[Gambodoro] A Lakers coach Brian Shaw to Devin Booker with under a minute left last night "Stop #$%&*#$ flopping!" Which in turn caused Booker to approach Lakers bench.

[Gambodoro] A Lakers coach Brian Shaw to Devin Booker with under a minute left last night "Stop #...

Booker is like one of the least intimidating players in the league

I dunno man, he looks like the type to heatbutt you with his fuccboi armadillo head.

yeah never try to use a line like this irl, it doesn't work

Brian Shaw, the same guy who answered "masturbate" on Family Feud lmao

Here is the "altercation". The whole thing was really odd.

Idk why he reminds me of a Sandshrew

In an L

I think B Shaw and his 5 rings keeps him cool about it

The ref's moment of realization like "oh fuck"

Because he has rat eyes

then no techs were given out, which I liked. Just end the game.

I love Booker, but he does flop. But so do a lot of players. However he probably whines about calls more than most, which I find even more annoying.


Shaw is from Oakland. Like the real Oakland back in the day. Idk if he wants those problems

In hindsight, it definitely looks like he went after B. Shaw. We all thought it was Randle or something but the players just stood up to protect one of their coaches.

All Devin Booker has to say is, "Hey Brian, my career high points is more than double yours."

Even watching Brewer for 1 second is more than enough

He's not wrong

Not to be one of those guys, but Randle played one season at UK in 2013-14 and Booger played one season in 2014-15.

Bro did you watch the game?? I've honestly never seen another play whine and complain/flop as much as

"Hey Brian, I post a far better statline than you in a variety of traditional as well as advanced metrics, including PPG, FG%, PER, TS%, OBPM and VORP."

How is he a bitch, he supposed to let a coach on the bench shit talk him when he dropped 36 on 52%. Dude is a passionate player and his attitude is exactly what I like to see dude give a fuck about the game and gets fired up.if booker was on any other team those fans would love his attitude I guarantee it

I’d take Shaw’s 5 chips. Booker ain’t done shit in this league.

Devin Booker himself said it wasn't Brian Shaw. Over here. Wth is this guy getting that info.

Guess Shaw doesn't watch enough of Brewer?

More than Wall? (Sorry John but get the fuck back up and play defense)

Yup, he a bitch

and the Suns starting the youngest lineup in NBA history.

i laughed at this and now i feel bad


LOL just noticed that. I love Brew.

With a coach that didn’t know how to run offensive sets.

I just wanna point out that troy daniels ran over there to get booker's back and mike james just stood at center court and watched. Fuck that guy.

so basically dont bitch about flopping

"I know a lot of those guys over there. Luke, Miles, BShaw. It wasn't any of them"

Lmao are you really tryna insult the guy's contributions to a championship team because he came off the bench?? Ur trippin fool

Edit: 3 Consecutive championship teams, my b

Your entire team was flopping on a bunch of jump shots last night. Anytime anyone came into their space they hit the ground.

I love Booker!

Kid is a dog

Lol players sit all the time thats an excuse for getting 70 scored on your team?

Who cares about offensive sets? It's all about building a family.

I agree but I think if that happened at any other point in the game he would've been T'd up

Should have used one of his motivational raps


He looks like a burrowing rodent

Young lineups are historically awful. I don’t get how you can not understand the relevance of that and also be condescending at the same time.

Facts are facts son

I have no horse in this race, but what about this video is worthy of a "I fucking love Booker" comment?

He was the 3rd guard on the Lakers dynasty and an assistant coach for the back 2 back. Learn your history fam

Okay? Does that mean the Suns weren't starting the youngest lineup in NBA history? Facts are facts son

correct answer

also Manu and Tony

This dudes mad because his whole franchise comes off of the bench to make the lottery.

Spoken like true lakers fans

Marcus Smart was covering him, I hear non-stop about how good of a defender he is here.

Next James Harden

He already is. - Lavar

Exactly, take the suit off and pull the old side kick out and text the OG's. Book ain't about that life.

Shit I wanna know if they got the 200

The fuck kind of question is that? Prime T-Mac easily

It's just a dumb argument, man. Trying to take an amazing performance away from a 20 year old kid just because it was an L in a pointless game? You sound more sensitive than anyone, tbh.

Tim Duncan. He didn’t flop as much though.

I don't think he's talking about the whole history of basketball, just currently.

Devin Pupper

Corey Brewer is the best

He’s not that pretty. Average looks at best.


At first glance I read this as Sandstorm and mindlessly nodded along in agreement. Yes, Booker and his weird middle school jock dick face and his lump of shitty hair does remind me of the song Sandstorm.

Anderson Varejao>Charles Barkley

We call it the remainder that's the number that remains

Book is a softie. Everyone knows that.