Friend let her kid try some Starbucks. She sent this to me last night

Friend let her kid try some Starbucks. She sent this to me last night
Friend let her kid try some Starbucks. She sent this to me last night

None of this is true.

You are correct!  Here's the actual image that's making its way around social media.

Reverse image search results. Pages, and pages, and pages of it being shared on Twitter.

You are correct! that's making its way around social media.

Reverse image search results. Pages, and pages, and pages of it being shared on Twitter.


next you shold feed her adderall or meth or cocaine or all of those at once


This is clearly 6:10, can't they tell time?

"So this is what it feels like to be both alive and dead at the same time while also understanding the nature of universe"

Dangit. I've done a good job of respecting most of reddit as anonymous assholes. Your username is now, apparently, burned into my memory.

Lies. I saw this somewhere else from a Snapchat post saying they let the kid watch a dance movie and this is what he ended up doing.

I thought it went without saying that if you're gonna give caffeine to a toddler, you're a retard and you're gonna have a bad time.

If I woke up and saw that outside my door I would find it a bit creepy. Especially since I do not have children (that I am aware of).

Not that I am aware of.

No she didn't OP. /sub/quityourbullshit

I don't understand why some people will lie on the Internet just so they can get some karma points. What is so important about karma that people (OP) would make up a fake title for a picture they found and claim the picture is somehow theirs or someone they know. Why are these people(OP) so obsessed with fake Internet points that they find the need to straight up lie about something so trivial? I just don't understand it. I have been redditing for a few years now and not once have I ever posted a comment or anything with the intention of getting karma. As a matter a fact I have not even once looked to see how much karma I have until just now and that's because it means absolutely nothing. OP are you really that starved for attention in your real life that you find the need to lie on reddit in order to possibly gain approval in the form of karma? I guess I am just to old to understand this whole reddit karma thing. It seems really fucking stupid to me. Reddit should make karma numbers not visible to anyone. They should still use up votes and down votes to decide what posts move up towards the top buy the actually vote numbers should not be accessible to the user's. I think it would actually promote a better quality of posts on reddit because less people would be posting stuff with the intention of only gaining karma and instead it would promote users posting stuff just because they wanna share it with others. That's my 2 cents on the issue. Everyone can continue their lieing and shit posting.


Who the hell says Starbucks instead of coffee?

Hold my pants. I'm going down the rabbit hole.

Fucking loser repost

Nah it's not, I think I saw this on fb with a different "explanation" like a month ago.


Someone should photoshop this toddler into a clock. Not me though, too lazy.


What a moron

liars, all of them!

You are gonna be there a bit. Better bring some tissues.

Do you have children that you are unaware of?

Lying..on the internet?

This picture is a lie and so are you OP! SHAME!!!!!

I mean, if it has water that was filtered through ground coffee beans in it, then it surely is coffee.

If the kind of coffee you drink appeals to children, then it's not real coffee.

"Why did I even exist...

Oh, right...the sex. Those 'fuckers'...literally."

God yes. Pretty idiotic parents

I... I think you've been using the tissues wrong..

I'm not sure those two statements can quite be compared

So just for clarity - you are not aware of having any children that you are unaware of?

sad or happy tissues?

It's too late and I am too tired, buut...

Fuck I thought this was real.

Giving caffeine to a baby...sorry, not funny.

Yeah, can't even stand up straight.

that one is way funnier

I retract my upvote.


By the way a teenage in my city died from a caffeine overdose this week. Remember not to give any caffeinated beverage to a child under 6 years old. It is extremely unhealthy and could lead to their death.

Still, cute picture of an advertiser poisoning their child.

Jesus man. I agree but you need to take a deep breath. It's just the internet and it doesn't matter.



Apologies for the delayed response— I had an unexpected visitor knock on my door. I am not aware of having of having any more than one child I am aware of.

Well, possession is nine-tenths of the law.

Plot twist: the visitor was a child that he was not aware of having, and continues to be not aware of having.

I have friends who gave their kids black coffee because they kept asking for some. They thought the taste would deter them, but instead it backfired and they loved it... I've seen them post about the kids having a rough night and giving them coffee the next morning since they are tired... Like wtf...

Edit: a word

Eh, Adderall and meth is kind of redundant, just double up on the meth

Lol that is probably the best thing I have read all week

First time I've signed in to downvote something in a while.

I'm not reading that, but I agree.

3/5ths in this case

it's the grilled cheese/melt rant but different.

Everything an adult does/drinks/eats appeals to children.

And yet, here we are.

You can compare many things: apples & oranges, dungeons & dragons, you & hitler...

just go on the internet and tell lies?

That's the quick text, but you all knew that already.

soft ones, to reduce friction.

Get them pitchforks people !!!


let her kid drink coffee

Does she also hand out meth to the local crackheads?

why fucking lie about where the image came from? I'd seriously like to meet one of you in real life just to see what type of person you are. seriously pathetic.

People who say iPhone instead of a phone.

Get fucked, /u/TrippyWentLucio.

the reddit hole.


Anytime white people steal something funny from black people, they always manage to make it way less funny.

AFAIK this is par for the course for toddlers. This is how mine watches TV.

Wasn't planning on it.

Fake and Gay

Fake news made it to the front page...

I like how Google seems to think that kid is a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 mkII

Well, none of that is true either, so I'm not sure where that leaves us.

The most I'm willing to compromise on is "it was 12:27 am somewhere in the word yesterday"