Fuck this lying, condescending, traitorous piece of motherfucking garbage. I can't wait for true patriots to put you in prison, you treasonous bastard.

Fuck this lying, condescending, traitorous piece of motherfucking garbage. I can't wait for true patriots to put you in prison, you treasonous bastard.

He goes on canned hunts. That says a lot.

Oh so he’s used to things being handed to him with minimal effort?



Huge upvote! And all the conservative snowflakes watching Fox News will never hear about this until he's indicted.

Idk man. I heard his dad never gave him a small loan of a million dollars. Must have been rough.

They all have Donald Trump's weak jaw.

The shit-apple doesn't fall far from the shit-apple tree.

It's when they hunt animals in enclosed areas for sport. Many people believe that hunting this way is unfair for the animals since they aren't "free" and you don't necessarily have to "find them". It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Except instead of fish, you have big five game.

Brit here - who is this cunt? Serious question

Edit: who is downvoting me for asking a question on this sub seriously?

Ok, while I agree that Jr. probably committed some treasonous acts, can we not resort to using this kind of outright hostility and provocative language? Jeez, reading this post makes me feel like we're turning into the people who called Obama a traitor, who screamed "locker her up" toward Hillary Clinton. The right has been using these kinds of terms for years now to describe liberals and look at where we are. Are we those people? Do we have to resort hate and riling people up like the far right? I would've hoped not.

We have one of those faux hunters at work, his entire office is filled with ram heads, a bison head, a bear pelt.....

Every year he gets the company and one of our vendors to sponsor the canned pheasant hunts... one year apparently the first wave of domesticated birds they released wouldn't fly, they'd just run through the grass so no one was getting any birds... so the second wave apparently the place taped the birds legs together to force them to fly instead of laying in the grass.

Pretty sad story of small men doing their best to feel big... and I'm not even against hunting edibles...

Like father like son. ..the entire family is rotten.

Nothing will happen unfortunately. All of them will walk away from this Russia thing unscathed.

Speaking as a hunter, I find him disgusting.

Every time he poses with an animal he has this look in his eyes like he's fantasizing about partaking in The Most Dangerous Game and would hunt people if he could.

The man acts like a psychopath and is an incredibly poor reflection of the sport.

Yep. Or they have a "guide" lure an animal into an area where the "hunter" is sitting.

Someone hunting deer(typically overpopulated) in backwoods Michigan actually has some skill and effort in hunting. Once he shoots it, he field dresses it and humps it out of the woods. Then he takes to get processed and actually eats the venison.

Trump, Jr. sits in an air conditioned Range Rover, gets out, shoots an elephant or lion that is lured in real close. Then cuts off their tail and takes pictures. Then gets back in the Range Rover, takes a jet back home, and a few months later the stuffed lion appears.

As much as I see your point and I am anti-hunting unless for food, you are putting this down to a purely physical competition, when the instrument that gives us the advantage over animals is our brain.

No, they aren't.

From the start, Trump was a scapegoat to be sacrificed so they can push through their insane agenda and then point fingers at him regarding everything bad that ever happened. Just like Bush.

In the end, everyone will be happy to get a "moderate" replacement and for many years to come we will hear "at least he's not Trump". Republicans will use the "We weren't all Trump supporters!" excuse to justify voting for that insane party. The Overton Window will have been pushed even further towards the right wing extreme.

The same shit happens every time Republicans get into office.

Republicans fuck up absolutely everything "IT CAN'T GET WORSE THAN THIS!" Democratic president slowly turning things around "DEMS ARE WEAK, THEY ARE AT FAULT FOR EVERYTHING! LET'S GIVE THE STRONG MAN ANOTHER GO! NOBODY CAN BE WORSE THAN THE LAST GUY! TERRORISM! TAKING MUH FREEDOM!" Republicans fuck things up even more "IT CAN'T GET WORSE THAN THIS!" Democratic president gets elected and cleans up the mess "DEMS ARE WEAK, THEY ARE AT FAULT FOR EVERYTHING! LET'S GIVE THE STRONG MAN ANOTHER GO! NOBODY CAN BE WORSE THAN THE LAST GUY! TERRORISM! TAKING MUH FREEDOM!" Republicans fuck things up even more.

Inequality is constantly increasing, class warfare is in full effect, the elites and their wage slaves are completely other cultures with completely different quality of life, pollution and lack of health care are killing hundreds of thousands of Americans every year, yet the people support "beautiful clean coal" and are scared of Muslim. Every single Republican voter is human trash that supports mass murder, wittingly or unwittingly doesn't matter.

Didnt Trump hand the Trump brand over to him in a "blind trust" because h doesn't know what a blind trust is?

