Friendly reminder that the world loves Trump, despite what the corrupt US media claims.

Friendly reminder that the world loves Trump, despite what the corrupt US media claims.

The man does what he says, takes no shit from anyone, and knows how to shitpost. What's not to love?

I'm dutch and I love Trump. A lot of dutchies ask me why I love trump even though he only there for America. And I always reply that I believe in heroism and examples.

The netherlands needs it's own Trump, Poland needs it's own Trump, every country their own Trump.

Trump for me represents hope for a world of true freedom. Where a man or woman regardless of their ethnics can become what they want.

I'll admit I'm biased towards the USA, I love your country. So let me finish with saying one last thing.

God bless America and God bless the Present of the United States.

I would be really nice if every country had their own Trump. Lot of problems would go away. Hang in there, bro.

haha love it. if only the rest of the EU were like poland.

He's the first politician since probably the revolution who is making massive personal sacrifices to do this - all to serve his country.

And he already has billions. They can't buy him so they're trying to destroy his reputation and prevent him from helping our country.

Give it 10 years and Poland might be the only country left in Europe that has any European culture left. Stay based Poland

Whenever the left goes "1% need to pay their fair share and are the cause of all our problems!" I always find it hilarious because literally this country was founded by all the most successful businessmen in the colonies saying fuck you to the crown.

This country was formed on "stop telling us what to do" by the richest people at the time which lead to the greatest country on earth and the US will forever be known as the land of opportunity for a reason despite people like Globalists all doing their best to destroy that.

Thank you for those beautiful words, it's nice to hear from a person outside of America 😁God Bless the Netherlands!

Most people I know in the UK love him.

Based Polska

That's my President!!!!

Shhhhh, you don't want to say that in public, you don't want the UK thought police/hurt feelings unit to lock you up

It is a great tragedy that God only made one of him.

Reebok Slams Trump in New Ad - Decides Conservative Dollars Are No Longer Wanted

I think the reason why Poland loves him so much is that not only does he respect them, but that he treats them like their own independent agent. Poland is so used to being pulled by almost every country into directions it doesn't want to go, that when a country's leader treats them as an equal and not a pawn it comes as a pleasant surprise to them (ESPECIALLY a country as large and as powerful as the United States… and its history) The president knows that a peon or a lackey will only follow you until you no longer have power and abandon you the first chance they get, but a friend


Will have your back when the chips are down even if they have the freedom to disagree or butt heads with you from time to time

In the Netherlands our queen even said that there is not a thing such as Dutch culture. We're fucked here with self-hating people.

You'll have even more respect for Poles when you learn the origin of that slander. During the siege of Warsaw of WW2, despite massive destruction, the Poles would not capitulate. The Germans became so frustrated by the Poles resilience they started calling them dumb for not surrendering.

My nation Japan is also seeing a resurgence in nationalism and even our birth rates are starting to rise again. The economy is getting better too.

Seeing strong leaders uncompromise their leadership is having ripple effects

Aussie here, status is similar to your local population: people who see through the media and deep state BS love him, people who are misled by the media and/or busy furthering their gender studies careers are as against him as your local lefties.

If you have some Reebok stock, I would sell it as soon as humanly possible! Invest in companies that specialize in building walls!

Are you saying the Media has no integrity and will lie to push their globalist agenda!? Get out of here shill

The days of dumb Polack jokes are over!

Sad but true. Every time I post in here or in vote, I know I could get a knock on my door,

With all the Pences on this timeline, there could be multiple Trumps too.

Wow, so what culture does she think is predominate in her country?

B b b b but CNN and Huffpo told me that he is a sexist racist monster, who is going to ruin the earth!!!

Not even Reagan put much at risk. Donald John Trump is the best President since Eisenhower imo fam

Hmmm, I don't think I've ever spent any money on Reeboks.

It's almost disappointing that there is nothing more I can do to reduce their profit.

A mixture of what, Dutch and Dutch?

Somebody get this man a coat, a brick, and a MAGA hat!!!!

Thank you for sharing that. I sincerely appreciate it, Centipede.

Yup. Punish reebok dove etc. Boycott le boeuf and scarjo and Madonna.

Support Ben garrison and artists like this based awesome band


I couldn't imagine living like that, that sucks man.

None. It's a """mixture""" of cultures she says.

Let the fuckers knock. Have you joined /sub/the_british yet?

I'm Polish and I went to visit my grandparents this spring. They literally said the reason they're against refugees in the country is because they demonstrate they do not have that resilience to stand up for their country. My grandpa : "Our country was bombed, pillaged, destroyed. We rebuilt it, we are still here."

Also, Germany of all fuckin countries can fuck right off. Who are they to criticize Poland about human rights after the Holocaust, which was less than a century ago. Fuck off Merkel.

