why don't le game devs be as smart as I am?!?!?! I LITERALLY AM A GAME DEV EXPERT!!! I WATCHED A UNITY VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!!!!!

The one x as well

I have an Asus monitor with a refresh rate of 240hz at 1080p but even with a 1080 its a stretch to try and get anywhere close to that.

Haters haven't tried it.

Console CPUs are all bottlenecks unfortunately.

I mean... What do you need more than 640p for anyway?

idk, why eat dinner off a plate when I can just eat it off the floor?

After the recent CEMU updates you'll get a stable 30 fps on mid-tier systems as well.

I get headaches when the FPS is unstable, would take shitty graphics over a nice looking powerpoint.

Wait BOTW is playable on CEMU? I didn't know this.. but it probably needs a monster rig, so not that it matters.

And people will beg for it. /sub/nintendoswitch may as well be called /sub/portrequests


I would almost say the monitor is the most important part of the rig at this point.

1440p 144hz or bust.

If you can't tell the difference between 60hz and 144hz there's something wrong, whether it's your framerate, monitor or settings. I would have said eyes too, but you say you can tell the difference from 1080p to 4K.

I have a 165hz monitor and the difference is extremely noticeable and it makes for a completely different experience in FPS games as an example. Even in games where I only get 100fps, it's very significant as well.

Only Nvidia believes in absolutes


I am with you. If u ever saw true 300 fps u are not going back. Less then 200 fps makes me sick now.

I mean... What do you need more than 640p for anyway?

That doesn't explain why I feel a huge FPS drop after using several Wine Flasks.

I’ve been playing video games for about 26 years. Frame rates don’t matter. Resolutions don’t matter.

A game being fun, that matters. Argue it all you want but a stable 60fps doesn’t change a game’s core mechanics and gameplay fundamentally being good or not.

Honestly I have a 1080p monitor so I don’t care about 4K. 1080 is fine.

After going 144hz, I can't go back. My 60hz monitor looks straight up choppy.

So why not give us the goddam option?

I’m a Tydarian. Frame drops won’t work on me. Only consistency!


Because 144hz is frequently the next step up from 60hz

Me irl

In Witcher 3 on Xbox one I'm given the choice between 4k high performance.

4k does look pretty impressive, but high performance is better - it's so smooth.

Yeah, the New! Super Switch 3D2S XL is going to be tits.

All I know is I want the most out of my hardware. I bought 144hz, I want 144hz.

Found the 4:3 counter strike player

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Pretty much all new games on the PS4 Pro and One X begin by having the user select between Framerate and Resolution optimization at startup now. It's already a thing.

what about the fps attack on the developers?

After getting a 144hz monitor 60 fps feels like shit. I won't even play any game that requires mouse aiming if it can't run at or close to 144fps.

Let's not get carried away now...

I disagree. If you can get stable 60 fps, sure. But if the machine just can't handle it and starts chugging, I'd rather have stable 30 fps than 60 fps that tries to emulate an epileptic every now and then.

This is like the argument I saw years ago where people would claim there's not much of a difference between 30FPS and 60FPS.

DIfference is night and day

1440p@144hz is the sweet spot

Nioh, even on normal PS4, has different modes which is awesome:

30fps 1080p 60fps Dynamic Resolution (mostly between 720p and 900p)

PS4 Pro then just scales the 60fps mode to mostly between 900p and 1080p, with the 30fps mode being something like 2K scaled to 4K or so.

Basically every game should have something like this. If you can't optimize your engine well enough to run your not-state-of-the-art graphics on a console, at least let me turn down graphics so the game runs well.