Too bad he didn't have nopatism to save us all from this bullshit.

There should be two other people in the photo, Kushner and Manafort. All willing to squander our democracy by working with the Russian intelligence arm.

Who needs a loan when you have nepautism?

Errr... Nepotism.

Yeh but who is he?

Edit: why am I being downvoted? I honestly didn't know. Christ. Friendly sub this one

while I agree that Jr. probably committed some treasonous acts, can we not resort to using this kind of outright hostility and provocative language?

The most shocking news story in my lifetime was the day JFK was assassinated. But, that day would be dwarfed if it is established the President of the United States is a Russian agent, under Russian control or influence, or has been engaged in actively willing to overlook Russian efforts to destroy our democracy because doing so benefits Trump's personal goals.

IF those things are established (and as to the last, hasn't it already been?) - I would consider any American who doesn't demonstrate outrage, hostility and hatred to be traitors themselves.

And tiny...hands.

You have emails linking Don Jr to the Russian attack on our democracy and your priority is elsewhere? Be a patriot and give a damn your country was duped by a hostile nation, with the help of this scum. Seth will still be there to talk about later.

Conspiracy to obtain information from a foreign adversary.

Dude, the parents of Seth Rich are pleading for idiots like you to stop using their son's name for political purposes.

humps it out of the woods

I would just carry it, but to each their own.

I don't think it's fair in any case. A human with a rifle against animals wouldn't even be close to fair odds if we were taking about a herd of T-Rex.

Take a few spears and take on an elephant bull on your own. That would be fair.

The Most Dangerous Game

"The Most Dangerous Game", also published as "The Hounds of Zaroff", is a short story by Richard Connell, first published in Collier's on January 19, 1924. The story features a big-game hunter from New York City who falls off a yacht and swims to an isolated island in the Caribbean, where he is hunted by a Russian aristocrat. The story is inspired by the big-game hunting safaris in Africa and South America that were particularly fashionable among wealthy Americans in the 1920s.

The story has been adapted numerous times, but most notably for the 1932 RKO Pictures film The Most Dangerous Game, starring Joel McCrea and Leslie Banks, and for a 1943 episode of the CBS Radio series Suspense, starring Orson Welles.

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What are canning hunts, am I missing something? I've never heard of them although I actually do a fair amount of canning and pickling.

Look up what collision is you autistic fuck.

You can't be serious. He stole the presidency of the most powerful country to ever exist. It's fucking illegal.

It's actually of the most illegal things a person can do. If he's found guilty of treason (which this probably is) then he could get the death penalty.

Met with a Kremlin affiliated lawyer who claimed to have damaging information on Hillary Clinton from Russia. He agreed to meet with her which is ILLEGAL even if she "was of no use" like Don Jr claimed. Everything out of his mouth these past two days have been lies with the New York Times releasing new information every night forcing him to retract on statements/change his story.

One of Trump's sons. He's admitted to meeting a Russian lawyer who promised damaging info on Hillary, they then talked about scantions Putin wanted gone.

He released a set of emails today that show that he knew that that lawyer was meeting with him on behalf of the Russian government to assist the Trump campaign by giving them dirt on Hillary. It is logical to assume that Russia was willing to do this in return for something, hence why they talked about sanctions he wanted gone. He only did this because the New York Times were going to release them, asked him for any comments, he then released them himself.

His best "defence" at this point is that he tried to collide, but there's no evidence that he actually did (at this point, at least publically), so he's arguing that he didn't ACTUALLY collude so that makes it fine somehow. And then we've got FoxNews saying that collusion isn't really a crime.

Basically, the title of this post is a perfect summation.

I wouldn't be so sure, once the GOP gets from him what they need/want (conservative Supreme Court, etc.), they will turn on him.

He knew, he didn't care that that's not correct.

Never trust a Trump.

Maybe Tiffany and Barron. But that's it. I wouldn't even trust Melania because she lied about her bully campaign, and probably looked the other way on quite a few things Donald has done.


Someone will take the fall. Donald would give up his kid to save his own ass. He probably doesn't even like this little shit, who would?

I will never understand this. What kind of pathetic, insecure piece of shit do you have to be to kill a giant animal to make yourself feel better? The lack of shame is astounding.

Donald Trump's oldest son.

Did you see that Randy? A shit apple driving a shit mobile.

This is the correct answer. The trump family got where they are by skirting the loopholes and near-legalities of law and their many interpretations.

Aid and comfort to an enemy of the US = treason

Read your Constitution.

They haven't even concluded the investigation yet. Considering they're hiring droves of lawyers who specialize in arguing cases in front of the Supreme Court you can bet they found a LOT.



P.S. They also hired lawyers that specialize in racketeering cases. Uh oh....

