"Fuck is wrong with you boy," - John Wall

John still mad at Schroeder for telling teammates to slap his broken wrist two years ago.

i love how country wall is

Holy shit how much shit has Schröder done

one of the few NBA players with a mean southern accent

He dyed his hair, for starters

I bet his grandma pronounced the number 11, "Lem"

"Fuck wrong wit you boa?"

Is the correct translation.

Rondo has an unexpectedly southern accent as well. Associate him so much with Boston that I forget he's from kentucky

Context: https://streamable.com/tq9v4

Happy, mods?

And only 1/16th of it too

He pushed him in his back mid air, which is why John landed funny (watch his feet and hips land ahead of the rest of his body). That's how you fuck up a knee or ankle because your mind is expecting to land one way and your body moves in another and your weight on landing is completely off.

Wun, tew, tree, fo', fi', sih, seb'm, aye, nahn, tin, le'm, twelb.


John Wall has become my favorite point guard this season. Is there anyone else who can match his combination of speed and athleticism besides Russell Westbrook?

Wall is like your friends dad who you think is unthreatening & friendly until your friend gets yelled at hard. After that, you tip toe around him and only refer to him as "sir".

Louisville is the least southern part of Kentucky, most people here speak with only a slight accent so it is strange

He's faster than Westbrook

What did he do... I'm not being an ass I really don't see anything Schroeder did wrong? The hand on the hip?


I thought it was just trash talk.

Like, "Fuck is wrong with you? You really thought you were gonna block that?"

John loves to hold grudges. You piss him off once and he'll ruin your life for the next five years. This could be for anything.

I love that big beautiful man John Wall no homo

Ooo, I wanna see the story behind that.

opens video

"My favorite part about making YouTube videos is that I always get to learn new--"

closes video

I don't wanna know that bad.

Country Wall is BAD-ASS

By my calculations, that is actually 1/31st of his hair.

(Using Stokes Theorem)

Still wouldn't mess with a man who drops his set mid game

According to John Wall, RW is faster to halfcourt but Wall is faster to fullcourt

I'm from Denver and I have good diction.

Even at the end of the streamable he says 'Don't do that'. I've flipped on someone before for pushing my teammate violently from the back in midair. That shit is dangerous. For a player like Wall as well, he might literally never recover from that.

Yeah lucky he did. Otherwise he would have blended right in with all the other Germans ....

Jesuth Chrith

Nah, he's talking about astronomical accretion disks, the location of Type 1a supernovae, the second most explosive events in the universe.

Best example ever comes from the NFL though... Randy Moss has the best West Virginia accent imaginable and played in Minnesota, Oakland and Boston.

Ith Jathon Bourne


More like "teen"

As someone from just across the river. I still consider Louisville part of the Midwest. You're not in the south until at least Etown.

I think Russ is more explosive in short bursts, but Wall is faster end to end. Both are obviously incredible in any case.

I'm from Bumblefuck, TN and I swear people here practice to try to sound country-er than each other.

Ah yes, the Schlieffen Plan.

Fuck is wrong witchu, boah

Did he just say that to Dennis' mother!?!?

Kristaps has a wild south Latvian accent

2nd only to gang sign Wall

You know whats badass? Being alive.

Interesting. So in madden terms, Russ more accretion, wall more speed?

I think it's just more general disgust rather than anything at that moment.

I keep thinking he's Dirk.

This is so damn south

So I learned a while ago that 212 is the area code given to NYC, particularly Manhattan, because it was the quickest on a rotary phone. Most major cities were given these quick ones. 213 is all the way in LA because that is the second easiest. 313 is Detroit, so on and so forth. So based on the information that area codes are based on importance, and 919 is the last possible rotary number in the quick access area codes, I can now officially prove the long held hypothesis that Raleigh North Carolina is the least important city in the US.

He poisoned our water supply, burned our crops and delivered a plague unto our houses!

It is bleached because you can see it fade and change colors throughout the years. But here's a source:

When Schroder did show up on this continent, the only thing distinctive about him was a square of gold dyed into his dark hair. It certainly set him apart, which was his mother’s idea from the beginning. In Germany, she used to run a hair salon, and it was her vision to color Dennis entirely blond. He balked. The unique spot treatment was the product of intense negotiation and compromise.

Now, imagine he was white

I'm from Tennessee and when I was a teenager I took my accent out back behind the woodshed and shot it. Too many people hear a rural accent and assume you're an idiot.

Lol I'm starting to like John more and more. I just can't bring myself to hate the guy.

John Wall has the youngest looking old man face I know


Interesting story but that guy's voice is the worst.

Like molasses fallin off the tongue

hes a good example of what a natural drawl is when he really gets into it

"the fuck is wrong with your boy?"

As someone who lives near Paducah, you'd be surprised how much people fake it.

Actually Country Wall is reckless. there's nothing bad-ass about being reckless

I'm guessing you meant acceleration

no homo hetero

Just finished watching it through the breaks. Very interesting story but God, the guy who made the video has probably one of the most annoying over"hyped" voice on Youtube. Thanks for the share!

First of all, through God, anything is badass

Ask and you shall receive!

Ask and you shall !

suicide is bad ass!

He already found a new father figure and his name is John Wall.

New favorite gif

Twang vs. drawl

homie is from East Raleigh

Oh it's easy to hate when he does this to your team constantly.

It's not hating him, it's more of a "oh Jesus Christ why does he always go off against us I hate playing the Wizards"

Didn't catch the "don't do that" first time around. Pushing people mid-air with so much movement is no bueno. I don't even know if that should be an unwritten rule, you better tattoo that on your brain.


That's not dye...

That's my point guard

you stole this from a tweet


I was told to :(

The feds messaged me

That was the North Carolina in him with that "Boy".

It's gotta have some semblance of 2 syllables, so something like "leb'm"

So are we assuming Fully Developed and Steady?


That neo-classic (trendy?) broken-paced YouTuber voice that everyone has these days. Trying way too hard to make every little fact a mind = blown moment. Horrible.

Was hoping he was yelling this at Colin Cowherd

This will make a fine addition to my collection.

Found Aminu's reddit account.

Was drafted by the Clippers too, so flair checks out.

He's southern not Jamaican lol

919 whaddup

I had to stop watching it. Something along the lines of "his father shot a woman IN THE HEAD". Jesus. It's serious enough not to need the emphasis


I read that shit in Andy from The Office's voice.

He secretly makes you his bitch

I mean Russ is explosive

Tried to hit him with that wrist Blitzkrieg

Holy shit. Wall is making Dennis his son.

So jot that down


then what is it?

Nah, it's "you don't do that"

I just watched the Derrick Rose video talking about how his poor landing techniques led to his injuries, I immediately thought of it when I read your comment.

Serious answer: If it isnt dye then its probably a birth mark I have a few friends who were born with a blonde patch in their hair.

Lol looks like playing MMA to me.