Cute but pervy

So... everyone on this sub?

Oh you~

I may not be cute, but I make up for it by being twice as pervy

This fandom loves/hates cub at totally random intervals, it's hilarious

I'm not sure what the source is, it's a gif I've had saved forever, but I would love to know who the artist is. For science.

At the car wash by Ajin

If I was talented enough I would remake it into an otter, because that seems more appropriate for this Reddit.

I posted this once and got mercilessly attacked for it being a "cub." I guess it's okay now. owo

Aww. You're cute.


I wish it was an otter uwu that fox is real cute though

Wiggle wiggle wiggle

Cub is pretty universally reviled, so I think it's more down to whether something is interpreted as cub, or just a cutesy/chibi art style. If one person in the comment section accuses something like this of being cub, it influences how other people will interpret it, resulting in a snowball effect.

nuzzles OwO what's this? notices your attempts at RP

That's me!

(DM for lewd rp OwO)

(Half joking half serious UwU)

Yes he is.


Yeah, i took it as being cutesy art; if I thought it was supposed to be cub I never would have posted it.

Minus the cute for me thanks

Just be a femboy, it's like god mode around here. Infinite cuteness and pervy stats. Being a girl with something extra is also a bit of a cheat. >.> Then both the straight and gay sides are content~

Needs more jpeg

There you go!

I am a bot

Needs more jpeg

I am a bot

What wrong with cub?

From what I've seen, most guys on here are of average attractiveness,

Some, even slightly above!

Your flair is lies

Waiting for source.