Trump Jr. who may actually be worse than his old man. While Trump is mainly a narcissist, Jr seems to be more of a sociopath.

Pretty sure DonJr releasing his own email isn't an anonymous source.

I know! Why are all of his kids so ugly (LOL)? No jawline or chin, just this weak, unattractive mush-face. Traitorous fucking mush-faces.

They certainly tried. Whether or not they succeeded is still being investigated.




But luckily it doesn't matter what you think. You're just a person on the internet with a shocking lack of critical thinking skills.

Mueller is the one who matters you. You don't matter at all.

I'm with you, pal. At some point... once we reach a point where it is undeniable and conclusive... and nothing is done .... we SHOULD be yelling from the rooftops. (not quite old enough for JFK, first and most shocking was Iranian hostage crises. Or, 9/11. Yeah, 9/11.)

When he has Ivanka sit in for him in the G20 summit he clearly doesn't know

Low scum of the earth. There are living dogs and dead lions. He's the former.


I'm not trying to change anyone's mind, especially a TRAITOR that would rather watch his country be sold to Russians than admit he's wrong. GTFO.

You know, while that whole Ivanka sitting in for daddy thing is pretty ridiculous, it's not that bad. She's just as unqualified as her dad to be sitting there. I mean you could put a disabled goat in that chair and it probably would be better equipped to participate in those meeting than either Ivanka or her dad. It's like comparing a pile of green shit and a pile of brown shit. Who cares? They both stink.

What're you, Dwight Schrute?

What law is it, specifically, that he violated by meeting with the Russian lawyer? (Not doubting, just want to know.)

edit: more words for clarity.

The Fire Department. The Water Department. Electrical Co-ops. The Military. The Roads. The Libraries. ... need more?

Ah the "nothing to see here" defense. It has been so effective for donald.

Respect to serious hunters! Thank you for your measured input.


No, he broke the law when he sought the help of a foreign national in a political campaign. It's pretty much open and shut.

Of course... it doesn't matter what he did, he'd be pardoned the day after he's convicted.

He seems to have the same respect for women as his dad.

He likes "can hunts" (someone ELI5 here)

Of course the Russian thing

Maybe not a sociopath, just a stupid rich kid that learned his "morals" from a man that sees telling the truth as a weakness.

Getting incriminating info on a political figure from a known Russian spy isn't "Talking to Russian people".

Donald Trump Jr.

That's fine if he's convicted then pardoned by the donald/gop.

That will be on the written record forever, which can be very convincing to weaken support of the party.

Remember when dick cheney accidently blasted his friend's face with bird shot? The one where the victim, Harry Whittington had to make this statement to take the heat off of dick? "My family and I are deeply sorry for everything Vice President Cheney and his family have had to deal with. We hope that he will continue to come to Texas and seek the relaxation that he deserves."

That was a canned hunt. The birds are raised in packed pens with hoods on to keep them from pecking each other to pieces due to stress. When the "hunt" happens the handlers direct the "hunters" where to be, and the birds are released within easy range. Often these birds are near blind from the hoods, weak from being caged and have to be harassed in order to get them to fly at all.

Big game canned hunts are conducted more or less in the same way, a trapped animal is forced to be where some asshole with a gun can murder it without any effort.

Friendship ENDED with Trump Jr. now ERIC TRUMP is my best friend

I agree. I remember Fox News and their watchers yelling and cursing during Obamas term and they seemed irrational and crazy. Let us protest peacefully and show them how to disagree with class.

That was the joke yeah. It was a stretch though, maybe someone didn't appreciate the reaching I had to do to make the pun.

If you're a conservative (not a Trumper), I'm confident you hate him, too. You just don't know it yet.


I don't like the fact she's there representing my country when she wasn't ELECTED to do so. She's an "advisor" to the current sitting president, not a representative of the USA. Just my two cents.

Actually humans have very impressive stamina. Though many animals can run faster than us over short distances, in a marathon race a human in peak form will beat all but a few very fast animals. It's how we used to hunt on the savannah, and it's how some of the Khoi still hunt today in Southwest Africa. We're endurance hunters. It's just, most people today aren't chasing prey for miles on a daily basis, so most people lack that stamina.


Your user name itself is proof positive you are a triggered little orange acolyte.

Yea i noticed that, but he has taken better care of himself, he isn't 280 pounds overweight unlike his fatass father.

I don't think they want that kind of media attention. But I am open personally.

Donald Trump jr.

That last sentence is a bit scary. The guy above you is just trying to make sure we don't devolve into a blind screaming mob (like the "lock her up" chanters), and you're saying you would consider him a traitor too, just for advocating a measured and considered response? That's not something I ever want anything to do with, thank you very much.