Friendly reminder that CoO was already finished before endgame changes were announced

Friendly reminder that CoO was already finished before endgame changes were announced

I understand the criticism about this “DLC“, I also thinks it's underwhelming. But what many don't understand is that the Curse of Osiris was already finished before all the changes to the endgame, catering to the hardcore player etc were announced. I think many players feel like Bungie promised these big changes and didn't deliver with the DLC. I don't think we see any of the changes that cater to the “hobbyists“ (aside from some economy and masterworks) until DLC2 or even the big expansion when Year 2 comes around. The criticism towars Eververse is spot on and the endgame should not revolve around cosmetic loot boxes, and yet, all the criticism on this sub goes towards D2 and Bungie before they realized that a direction change is bitterly needed.

There is at least a silver lining on the horizon. Bungie has aknowledged that we WANT to spend time in this world and that we just need good incentives to do so. Fingers crossed they understand that Eververse is NOT the endgame we want and give us things like Raid ships and sparrows and secret exotics back.

In the meantime, let's make this great subreddit a little more bearable and keep our criticism towards Bungie, Activision and Destiny 2 a little bit more level headed and productive instead of mindlessly boarding the hate train.

I absolutely get that; but it feels like Bungie should have perhaps delayed CoO in order to address the wider concerns.

Considering the streams and what Bungie had talked about, to then allow CoO to go out to players despite contradicting a lot of what they're talking about, isn't helping themselves or the playerbase.

The issue isn't just the lack of content, incentive and so forth and the suggested changes are at best a short term stopgap to deal with the incentive part of the issue.

Part of the issue is that Destiny 2 has being designed from the ground up to sell you both downloadable content and micro transactions; whilst not releasing anything remotely close to a complete game from the get go, while having had a grace period of 3 years to get it right with Destiny 1. If that wasn't worse enough, they've also severely dumbed down that what is there.

Not to speak of the faulty communication, deception and general shenanigans on top of that.

After all that, asking for a level-headed response is a big ask.

Financially speaking that would be a disaster for Bungie.

Realistically speaking the DLC is also a financial disaster for Bungie.

I'd hate to see what Destiny 2 was like if it wasn't delayed a year.

I get your point about community imploding, but it was going to either way.

But delaying the DLC with communication and dialogue with the community about why and the improvements they're looking to make, could have mitigated it.

Either way, it wasn't going to be a great thing for Bungie or Activision; that's on them for letting it get to this state. But by delaying it and being proactive (or at least seen to be proactive) they can somewhat control the dialogue and conversation.

Releasing a poor DLC, after they've talked about needing improvements, and not having even minor improvements in that DLC (yes, I know that wasn't possible but to a wider audience, the nuances and timings of game design isn't something they know, nor should they need to) is calling out for a reaction they've now got. And they're on the back foot.

They needed to be proactive and stay on the front foot to address concerns and issues.

All they could do now, is perhaps say they are delaying DLC2 to focus on improving the core D2 game. They've got time on that.

That's the point. This community is great and capable of giving REALLY good feedback. I have the constant feeling that salt just creates more salt. We have all the right in the world to be pissed about the state of the game, yet we should try to keep it as civil as possible without watering down the narative WE want to create.

Exactly. It's going to be a disaster either way, so at least try to control the conversation by being proactive about the dialogue and communication around improving the game and experience.

Oh, don't worry, I didn't think you were crapping on me. Sadly, all of this is very true. I didn't try to defend the game, either. I just think this sub is better than the constant hate and salt. Even though this thread is not very popular, it shows we can do better than the rage filled posts that make it front page these days.

Worst part about our Guardian not speaking is that the writing seems to be very aware of that. It's like the South Park games where they refer to you as 'The kid who doesn't speak' or something like that.