Gal Gadot - Gorgeous

Gal Gadot - Gorgeous

People I wish would do nudity soon:

Gal Gadot Zooey Deschanel Victoria Justice (Just for kicks) Taylor Swift
Debby Ryan and Ellie Kemper.

I can't see her girl balls. Do girls not have balls?

Victoria Justice was a victim of The Fappening but she hasn't "done" nudity yet.

Well it looks like someone obviously has some bad taste. He wants to see girls like Amy schumer and Melissa McCarthy nude

Then why are you here?

I do, and I still prefer them. Sorry, the altitude on that high horse must be messing with your ego.

I still think wonder woman should have been more thick and muscular.

The Movie wouldn't have done as well if she wasnt good looking.

She's objectively good looking.


Being thick and muscular isn't good looking?

Comic book ww and the old show ww aren't good looking?

Some of us just like skinny chicks man, you don't choose what you're attracted to

You k ow she gained 17 POUNDS of muscle for the film right?

A guy named Eric told me they did.

Yeah she looked pretty ripped in WW. I thought the same thing but then when I saw it I was not disappointed. She put on muscle.

Why can't you just let him be attracted to the women he's attracted to? Stop policing him, dude. Let him like what he likes, and you can like what you like, and then we can all get along.

Debbie Ryan yes please

It's not hard to find at all. Some sites still host it publicly too. The morality of the matter is a different story.

I missed The Fappening. I miss it more every time I hear someone new that was involved.

Holy shit that face is unbeatable.

everytime i see here name i have to think of this simpson episode

Someone captioned this picture and chose "gorgeous" and not "wonderful" ?

He can't help being a chubby chaser