Fundata, Romania

Fundata, Romania

Romania according to reddit: the scenery is amazing but the hospitals are third world.



Isn't that where PornHub is hosted?

But cheaper.


Still cool, though.

Looks like Switzerland.

Churces are 1st world tho, and there's lots of them. Who needs medics when you can pray for the sick.

High five

Oh, that is an incorrect statement. What about all those nice, young Romanian ladies making their own internet shows?

Why people always edit these photos to look good? They are already good.

Also Internet is fast, but nobody uses it.

Scenery is amazing, but public utilities suck ass

Proud to be Romanian comments incoming.

Yeah right.

Medics can only heal, while priests can heal and convert, so they're clearly superior.

To make them gooder.

Better internet than most of the world. I work with some Romanians, the deals on internet they have are ridiculous

Better internet than the U.S., though.

is saturation kept only until 11?

I think so

Hospitals here in Romania are not as bad as you may think, that photo from yesterday shocked me too as a Romanian and that is probably happening just in some parts of the country. In the region where I live the hospital looks really good and it's mentained in good condition. It is true we don't have the best and newest equipment but they're not that bad after all

From Romania, recently moved out of the country, I think the deals everyone else has on internet are ridiculous.

What you want are paladins. They can tank and heal.

Proud to be Romanian comments incoming. Nice scene though

crank up the saturation filter igor.


Everywhere is cheaper than Switzerland

Technically universal healthcare, but we bribe the shit out of every doctor to make sure they'll actually care about us (since the health sector is heavily underpaid)

And none of that funny money!

(Yes, I consider the Leu better than the crap those chocolate guzzling mountain Germans have.)

Translation for Americans:

But we bribe the shit out of every doctor


It still costs less than US ambulances

the deals on internet they have are ridiculous

Like 1000 mbps for $10 ridiculous, in case anyone wondered.

Not really, the internet penetretion in Romania is 62.8 % so our providers can take more :)


And we "fund" the analyst. :)

Maybe the internet is so fast because nobody uses it.

When you look at picture its clear that this green isnt natural green. I believe its stunning irl but still its saturated and not just little bit. If that would be the case most of us wouldnt even notice.

I prefer the original ones.

Plus the saturation setting.

Well, when speaking of cities, Cluj, Brasov, Sibiu and Timișoara are beautiful. Mountainside attractions would be Bigar Waterfall, Babele and the Sphynx in Bucegi mountains and pretty much all of Retezat mountains.

EDIT: Forgot about the salt mine in Turda, u/JoeM5952 reminded me about it. Looks real nice and if u catch a busy day, most attractions are available(a Ferris wheel, boat rental around the salt lake and a few others) Also, in Cluj you can visit the Cluj Arena Stadium if you talk to the right people.


In Romania they speak Romanian.

In Switzerland they speak Romansh.

Romania = Switzerland confirmed!

Laughs in Monégasque

Nice to look at but a shithole otherwise to live in.

Source: am Romanian

I've been to Switzerland, one of the most beautiful countries I've visited (even though expensive af for regular tourists, the only place in Europe where I ended up eating supermarket food in the hotel room instead of going to a restaurant) but the thing is that there is something off with it, which you don't notice at first (and the same applies to other Western European countries). I started noticing it only after 3 or 4 days, while taking the train from Lausanne to Bern and going through some forests, hills and county ranches, more exactly that everything was too "ordered", so to speak, it seemed like everything was a public park, like nature was somehow "constrained". In Romania (and I guess in most of the Balkan countries) there's still that sensation of wilderness as you walk or drive through nature, which gives you a very special feeling.

Again, not saying that Switzerland is not a beautiful country, because it most certainly is, just that the feeling was different compared to how one still experiences nature in a country like Romania.

Yeah, I don't know what they're talking about...

I get that you're on an "international" board and you probably feel the need to speak well of your country.


Healthcare in this country is shit. State-run hospitals are shit. Utter fucking shit and I hope we can somehow burn them all to the ground and rebuild.

