The Game Awards posted the clip to their official twitter, so they aren't trying to hide it happe....

It sucks that this guy will literally never been on a livestream ever again. It made me way more interested in his game.

they know its the only thing besides a few trailers that anyone will talk about tomorrow

Oh, hi Mark.

that guy is great LOL

he should do irl streams

This man, its a nice way to end 2017, flipping off EA and Oscars

Swedish reckful

trivia: this guy is Fares Fares brother, a quite famous actor (atleast in Sweden)

flipping off EA

While his own game is being published by EA.

Make sure you guys check out his game, “A Way Out” coming soon

He said EA is giving him 100% revenue. He said publisher's make mistakes, but EA giving him 100% revenue is pretty damn dope.

They also made 'Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons' one of the most impactful gaming experiences out there.

I’m waiting for crowbcat’s roundup

A karma whore is never slow, sir.




Just jet-lagged Kappa

Best part of the night. This guy is a legend.

Holy Christ this is amazing. Geoff was trying so hard to get on with the trailer but nothing could stop this man!

I hear the developer of that is really passionate...

Anyway, how's your sex life?

He is the director behind an old gif that keeps popping up 


He is the director behind an old gif that keeps popping up

THAT guy made that game? Now he's made me cry twice, this time from laughter though.

"If the whole world tell me 'youre game is shit' ill tell them 'no its not''


When they create games like "Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons" they will.

Haha someone changed it to A Wiseau Out

Haha someone changed it to

It's the guys who made "Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons" I got complete faith in them

He is great but idk about irl telling people fuck you might not go over well

Hi doggy

I love crowbs videos but this was probably the least cringy game awards, cant think of too much he will include except for this clip, they ebay ads, and maybe a couple other things

Damn you're fast

Battlefield and the smaller studios that EA publishes are the only reasons I have Origin still installed on my PC

Because the multi millionaires sure give a fuck about one guy saying fuck you

The game looks interesting, forces you to experience the game from two different perspectives at the same time. I can see why he is excited, given he has movies background.

I feel like “a few trailers” downplays the significance of said trailers, but yeah, pretty much.

I think he's going to be more well known in the future. He hyped the shit out if his game, made a memorable appearance with an easily quoted segment.

And he already has a great game made, so he isn't even unproven.

when you need a little coke boost beforehand

Tommy wiseau vs Camgirls.

Hassan biggest nightmare.

He went on way longer then he should have, didn't talk about his game, brought up industry drama (relating to EA) and excessive swearing.

Swans can be gay

You're my favorite customer

I've never had an issue with Origin, it's pretty good. Only problem is that it isn't Steam so i don't have all my games there. Origin customer support is a god send compared to steam. Steam support is utter garbage.

Isnt that some swedish movie? I remember seeing that on one of my swedish classes back in high school


He also adressed that on his rant He said that every publisher makes mistakes but they've been very good to him and his team giving him 100% of the revenue for his team and giving him full control over his project

The cynical bastard in me thinks that he could be contractually obligated to say that but i'll choose to believe him, specially since i enjoy quite a lot of EA games

Yes, Kopps

shit I'm interested in the game because of him

I was gonna just pass the game now I wanna hear more about it


Then you should see one of his movies, like

i made a small little album of a bunch of edits if anyone cares i think theyre pretty funny

Yeah someone stating their opinion is classless. Fuck all these stupid "ceremonies" that are nothing more than giant circlejerks and free advertising. I'm personally tired of everyone licking each others asses in public and then stabbing each other in the back in the shadows. It's stupid as fuck. Would much rather have people like this who say what the fuck they feel.

This guy is so drunk holy shit he wont shut up

least cringy game awards

That’s truly an accomplishment.


Yoooo I love that game. I cried like a bitch at the end

here's a couple more

You should check out GameRoom. It keeps all your games on one client, including games that run off emulators.

this was the greatest thing I have ever witnessed LMAO


twitch chat jokes aside, just wanted to point out that this guy seems to be as


Engine: Tommy Wiseau

Yalla yalla mannen

He must've railed a line of blow or some shit before going up lol.


What he failed to mention and what I think he was going for is that you can purchase this game and it includes a pass that allows you to have a friend redeem it and download the game and play through it co-op with you without having to own a copy themselves.

Shame he forgot to mention that part.

nobodys hating on him its all jokes, actually im 100% sure everyone loved the video-game version of tommy wiseau

It’s his accent

I'm missing something here, could you explain why he will never be on a livestream again?

It's always changing lmao. Last time I went there the whole page was deleted and all it said was "hi mark"

A Way Out (video game)

A Way Out Back when Army of Two first came out, me and my college roommates, suitemates, were all way too into Halo 3 to really care. I didn't even think Army of Two was on my radar in 2008. My college suitemates would sneak into my room while I wasn't there and play Halo 3 without my permission, on my Xbox, but more importantly, they would look at my DVD collection. I had like 215 DVDs in alphabetical order and they would play a cruel joke where they would move two random titles in different places and see how long it would take me to notice.

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Josef Fares is top 5 most successful movie directors in Sweden in the last 20 years.

Good Work

I'm out of the loop, what's up with editing the A Way Out wiki page?

vinesauce and demolition_d went on the wiki page for it (i think vinesauce got linked) and it just got fuckin hammered with prob like 200+ people editing it non-stop for like an hour

"This is ths shit" ...

"Can you swear here" Him being this drunk makes it so much better lmao


Probably has a lot to do with him being Josef Fares, a swedish movie director who started making video games a few years back

A game made by :Tommy Wiseau

Imagine a game made by Kojima and Wiseau.

He should be a Twitch Emote, PassionateGamer

Blind because the hate is directed into calling the game itself shit. Which it isn't. The microtransactions forced onto the game by the publisher are why it sucked. I see people saying the gameplay sucks. And half of the time people hate on EA games because it's "trendy" to do so. I side with the game developers 100% when they make a good game. I don't call the game shit because of a publisher.


The Fares Brothers

Fares Fares and Luigi Fares

fake ass-oscars

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