Gal Gadot, colored pencil

Gal Gadot, colored pencil

Raise your hand if at first glance, you also first thought the pencils and sharpener were her clothes

I came here to see a Gal Gadot colored pencil, not a Gal Gadot, colored pencil.

Raised every thing.

Here you go

The thumbnail looks like a picture. Nice job, OP.

Hey guys, sorry for the confusion. I'm not the original artist, and it took me some time to track him down. The artists name is Omri Granit (sometime Omry Grnit). An Israeli sketch artist that bases his work on photos. Check out his Instagram


I'm seeing a little Natalie Portman

I'm no expert but that's pretty good

I like Jewish girls apparently

It is a picture.

They’re both Israeli




Nice, source ?

This is fucking incredible!


Its very very close to the original. Possibly an overlay.

Possibly an overlay.

I had to go back up and look, so yes I did too.

She act

But she also attac

It is a picture.

"give em nuttin... but take from them... ERRTANG!!"

I've got terminal jewkemia as well. Rachael Weisz slays me.

Plus they know how to handle a weapon if they're from Israel

“Give them nothing...but take from them...EVERYTHING!!”

I didn't see pencils until I saw you.