Fur is Dead (x-post from /sub/unexpected)

Was expecthing them to just splash him again, lol


And then a third phase haha

that looks like notch.

That's not being a dick, that's what he should have done.

This is both a paint and jacket pun simultaneously, bravo.

Balling with that Minecraft money

Is this from Deadbeat? I love that show but haven't had a Hulu sub in a while so I don't think I know this episode.

The best part is the fact that he's clearly wearing at least two hats.

He should have been a dick and charged them for destruction of personal property

Nope, I posted it 3 minutes earlier.

What I mean is make a big fuss about it Exaggerate the issue Make them pay Just because you're protesting it doesn't give you the right to do as you please

Also I think this was a set up anyway

What does that even mean lol

It is. The newest season is actually pretty good.

Just make a trial account with a different email, and watch it.

It's from a Hulu show - Deadbeat. Pretty funny show!

He's actually 120 pounds

Didn't even notice the paint one

This guy looks like if in another dimension Chris Pratt got fatter instead of buff.

It's also a battery and courts love making examples of violent protests. As it is a battery, you're also entitled to treat it as an attack in which you can take reasonable self defensive actions. If you reasonably believe they'll splash you again, causing further damage, you are allowed to administer beatings until the threat passes.


An animal died for the production of that suit. Ironically, by spilling paint(?) on it, they ruined the suit and wasted the animal's sacrifice.


And they directly caused the deaths of more animals by making him need to buy another coat.

The beatings will continue until morale is improved.

He has too much neckbeard surface area to be 120 pounds. Hes atleast 130 lbs.