From a Mountain Dew bottle

From a Mountain Dew bottle

I love a good Dew It Yourself project

Uh oh... Code Red, it's a pun alert

Truly euphoric

I've gotta be honest, I'm having a Baja Blast over here.

It should have been made into a marijuana plant with cheeto dust sprinkled all over it.

Haha, good one dewd.

This would make a cool flower pot for some sort of climbing flower.


pff, all you gotta do is take a bottle and remove everything that doesn't look like a flower

Should I put Doritos in it?

Puns... more puns.


Imma post another one. I was just bored, i had no real intentions on making a how to. Plus, this is the first successful one that I made

Ah, the elusive neckberdis...

Smokeybare needs some White Out for his comment.

Double XP for recycling!

tips sunhat

quite the master piece! Very talented my friend :)


Not to make a Mountain out of a molehill, but that pun did not exactly Dew it for me.


would you look at that.

Its a great Kickstart to my morning.

or just a potato plant

Now add some Doritos

A moment of silence for the best flavor, lost to us too soon...