I've been "lucky" enough to have been in a ton of hospitals in this country, both as a patient or (more often) as a visitor. I've seen things you wouldn't believe. Literally this Christmas time I saw one of the nurses clean out the biohazard bin (filled with used needles and such) by emptying the syringes with her empty fucking hands.

I lost my grandfather in one of these fucking hospitals due to a whole fucking series of incompetent mistakes by incompetent people in a fucked up rotten healthcare system.

So yeah. I get putting a positive spin on things, but saying that "hospitals here are not as bad as you may think" is... well, it's right, actually. They're far worse.

That has to be fake. Humans would stop breathing, and cows will give sour milk, at that speed

Just a little bit, but what you see is quite real and worth visiting. We live in this country and i am still amazed on how beautiful the countryside is.

"according to reddit"

Why would they if they don't live in bucharest

Yeth mathter

It's like the Aldi version of Switzerland.

Igor is about as Romanian as Johnny is Dutch.

it's real, and it's also cheap

When my FIL was dying from cancer we had to bribe the ambulance drivers to come get him for his weekly treatments. This was in Bucharest in 2012.

All of Transylvania is just breathtaking.

"penetration" giggle

Also, username checks out.

Value Switzerland.

Or Druids. Sorry Shamans, you have leather armor, so no tanking for you...

the landscape totaly but the houses look quite different

It’s still a valid comparison since Bucharest is the capital and should presumably have hospitals on par with the best in the country.

It is bloody beautiful.

Asking as an American: Are they affordable?

Euro should be from plastic too.


Welcome to eastern Europe. It's the same thing in the Balkans where I'm from. Bribes get you to the front of the line.

"bribe the shit our of every doctor" , had 6 surgeries, and a total of at least a month in hospitals at this point

never gave any money, though if i would have given, I could've cut like 2-3 days ,probably ,

depends on the hospital I guess

This should give you some ideas, just be prepared to have to travel for a day, because none of the touristic stuff is close to each other and the roads are not too great. (I travel to Romania yearly because my wife is from there and her family all live there)

chocolate guzzling mountain Germans

This reads like an insult, but actually sounds like the dream life.

It's to un-die for.

I live in a suburban area (almost country side), I have fiber optics up to 1gb. And my phone has LTE up to 130Mbps. Internet has vastly improved in my area.

It's just overpriced everywhere else. The UK in particular also has unacceptably bad infrastructure, and I'm fairly sure they're not the only ones.

I'm the guy who posted that hospital picture here. A lot of people gave me shit for showing the world that part of the healthcare system . " You make the whole country look bad".

Well , you can't throw your trash under the bed forever.... exposure and criticism leads to pressure , and pressure hopefully leads to change.

for that you pay 50 RON that means something like 10.74 euro, but at the rate euro is going up, it will be something like 2 euro before sunday


Sorry to clarify my wife, and her entire family, is Romanian. She moved to the US about 10 years ago for work. So it isn’t a foreigner thing.

The issue we were having was the ambulance would regularly take over an hour to come pick them up, sometimes causing him to miss scheduled appointments. Once they started calling and implying the had a “present” for the drivers the wait time dropped to about 15 minutes. Maybe it’s because they don’t live in the best area of Bucharest (and refuse to move no matter how much we plea) but that was our issue. Not that they wouldn’t come, but the timing changed drastically when money started changing hands.

Do you really?


Like, infinitely less. A single trip in an ambulance in the States can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, even if you have health insurance.

I hate bribing on principle, and avoid doing it whenever possible, but giving $10 to a doctor or $2 to a post office worker or whatever so they'll do a better job is a tradeoff most Americans would be more than happy to make.

I hope that sentiment rings true when I work up the courage to post a photo, I don't play around with the settings or have a professional camera. Maybe one day I'll test the waters on one if these subs.

I value a decent writeup or good advice over an enhanced image any day though, especially over at /sub/travel.