Fuck the Oscars

Fuck the Oscars

did he just shit on EA and they're publishing his game?

This guy singlehandedly brought the entire show to life.

This man is so high that he might be the only one who understands Death Stranding trailer.

The Room 2: Dorito Boogaloo

Ft. Tommy "Fuck the Oscars" Wiseau Jr.

I like how he asked for permission to swear after he had already fired off multiple swears.

I couldn't stop laughing to be honest... this was the greatest interview ever

He defended them after that tho

Is this guy drunk, or...?

Twitch chat spamming he is high

He didn't want to be rude.

His games Wikipedia page currently

I see that Kojima has been selling his drugs back stage

Here is a video

of Josef Fares speaking with the crew of Game Informer (and Tim Schafer) during this past E3. He is pretty much exactly the same. In particular, there is a part where he talks about making his team say that they are going to "fuck shit up" every day when they come into the office. When I saw him walk up on the stage earlier, I knew we were in for a treat

Edit: And Greg Rice is there as well! Sorry for leaving him out

Brought up lootbox bullshit said he wouldnt be doin it

... ON GAMING!!!

This guy is digging an early grave for himself.

He is definitly very passionate to be there.


He is really like this, he is a high energy and funny guy. He have done some of the funniest Swedish movies ever. He have said that he will go back to making movies again, but I guess he will not be going to the Oscars.

Here is a scene from his movie "Kopps" with his brother that is one of the guys in the A Way Out game

Alright EA listen up, I won't pay for lootboxes but I'd pay to have this guy host next year's game awards.

this had a good dose of both. if anything, i was thoroughly entertained.

"Yo Kojima, can you explain me what the fuck is going on in your trailer?" "I've got you fam"

No he isn't; this is how he is all the time. He acted very similarly during the E3 reveal.

Even if EA were to for some reason dump him, guaranteed all the attention and exposure he's getting (along with having made Brothers) means he'll be completely fine somewhere else.

How did he shit on EA?

He said "fuck the Oscars"..

I assumed he took a little ski trip before the show.

If Hideo was a fluent English speaker I do not doubt we'd get similar interviews with him.

Josef Fares is by far the most unique and interesting game dev I've ever seen

Can confirm, 'fuck shit up' is his orders every single day

im 12 and I cringe at everything haHAA

Pretty sure he saying that the EA controversy is bullshit and everybody makes a mistake sometimes and started singing the praises of EA kinda

What a story, Mark.

I cannot even imagine what it's like to work with a guy like that!

I support this man

This went from hilarious to suuuuuper cringy real quick.

He’s like the younger brother of Tommy Wiseau. I kept expecting him to say “I’M FED UP WIT DIS WORL”

That "jet lag" though.

I’m fairly certain even Japanese people don’t understand him.

Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, but this man is clearly living on another plane of existence.

At least you'd know the goal is to fuck shit up.

Props to Geoff for handling that like a pro.

He's basically what would happen if you made "twitch plays award show host"

This guy is my fucking idol.

But seriously, fuck the Oscars

On whatever Kojima was smoking it seems

Wait, you're telling me that guy was the genius behind that scene?

This man is not a man. We behold the birth of a God.

He's also well known in Sweden from his movie director days, so finding a good job (wheather it's games or movies) won't be a problem for him. And as you say, he's making a name for himself and his previous game received praise. He's doing well.

It's just his English. His word choice isn't the best, but his intention from the beginning was to say EA has been great to him.

Dude, I remember smoking a whole game the other day.

After the baby gave the thumbs up inside that dude's throat, this just seemed par for the course

There’s being funny and then there’s pure cringe lol

Anyway, how's your sex life?

And also EA E3. Instantly everyone will listen.

he's too woke

I was laughing my ass off at the beginning. Then he didn't stop and continued on with saying weird shit. I felt really really bad for him.

Honestly, I wish I could be like him. Not giving a shit what people think, and being passionate about what he’s doing. This interview alone made me a fan and now I’m getting the game

Don't he know we're human too


Too be fair, EA at one time was a very reliable company that actually put out some decent games.....

I said at one time...

Not anymore.



This guy directed this movie:

I’m consistently late, leave early and my work is sloppy. However, I fuck shit up on the reg so it’s all gravy.

This man will single-handily save gaming

So THAT's where that gun-humping thing is from!