I wish we could replace the ungrateful USA-hating scum that is already here with intelligent freedom lovers such as yourself...cheers

Things you don't learn from the corporate media: 

The 66 Programs That Trump's Budget Eliminates

Trump accomplishments Infographic

Trump accomplishments first 6 months


ISIS Status: Expelled out of Mosul. Al-Baghdadi, dead. 

Wall Status: Approved. 

As a Harvard study showed, media coverage of Trump's First 100 days has been 80% negative; CNN, NBC & CBS even higher, 90%+

-Endorsements by news papers

Thats why Trust In MSM and their numbers are in free fall.  

More at -->A Tribute to Donald J Trump

Things you don't learn from the corporate media:

The 66 Programs That Trump's Budget Eliminates

Trump accomplishments first 6 months


ISIS Status: Expelled out of Mosul. Al-Baghdadi, dead.

Wall Status: Approved.

As a Harvard study showed, media coverage of Trump's First 100 days has been 80% negative; CNN, NBC & ...

-Endorsements by news papers

Thats why Trust In MSM and their numbers are in free fall.

More at -->A Tribute to Donald J Trump

We love our Papa Trump!

It's good to hear. It makes me happy knowing my vote, our votes, are making the world great again. Even if some people don't understand yet.

Turns out we're not so different after all.

yep, fake news is running on fumes

I just emailed Reebok and told them what I think about their politics.

I did not know that, thank you biased historian

Pretty soon, Africa will be more European than Europe.

Most people I know try to take the piss or say they don't like him. They all are up for a rebuttal though, because they know nothing except what our crooked media tells them.

Every time I hear someone call him the orange cheeto, it actually makes me laugh. Partly because it's actually kind of funny, but also because it's all they've got. Scandal-wise he's clean as a whistle.

I guess they think calling him a cheeto is supposed to trigger us, but it doesn't trigger me at all.

People I talk to who aren't raving lunatic liberals, many of them have at least respect for the Don, and how he's kept to his promises!

Are Japanese normies aware of the rapefugee situation in Europe?

Yes I have. The War Economy Fuckin Rules

But that's ridiculous. The Dutch colonized places everywhere that still hang onto cool aspects of Dutch culture.

I bought that same magazine while I was there after the rally!!!!


We are at 11.1328426345% of our goal to BUILD THE WALL starting from Imperial Beach, CA to Brownsville, Texas! Lets make sure everyone gets a brick in the United States! For every Centipede a brick, for every brick a Centipede!

At this rate, the wall will be 791.444018915 MILES WIDE and 330.368573573 FEET HIGH by tomorrow! DO YOUR PART!

As I keep telling everybody, "I didn't vote for a best friend, I voted for a leader."

Not too many English left in London, sadly.

But we're the laughing stock of literally the entire world I can't even omg!!!!!!

you forgot the part where those rich businessmen made America off the backs of poor people.

That is a horrible attitude which will get you no where in life.

If you live in the United States all of your success or hardships are you own doing.

He was supposed to ruin the climate, start a civil war, start WW3, crash the stock market, crash the jobs market, ruin foreign relations and many more.

...and I'm just sitting here smiling at my 401k and I recently got a better job doubling my yearly income since I began looking for a better position in 2014.

I absolutely fucking love this man, and that's coming from an Iranian who doesn't live in the USA. This man actually cares for your country.

Edit: Now that I think of it, if my country had a Trump instead of those fucking towelheads who care about nothing but Islam, Iran would be a better place. GET IRAN A TRUMP!

Hard question, but I'll still go rather eoth something current 😜 so Trump.

George Washington had an estimated 525 million in today's dollars.

He said what the vast majority of Australians are thinking.

You can tell others

You mean Donald "Vladimir Adolf Hitler Putin" Trump?

Trump, the interdimensional time traveler

What do you think of that Australian reporter giving his analysis of Trump at the G-20 that went viral?

Liberals = cocktail weenie, Trumplicans= Polish Sausage!

Why doesnt poland hate themselves reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Just objectively Poland, Russia and Jordan overtly do. Japan does for sure culturally his campaign was a big deal over there. All of the middle eastern countries surrounding infestations of ISIS obviously love him, there was news like 10 days ago of people literally cheering his name in that region, especially Israel. That's a pretty big chunk of the world right there.

France had him over for their biggest holiday so that's a big deal. The Indian prime minister literally hugged him during their press conference. Those 6 or so countries put together equal at least 2 billion people who are pretty objectively enthused about him.

Arjen Robben and Robin van Persie or Donald Trump?

Despite the negative press Covfefe

Despite the negative press

I want to hug you Dutch bro. Beautiful. Thank you and well said.

Awesome to see the world through others eyes, proud American here and I speak regularly about how lucky we are. Are worst is still better than many countries best... under trump patriotism and American freedom is coming back!