Too real, dude. Too real :(

This is oddly specific.

That's probably what most people did.

probably what most people did.

more like a PUNishment amirite?

Isn't that the point of this sub?

800 up- 5 comments? On /sub/all?!?! Weird.

One time in middle school, my class and I was watching The Outsiders. Me, being the smartass kid I was, noticed from before that my teacher liked to censor any bad words whenever we watched a movie. I felt like doing the same this time when I knew a bad word was coming up. So, as the class is silently watching with maybe some whispering here and there, and my teacher is having a leisurely conversation with the teacher's aide, I stand up, make a big song and dance about the bad word (translation: I stood up, pointed at the screen and yelled out "bad word! Bad word!"), and then sat right back down when there was an awkward silence combined with staring.

This kid sitting next to me literally told me "man, shut your ass up."

Most embarrassing moment of my life. Also partly the reason for my timid nature for the rest of my life.

god.... this is why I am so bad at jokes...

okay. so stop 하지마 (ha ji ma) and mark 마크(ma ke) together is 하지마크 (ha ji ma ke) ... I think by this time, I have once again ruined another joke />_<||||

If only we had a phonetic pronunciation for those, maybe we could understand the pun...

Your existence is punishment enough



The two guys to the left get it. They are secretly smiling.

Do your job and translate

And, unfortunately, the first to your mothers unfertilized egg.

I teach Korean teens... but its usually me telling the lame ass jokes... At first they used to give me pity laughs... now... they just say 하지마크...

hahaha, I guess context is needed. They are basically making fun of my puns with another pun. My name is mark (마크) and STOP! is 하지마. so 하지마 + 마크 = 하지마크.

What's up dawg?

finger guns

ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i thought this sub was for slowmo gif of people stumbling

Haha I said so much stupid shit to the class in middle school it fucking ruined me for years.

I gurantee you, everybody you interact with absolutely loathes you and finds you annoying

Meh, nothing you can do but take it in stride.

I'm the "funny man" of my group. Sometimes the jokes slay them. Sometimes you get the stink eye. Even the best comedians can't win them all :)

I used to get embarrassed but now I just look at everyone and say "No? Really? Nothing? Fine :/" and then make a futurama joke about blackjack and hookers.

No your karma's increasing. Go deeper!

For me, I had passed a note to my buddy and it just said "Hi Hello Hi" over and over again. And when the teacher intercepted it, he sent me to the principal's office for passing notes, but as I was walking out, he stopped me and said, "wait this just says hi hello hi over and over. If you're gonna pass a note, at least make it juicy or something. Just sit back down."